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TrendHype TrendHype
Blouses & Button-Down Shirts Let some positive energy into your wardrobe! With the TrendHype edit of blouses and button-down shirts you will easily find the best designs to suit your work apparel and off-duty time. Stock up on white classic shirts for their versatility can’t be denied and add a mod twist to your looks with brightly patterned blouses that no fashionista would say „no” to. And if there’s a wild voice calling you to explore unknown spots, check out the cowboy-style checked shirts as a perfect outdoor style option.

How to wear a sheer lace blouse?

It all depends what effect you want to achieve. You can wear it with a contrasting tank top or a bandeau underneath. This will create an eye-catching layer look for both day and night outfits. You can also opt for a nude bra which is usually almost invisible under lace blouses with a dense pattern. Another option is to wear a blazer on the top – this will keep your look much more polished and elegant.

I bought a see-through chiffon blouse. How to wear it with style?

There are plenty of styling ideas for sheer, see-through blouses. If you don’t mind flashing your bra, choose a black one and wear it underneath. To give your look a spin,  accessorize with statement necklaces. This will up your look with confidence and glamour. If you’d rather avoid showing too much body, opt for a tank top. You can also create a stylish look and wear the transparent shirt over a slip dress.

I’m rather busty. What blouse would make me look flattering?

V-necks are very flattering on fuller ladies, so make it your closet staple. They simply make your chest look more proportional and lengthen the neckline. Avoid styles which highlight the waist as they will also make your bust more prominent. You should also steer away from blouses with frills, rich draping and embellishments in the front area – they will only add unnecessary volume to your bust.

Are off-the-shoulder blouses flattering for all body types?

Off-the-shoulder blouses are very flattering and all the rage in summer, but not every silhouette benefits from them. Such designs definitely draw eyes to shoulders, so if you happen to be a broad-shouldered woman or this part of your body is a bit bulky, go for an asymmetrical design which exposes just one arm. They’re more dynamic and make the body look slender.

My shoulders are rather wide. What blouses should I avoid?

To make your body look more proportional go for V-neck or scoop necklines which draw attention away from the shoulders and down to the bust.  What you need to avoid are blouses and shirts with too much detailing in the shoulder area like pads, embroideries, frills or shoulder straps. Strapless and off-the-shoulder styles make the upper part of your body look even wider, so say ‘no’ to this kind of blouses, too.

How can I make sure my shirt stays tucked in my pants?

This might be a bit of a concern if you have a long waist. Definitely, you need to look for shirts with a long tail and this means a tail which reaches the bottom of your bottom. Such tail helps to keep the blouse in place. Don’t go for oversized styles or sizes which are bigger than what you usually wear because you’ll end up with a blouse which is too bulky to fit into your pants or skirt.

I’d like a blouse which gives an illusion of bigger breasts. What style should I choose?

Small-breasted ladies benefit from boatneck designs as they enhance the chest area and make the shoulder line look really flattering. Another stylish option is a blouse with a cowl neckline. The draping adds some volume and dimension to the chest and makes it appear fuller. You can also use the magical power of patterns and make your bust bigger. Go for horizontal stripes which are notorious for making the body look wider which, in this case, is a wily trick.

I bought a lovely blouse with cut-out sleeves. Would it be OK for work?

At work, you want to look professional and that excludes nudity and body-flashing. Some clients or co-workers might consider it disrespectful, too.  Save your lovely blouse for off-duty outfits and instead opt for a white or blue button-down shirt (which is always a good idea) or a plain blouse in a muted color. Avoid punchy logos, vibrant colors and oversized patterns as they draw eyes unnecessarily.

How to wear an oversized shirt stylishly?

Oversized styles have been all the rage for a couple of seasons, but it doesn’t mean it’s enough to put them on and call it a day. You need some extra measures to make an oversized shirt look stunning. To pull it off with style, pair it with leggings or a high-waisted skirt, and don’t forget to tuck it in for more dimension. Another clever trick is to belt it up to create the desired hourglass silhouette or leave it undone at the bottom and add shape with a chic blazer.

I love the bohemian style. What blouse would be perfect for a boho-inspired look?

Bohemian outfits are all about the freedom to layer and combine various textures and patterns. The perfect blouse for a boho-inspired look would be made of a light floaty fabric, natural fibers or lace. Opt for little floral or ethnic prints as they are typical for this particular aesthetic. Lace inserts, crochet details, frills, and embroideries – all create a unique bohemian feel which will spice up your outfit.