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Lingerie Slips

The Ultimate Guide to Lingerie Slips

What would I need a slip for? Does anyone wear it?
Not many women wear slips nowadays, and that’s a pity. With so many sheer clothes available and fashionable, a slip should be an integral part of every woman’s closet. Although a knee-length slip might seem a bit old-fashioned, it’s a life-savior if you want to wear an ultralight see-through summer dress or a skirt that reveals your private parts or gets between the cheeks, to put it mildly. The best idea is a simple nude-colored slip which covers your bra on top and hits right at the knee. Make sure the colors of the slip and your clothes are complimentary. They shouldn’t be too light or too dark or else they’ll contrast with your skin.

When is it advisable to wear a slip?
It’s recommended to wear slips under sheer clothing for modesty reasons, but there are also outfits and situations when a slip might come in handy. One of them is definitely evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Many of them require a slip to fit properly, but it’s not the only reason why you should actually wear them under such dresses. A slip will also prevent fabrics from clinging, riding up and wrinkling, so you’ll be able to wear your elegant outfit with much more comfort. When shopping for a slip to go under such dresses, make sure it matches the color of the dress.

I love dresses, but many of them are made of polyester which clings to the body. Will a slip help?
It definitely will as that’s exactly what slips are made for. Plenty of dresses nowadays are produced from synthetic fabrics which tend to cling to the body and ride up. This is often the case with polyester but also jersey cotton or spandex. A solution? The problem can be quickly solved by wearing a silk or cotton slip that will keep the outer layer of your clothing (a dress or a skirt) smooth and prevent it from bunching up. Give it a try even if it seems old-fashioned to you.

Should I somehow match the slip with the clothes I’m wearing?
It’s a good idea to match the right slip with the type of clothing you’re wearing in terms of cut and color. A slip that shows through your garments is a no-no, so make sure you wear one which blends with the color palette of your outfit and your own skin tone. Avoid wearing lacy slips under fine fabric blouses as the lace will be visible from underneath. The length of the slip should be shorter than the skirt or dress you’re wearing, too. Always make sure that the undergarments sit in the right place to avoid any coverage issues. Last but not least, before events during which photographs of you will be taken, check how your outfit looks in the flash.

What’s a half slip? What is the sizing based on?
A half slip is a kind of undergarment that begins in the waist and is usually fitted with an elastic waistband. It comes in various lengths depending on the skirt length you wear. The sizing is exactly the same as in skirts and it depends on your hip measurement. It’s a good idea to have a few stacked in the closet and wear under sheer or body-hugging skirts for a cling-free seamless look.

What slip would be good under a body-fitted strapless dress?
All you need is something smooth and shaping in fact. Your best bet would be a slip with elastic fibers that will sit snugly and give you a bit more body definition to boost feminine curves and confidence. For strapless dresses, you definitely need a strapless slip with underwire built-in bra for a little extra support under fitted dresses. Some brands like Commando, for example, feature a weighed bottom seam which prevents the slip from riding up, clinging or sticking to legwear. Such a design will make wearing a slip more comfortable, so why not give it a try?

I’m a great fan of full skirts. I heard slips can make wearing them much more comfortable. Is it true?
Definitely yes. A half or full slip can make wearing it much easier and more comfortable as it prevents the skirt’s voluminous design from getting bunched up between your legs as you walk. Not only will the slip keep the skirt from clinging to your legs (if it gets static-y), but it’ll help it to skim nicely over the body. Some clothes, dresses and skirts included, look better with a slip worn underneath. Check for yourself!

I have a bit of a muffin top. Can a slip help somehow?
If you’re tired of your tummy fat and would like the silhouette to look slim and smooth, try a high-waisted half-slip with elastic fibers. Opt for a body-fitted design made of durable polyamide and spandex blend which will sit comfortably on you without too much compression. This stretchy style will keep your tummy under control, define the waist and slim out the hips. Plus, it’s sure to stay in place, especially if you choose a piece with silicone edges. Make sure you choose a color which matches the color of the skirt.

Will a slip cover any prints on my underwear?
That’s exactly yet another benefit of slips – you can wear almost any underwear you want under it. Bright colors, punchy prints, lace trimmings – anything can go because the additional layer of a slip will cover it all and smooth out any visible edges. Be careful with completely sheer dresses, though, as it’s difficult to hide anything under them and even a slip might fail.

I bought a luxurious silk slip with a beautiful lace trim. How should I care for it?
It may sound a tedious and time-consuming task, but the best policy is to wash silk garments by hand. Use a mild soap (baby detergents will do, too) or a special silk wash, but avoid harsh detergents. After the wash, rinse the garment thoroughly and twist gently to remove excess water. Air-dry it flat and never tumble dry it, as the machine will destroy delicate silk fibers and it can also damage lace. If the garment needs ironing, use a tea towel to protect it and press gently.

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