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Women's Bikini Tops

I have a large bust but feel quite confident in my own body. What top would be flattering for me?
A full bust is nothing that should restrict you when choosing the ideal bikini. In fact, a shapely bosom is something to accentuate, so emphasize your asset. Well-endowed ladies look superb in halterneck tops, which give good support and create a playful pin-up look. Try them out for an amazing beach ensemble! To keep your girls in place you might also consider cupped underwire bikini tops which are much more reliable when doing water sports for example. As a rule, women with big chests should stay away from ruffles, embellishments and light colors on the top as they make the bosom appear even bigger.

I’m thinking of buying a bandeau bikini top. What body shape is it good for in fact?
Bandeau tops have a couple of advantages, but you should stay away from them if your girls are rather big. Bandeaus are perfect if tanning is your goal, but might be a bit problematic when riding waves as there’s no support or straps that would keep the bust in place well. For extra support choose a piece with an inner elastic band or an adjustable drawstring. Just as strapless bikini tops, bandeaus are ideal for smaller chests and also make a perfect layering piece to go under sheer kimonos or loose shirts when you want some more coverage on the beach.

What are underwire bikini tops?
Underwire tops have thin semi-circular strips of rigid material like metal, plastic or resin fitted into the garment. They are perfect for a big bust as they provide good support, push it together and line it up well. If your girls happen to be full and shapely, consider an underwire bikini top and enjoy water fun without the fear that something might slip here and there! Another advantage of this kind of tops is that they give you more lift and volume, so ladies with smaller chests might benefit from them, too.

My chest is rather flat and I’d like to make it appear fuller. Any advice on the ideal bikini top? I don’t do too much swimming or other water sports.
Don’t worry as there are lots of options for ladies with small chests that work really well. First of all, look for tops with frills and ruffles which add plenty of volume to the bust. A piece with a flowy flounce along the chest will make you look super feminine and trick the eye. To balance out a flat chest, you might also wear a structured underwire bikini top with padding which lifts the girls and creates an illusion of a fuller bosom. Use the power of color and print, too. Women who are not well-endowed in the chest department can play with light hues and punchy patterns as they wish without the fear of going over the top.

I spend most of my beach time lying flat and reading. What top would be best for me?
All you want is to keep your ladies front and center and not dropping in your armpits. To do that and keep everything secure and in its place go for a structured padded top or underwire bikini tops which provide good support and control. If you’re concerned about tan lines, a piece with removable straps will be ideal.

Is a balconette bikini top good for mid-size breasts?
It’s perfect! A balconette bra is usually a structured, underwire bra which provides a sexy uplift and a beautiful shape. The result? Your assets emphasized and some extra volume added. Who wouldn’t like that? Underwired tops give much better support and stay in place, so you can also enjoy water fun more confidently or lie down flat reading and be sure your ladies look perfect. To emphasize the shape of the bra, go for solid colors. Light hues will create an even fuller shape – make use of them!

My breasts are wide-set and I crave for a more flattering cleavage. Any tips? What style top should I choose?
If a beautiful shape and more cleavage is your goal, choose wisely among bikini tops with push-up cups and underwire which give more support and control. Another trick is to use all kinds of embellishments which draw eyes and build a poolside-worthy cleavage like fun bows in the center, twists of fabric, or blingy jewelry accents. They give the impression of breasts being drawn closer to one another and sculpt the desired shape. For a show-stopping effect, you might also try bras with a gathering on the cups.

My breasts are rather small and I’m a great fan of simple and universal designs. What bikini would be the best?
A classic style that never goes out of fashion is the triangle bikini. Simple lines, good support, and adjustability it gives can’t be overrated. It’s perfect for small busts which don’t need any underwire, but you need to remember that it’s not a safe option if you mean serious water fun. A halter neckline and a patterned design will give your bosom more volume and a sexy appeal.

I’m planning a sporty holiday with lots of water fun. What top would be appropriate?
For intense water fun opt for quick-drying sports bras featuring wide racerback straps and an elastic band under the breasts. A top like that will provide maximum comfort, and you can be sure it’ll stay in place when you chase the next big wave or take a plunge.

How to incorporate a bikini top with a busy pattern? I love mix-and-match swimming suits, but wouldn’t like mine to look mismatched.
Punchy patterns are all the rage these days and mixing them is definitely the thing to go both in the street and the beach. If you want to keep the trend under control, go for a solid color bottom which repeats the color palette of the top. This will play down the bold top and look really stylish. Another option is to go for panties with a more traditional pattern like stripes for example. Beach time is all about fun and relaxation, be creative!