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The Ultimate Guide to Shapewear Body

What effects does a shaping bodysuit give? What can one expect?
A bodysuit is an easy and fast way to create an overall streamlined shape which saves you the money and effort to find separate pieces. What you can expect are all-over coverage, a flattened chest as well as a slimmed-out midriff section, and thighs. Go for built-in bras and compression panels for more body definition or open-bust designs for an excellent support and lift to the girls. Available in a number of colors and finishes, a bodysuit will be your best companion under body-hugging clothes.

I wonder what do celebrities wear under so-called naked dresses. Is a bodysuit the best option to wear under them?
Definitely yes. Naked dresses are seldom just naked dresses. The effect is achieved also by wearing a nude-colored shapewear bodysuit that provides sufficient coverage and slims out the silhouette. A bodysuit (or alternatively a shaping slip) is ideal because it gives hardly any panty lines, blends with different skin tones easily and gives a super-sleek silhouette without revealing your private parts. Give it a try next time you don a sensual see-through dress and feel much more confident in your own body.

What bodysuit would be good under a backless evening dress with a plunging neckline? I need to smooth out the midsection and thighs a bit, too.
Your best bet will be a backless bodysuit with an underwire bra which will give you some more bust support. Opt for a „front out” design which is perfect under V-neck or plunging neckline dresses, and make sure it has compression panels if your belly and thighs need to be slimmed out. Designs with high-cut leg openings and a thong in the back will guarantee no visible panty lines, which is essential for an elegant polished look. Make sure you choose shapewear with high nylon content if you want to shape your body significantly – it’s firm and molds the body much better.

When you wear a shaping bodysuit where does the fat actually go?
Shaping bodysuits and other shapewear undergarments are designed to move the excess fat to spaces where muscles are compressed (for example the abs) and any other „empty” spots in the body. It can also be moved directionally towards more desired areas like the derriere or the bust. Shapewear undergarments are ingenious pieces sewn together from elastic and rigid fabrics cut in a special pattern which, when worn, tucks and nips your body to make it more slender.

Which bodysuits are more effective, those which are sewn together or knitted seamlessly?
Bodysuits which are knitted seamlessly like hosiery flatten curves and bulges, but it’s only shapewear which is sewn together from separate parts that can give you a new shape. Special control fabrics, compression panels, and plastic boning create a firm and supportive structure which tucks the body, creates or enhances curves, slims out flabby tissue and works miracles for you to look slimmer. An extra asset is also a better posture and back or lumbar support it can give.

Is shapewear only for plus-size people?
Although it is often advertised for plus-size women, shapewear is designed for women of all sizes, and you can find it in different styles. Don’t associate it only with weight problems or the lack of body confidence. Shapewear is a simple way to accentuate natural shapes, smooth out any bulges or create more definition in areas where your body doesn’t have them. Any woman can benefit from the advantages shapewear gives like lifting, better support and a slimming effect.

I’m about to buy a bodysuit. Any fitting tips?
While in the fitting room, put on your shapewear and move around. You should put it into a test by sitting, standing up or bending for a few times to see whether it sits snugly on you and hold its place. If not, then perhaps you should choose another size. Also, check where the crotch is positioned. If you find it too low, this will result in problems with walking and discomfort. Pull up the garment, adjust the bra straps and check if it fits better. Should it still not sit correctly, try on a smaller size or another style for a shorter torso.

My bodysuit often rolls up. Any advice on what might be the problem or how to solve it?
If it’s a bodysuit you’ve been using for some time, then perhaps it needs replacing. Garments which contain elastic fibers lose elasticity with time and lose shape. If it’s new, you should look for a bodysuit with a long line perhaps or simply a bigger size. A good idea is to choose shapewear with silicone edges as it holds the garment perfectly in place and prevents it from riding up for example. Next time you’re in the fitting room, make sure you put on the bodysuit and move around to see if it sits well.

My body is diamond-shaped. What shapewear will make it look more feminine?
A bodysuit is definitely one of your best choices. Ladies with a diamond silhouette carry most of their waist around their midsection but are generally well-proportioned. The products you should look for are bodysuits with compression panels in the waist that provide great control over troubled parts and give more definition to them. Such bodysuits will also streamline you through your midsection and allow your figure to take a better shape.

I often wear tight-fitted clothing and wonder what shapewear to buy. My silhouette is rather proportionate, I just need more body contour.
Body-hugging clothing reveals all imperfections and disproportions of the body, so it’s a good idea to wear shapewear under it. Sometimes a medium control slip or high-waisted briefs will get you a smoothed-out effect, but a bodysuit is a much more versatile option which will give you all-over coverage and support. Depending on the design, it can tuck you in the waist and contour this part beautifully, enhance the fullness of your derriere, slim out thighs or lift the bust. Check out what styles work best for your figure and give it a test in the fitting room first.

