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Women's Bikini Sets

I’m rather slim and I have no idea what bikini would look good on me and make me more flattering. Tips highly welcome.
If you’re slim and your body is rather slender, you can go for a bikini which adds some volume and makes the figure appear fuller. Any kind of top with ruffles, flounces or ruchings will add shape and make the silhouette more feminine. You can wear almost any bikini type you want without the fear of messing with body proportions. Busy patterns or horizontal stripes which add dimension will look stunning on you, too.

How to accessorize a bikini?  
An ideal beach look is definitely not only the skimpy bikini on your body. There’s more to it and this includes stylish accessories such as a straw hat, for example. It’ll keep your hair out of your eyes and protect your face from too much sun. You can tie a brightly-colored scarf around it for more oomph. Next step is jewelry, and although swimming or riding waves in it might be a bit problematic, a shell bracelet or cascading bead necklaces look really stunning on sun-kissed skin. A light pareo is yet another accessory without which a beach look is somewhat incomplete. It’s perfect if you want to mask a heavy bottom or simply cover the body after tanning.

My skin color is warm. What bikini would complement it and make me look flattering?
Warm skin tones look amazing in warm colors like earthy hues of burnt orange, olive green, deep tomato, sage green or bronze which highlight the natural tones of the skin. You’ll also look amazing in gold and mango which look great on the sun-kissed skin.

What are the best bikinis for a pin-up look?
If a pin-up look is on your mind, there are lots of swimsuits to choose from which will instantly create that sensual look of a pin-up girl. The bikini to go for is definitely the one with a high-waisted bottom. Not only does it highlight the curves and create feminine shapes, but it also takes you right into the pin-up era! A classic tie-front top is also your ally if a fuller shape and a seductive cleavage is your dream. Color and patterns – go for bright reds, fruit patterns, polka dots and vintage stripes and don’t forget about a headband. It’ll keep your hair out of your eyes, accentuate the face and look very much of the era.

I love stripes but I’m not sure whether they’re good for my pear-shaped body. Any advice?
Like color blocking, stripes can be very helpful when creating optical illusions. Vertical lines create an elongated appearance, so if you feel like your bottom is too heavy, a striped bikini with tie side pants will do wonders. Try it out! High-waisted bikinis with vertical stripes balance the proportions and highlight a smaller waist which makes them a favorite among ladies with a boxy figure for example.

I’m over 60 and the majority of swimsuits is not age-appropriate for me. What bikini should I consider?
If you consider a skimpy bikini a distant memory but are not yet ready for a frumpy one-piece,  choose wisely and enjoy beach time in an age-appropriate bikini. In the older age, when sometimes the body seems to be a bit wobbly, all you need is a swimsuit with good coverage and support. Go for a halter neck bra top with extra padding and wider straps. As for the best bottom – a high-waist one will definitely do the job. Not only will it mask love handles but also create a flattering silhouette and accentuate feminine curves.

How should I dry my bikini? Is it OK to let it dry in the sun?
Drying swimwear in the sun is definitely not a good idea as it will cause colors to fade. Don't be tempted to dry it in the tumble dryer either as the heat will inevitably damage the elastic fibers in the fabric and make the swimsuit lose shape. The best option is to let it air dry or a rack or just hang it somewhere away from direct sunlight.

Is it advisable to wash a bikini after each use?
It would be ideal to wash a swimsuit after you end your day at the beach or by the pool but sometimes it’s not possible. You should always remember to rinse it in warm water to remove most of saltwater or chlorine from the pool as they might cause colors to fade and the elastic fibers to loosen.

My body is athletic and with no curves in fact. What should I look for in a bikini?
If you’re blessed with a sporty, athletic body but would like to give more feminine curves to it, opt for frills and ruffles as well as all kinds of embellishments on the bikini which will not only add dimension but also draw eyes. Cut out details, tie side bottoms and less coverage are also good ways to expose your sporty body and create the desired shape you mentioned.

What bikinis are booty enhancing? I’m happy with my bum and would like to highlight it even more.
When choosing the ideal bikini it is best to focus on the part of the body you’re most confident and happy with. If your booty is your main asset and you want to accentuate its shape, go for less coverage. The best styles will be string briefs, hipsters with a skimpy back and side tie bottoms. You might also use all sorts of tricks and choose a bikini with ruffles, ruching or a flowy flounce along the waistline.