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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Athletic Two-Piece Swimsuits Break the records and push sports limits in a two-piece swim suit. With a wide range of technologically advanced products and styles which boost the performance and look just great, the task is easy. Jump below to the rundown curated by TrendHype editors and choose the swimsuit to suit your silhouette and sport appetite. Sky is the limit and we know something about it – hundreds of designs are waiting to be discovered.

I’ve taken up lap swimming recently, and I do it regularly. What fabric would be the best for me?
Swimwear is available in a number of fabric blends. For regular swimmers, polyester swimsuits seem to be the best bet. Why? It’s because polyester is more resistant to chlorine and makes a much more durable alternative to spandex or lycra, for example. A polyester two-piece will definitely last longer in good shape and color even if it’s not cared for properly. Give it a shot! Unfortunately, it is said to be less comfortable.

Nylon swimsuits are very popular. Is it a good fabric if you want to do competitive pool swimming?
Nylon is a very common fabric in swimwear and there are good reasons for its popularity. First of all, it’s one of the strongest fibers and is often blended with spandex for more elasticity and comfort. Nylon swimsuits often offer a lightweight and smooth fit and are popular for their quick-drying properties. What’s also important is the low price which is often a key factor for many buyers. The downsides include poor resistance to sun exposure and chlorine, which might result in the swimsuit losing shape and color.

What two-piece swimsuit would be good for doing laps?
Minimalist swimsuits like two-pieces are a big favorite among young swimmers who like sleek and revealing silhouettes. Skinny straps, cut-out backs, and high-cut legs add up to a really appealing style, but you need to remember that such swimsuits don’t provide good coverage. What’s more, they cause substantial drag and therefore they aren’t used in competitions. To make sure the suit sits in the right place, opt for a piece with wide straps and wide elastic bands under the bust and in the waist. Some swimmers go for smaller sizes to ensure a tight fit.

I don’t want to sacrifice form for function. What two-piece suit would look good on me and introduce a contemporary feel to my look?
Although racing swimsuits are meant to provide the best performance in water, it doesn’t mean that you need to give up on style and contemporary finishes. For lap swimming and high diving opt for a two-piece suit with a high neck and sturdy straps that will ensure the upper part stays in place while you jump into the water. Wide elastic bands under the bust and around the waistline will provide extra support while vibrant geometric prints are sure to brighten up your pool look with colors and fashionable details.

I prefer two-piece swimsuits with thin straps. What style will sit well where it actually should?
You have to remember that swimsuits with thin straps can’t be relied on when doing high diving, vigorous water games or playing beach volleyball. However, there are certain styles which sit more snuggly and give more confidence when moving. Opt for a suit with adjustable tie-back that will give you the ability to tighten the top and make it stay in place. Drawstring cords under the bust will also let you adjust the suit tightly and enjoy plenty of movement without the fear of revealing too much body.

When I swim or jump into the water sometimes my suits fills with water and bulges. Any tips on how to avoid this?
The best idea would be to go for a suit with a front vent actually. There are numerous styles available on the market, so make sure you put your hand on one. Such two-piece swimming suits have a small vent hole which lets the water flow out and prevents any ballooning. Also, choose suits with wide elastic bands under the bust or apron-style tops with a high neck for more comfort, coverage and less drag in fact.

I’d like to get ready for a triathlon. What two-piece would be good for a busty lady like me?
Why don’t you hit two birds with one stone and opt for a two-piece suit that doesn’t skimp on style and performance? Yes, it’s possible. Just go for a supportive padded top which features adjustable, criss-cross straps to ensure a superior fit and a pair of the high-cut bottom which elongate legs like no other style. Busy patterns, colorful inserts, vibrant trims and stylish hardware will earn your swimsuit a few more points on the scale of attractiveness.

I have a small bust and stretch marks all over my tummy. I feel quite intimidated at the pool but I don’t want to go for a one-piece suit. Any advice?
It seems like you need some more coverage. Why don’t you go for a longer racerback top with a built-in lightly padded soft bra which will work great for a small bust? Pair it up with a high-cut bottom to elongate the silhouette and show some skin. Go for fabrics like nylon as it is very strong, lightweight, smooth on the body as well as quick-drying. Another option is a high-waisted bottom which can also give you some more coverage in the abdomen area that you’re not very happy with.

I do lots of exercise in water and often wear a two-piece suit as drag is no concern. What swimsuit would look best on my short torso?
When you head for the pool for your weekly dose of workout, you definitely need a suit which will work. The major concern in such situations is function as you don’t the swimsuit to slow you down or restrict the movement in any way. The best bet for you will be a halter-top bikini with hipster bottoms made of quick-drying nylon or lycra, which is a very forgiving fabric. Halterneck tops provide the illusion of length, so your short torso will appear longer than it really is.

What two-piece swimming suit would be good for intensive water workouts outdoors? What aspects should I take into account?
Wheather it’s swimming laps, surfing or diving you want your swimsuit to be functional, well-fitted and comfortable to wear. For intensive workouts choose a suit which will keep you cool when working hard. Consider pieces with breathable mesh panels for ventilation for example. Also, look for durable and highly flexible materials as you need something which will hold shape training after training. Your best bet will be a comfortable top with under band to keep the suit in place and a high-leg bottom for maximum freedom of movement. If you do lots of outdoor workouts, make sure your swimsuit has UPF50+ sun protection.