What slip should I choose under a semi-transparent ruffled dress?
If you don’t need a significant body control, opt for a light or medium control slip. It will give you a subtle slim-out effect, reduce bulges and contour the body naturally. Depending on the color of the dress, probably the best idea is a nude-colored slip as it blends with natural skin tones beautifully and doesn’t contrast with them. The result? A seamless look with no visible panty lines and good coverage which will boost your body confidence.

I have some bad experience with slips because they often ride up. Any tips?
If the slip rides up, chances are it is simply too small. Next time when you shop for a shapewear slip, make sure it’s exactly your size and don’t be tempted to go down a size to achieve a better slimming effect. Silicone edges will make the slip sit comfortably and snugly in its place so ensure the garment has some.

Do slips really work? What effect do they give?
Definitely yes. Depending on nylon content – low, medium or high – you can expect from a subtle smoothing effect to a considerable reduction in measurements reaching up to 1 to 2 inches. Light and medium control shapewear slips eliminate bulges, slim out muffin tops and contour the silhouette in a natural way. High control ones give you an amazing silhouette thanks to compression zones. You can expect a tucked-in figure, more defined waist, and feminine lines enhanced. Some slips can even lift your bust and bottom for more spectacular results.

Is it true I should go a size down for the slip to achieve the best effect?
No, it’s not true. Never buy shapewear which is too small, because the only results you’ll achieve is plenty of discomfort, health risks (due to high compression and pressure on the body) as well as bulges and unsightly indentation in the skin. The best idea is to buy exactly the same size as your regular clothing and test the slip or other pieces of shapewear in the fitting room. With the garment on sit, walk around and do a few bends to see if it’s comfortable and holds its place. A smaller size will definitely not shave off unwanted inches and make you look slimmer.

What will a light control slip do to the silhouette in fact?
A light control slip will definitely not reduce the excess inches you might be conscious of, but it will give you a general slimming effect stretching from the bust to your hips. This means no unsightly panty lines or bumps that can peek through a body-fitted dress. You can also expect good coverage under sheer dresses. When modesty and a polished look come into play, a control slip is definitely a must, so give it a try. Don’t expect attractive feminine curves to appear where you don’t have any for a light control slip doesn’t have sufficient nylon content to harness excess fat.

Does a control slip benefit slim, proportionately-built people? Is the expense worth it?
Definitely yes, because a control slip isn’t just for reducing measurements and shaving off inches. The idea behind shapewear is to create an ideal silhouette and accentuate female curves. A good control slip will not only banish any unsightly lumps and bumps that might peek through a body-hugging dress but also highlight your slender waist, lift your derriere and create a streamlined and polished figure from head to toe. The expense is definitely worth it if what you desire is an impeccable look and no VPLs.

What control slip is recommended under a plunging neckline dress?
Your best bet will be a full control shaping slip with a U-type low-cut neckline and a padded underwire bra. The benefits? You can expect such a slip to contour your curves and create the enviable hourglass effect, flatten the tummy area and smooth the hips and thighs. A padded bra with underwire is sure to give perfect support to the girls and define a beautiful bust curve whereas the U-type neck is the best option to wear under dresses with deep, plunging necklines. Wear it under body-skimming garments for the ultimate confidence boost.

What’s a half slip?
A half slip is the best idea to wear under skirts or dresses if what you desire is an all-around sleek look. It’ll banish any visible panty lines or bumps and bulges that might peek through a tight pencil skirt for example. A half slip will also prevent any peek-a-boo faux pas when wearing sexy sheer garments. An extra benefit you can get is tummy control and a bum lift if you choose a slip with a special design.

Can I wear a bra under a control slip?
Generally yes. Wear whatever bra style works best for you and put on a control slip for more body definition and a sleek, smooth look. The slip will banish lumps and bulges produced by thick seams and closures on underwear. Another option is to go for a slip with a built-in bra which is even more comfortable. These are available in underwire and soft versions to cater for different needs. For even more lift choose an open-bust control slip which lets you wear a separate bra and gives a considerable lift thanks to its structure.

How to put on shapewear like control slips? It’s kind of a challenge sometimes.
The easiest and hazard-free way to put on most shapewear like control slips or camisoles is simply to step into the shaper. Just bunch it up as you would when putting on tights, and step by step release the fabric pulling it up over your body. At the same time smooth out any bulges, adjust to appropriate fit, fasten closures and make yourself comfortable. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to leave the eye-and-hook fastenings done as it can be difficult to close them once they’re on.

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