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Garter Belts

Garters & Garter Belts – Everything You Need to Know

Where exactly are wedding garters worn and where should I measure to buy the right size?
Wedding garters are normally worn about 3-6’’ above the knee to around mid-thigh. In fact, it’s a matter of choice where you wear it, just choose the most comfortable spot. If you plan to do the traditional garter toss, think how high you want to lift your dress, and that’s exactly where the garter should go. Once you decide on the spot, take a measuring tape and measure the circumference around your leg. Don’t add or remove any centimeters – you want the garter to sit snugly on the thigh, but without too much pressure.

Are garters tied with a ribbon a good idea?
It all depends on how much you’re going to move. Garters which tie with a ribbon look beautiful and are ultra feminine, but they tend to slip down the leg. For such garters to sit snugly on the thigh you need to tie them really tight, which might cause a lot of discomfort or restrict the blood flow. A much more comfortable version is a garter with an elastic band which adjusts to the leg without limiting the wearer’s movement or comfort. Try a few before you decide on one – there are hundreds of options to choose from, some of them include elasticated trims and ribbons.

What fabric should a garter belt be made of?
Again, it all depends on what situations and how long you want to wear the belt for. If it’s just for the bedroom, let your imagination play. It can be leather or glossy latex or whatever fantasy you might have. If you intend to wear it for a while, opt for a belt made of cotton, satin or lace. Such materials provide some breathability and are easier to care for. Although you probably would not wash a garter belt after each wearing, they’re an unfussy option, too. What’s more, they’re also much more comfortable and „healthy” for the intimate parts.

I’m a novice in the lingerie department. What garter belt should I choose for a daily use?
If you intend to wear a garter belt every day to support stockings, you’ll definitely need a piece with more then just four straps. Daily use includes a lot of movement like walking, sitting, bending over or squatting, which means that the stockings need to be fastened well to prevent slipping down. Your aim is at least six wide and adjustable straps and a wide garter belt which sits comfortably and snugly on the hips. Make sure it has a closure with at last three hook-and-eye adjusters at the back.

What are the different styles of wedding garters?
Wedding garters come in hundreds of styles, color, and finishes. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for a satin style, a lace band or a flimsy ruched one. They very often feature rhinestones, intricate beading, elaborate appliques and ribbon bows. Remember that the more embellished the garter is, the heavier it tends to be, too. Too many embellishments might also cause the garter to slip down, so take it into consideration. Perhaps the best idea would be to wear it not long before the garter toss, in fact.

Can a garter belt shape the silhouette?
Yes, it can if you choose a design which combines shapewear with a garter belt. Such undergarments usually have a more structured construction, and they often come with compression panels which smooth out the midsection. They’re available in a number of designs from high-waist belts to girdle-like pieces which not only support the stockings but also shape the silhouette. They are particularly popular with some retro brands – give them a try and get an instant confidence boost.

What are the key issues when buying a garter belt?
The most important thing is of course the size. You want the piece to sit snugly on your hips without any bulges or unsightly bumps here and there. The straps and clasps should be adjustable to fit each woman’s body length. If you plan to wear it every day, make sure it’s made of a comfortable material which lets the skin breathe. Give silk or satin a try – not only do they look very sexy, but also feel smooth on the skin. The clasps should be made of durable plastic, or ideally metal, if they’re to be in regular use and washing.

Can I wear a garter belt with stay-ups?
Actually, you shouldn’t. Garter belts are to be worn with stockings and not stay-ups. It’s mainly due to the thick silicone and elastic band stay-ups are featured with. The edge is usually thick and can make it difficult for the clip of a garter to grasp onto. Forcing it to grasp the edge can, in fact, result in warping or damaging. Your best bet will be nylon or ideally silk stockings, which are much more elegant and sexy.

Putting on a garter belt and then fastening the clips looks pretty skilled. Any tips?
The front straps usually cause no fuss and can be fastened quickly. The back ones might require a bit more flexibility. Generally, they are meant to run down the back of the thigh – you can achieve this goal in a few ways. For women with long arms, it’s enough to lean over to secure them. Another clever trick is to sit on the very edge of a chair or bed and reach for the clasp between the legs to clip the stocking in place. You can also try propping your foot on a chair.

How do you actually attach stockings to the garter belt?
With some practice the whole process becomes easy and fast, don’t panic. Put on the garter belt and adjust the straps. They’re similar to bra straps and allow for some length adjustment. Pull up the stockings and reach for the straps. Each of them ends with a plastic piece (metal’s better, though) and a little circle. All you want to do is to put the back piece through the hosiery and into the front piece and then slide it down and lock in place. Easy!

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