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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Board Shorts Can’t imagine summer without a real water fun on the board? If yes, your wardrobe calls for light and comfortable board shorts you can rely on when waves start to roll. Jump below to browse through hundreds of styles TrendHype has brought to you. Among the designs made from comfy soft and quick-drying fabrics you’ll surely find shorts that will let you stretch your body, feel the breeze and cut the waves like a pro.

Are boardies only for surfing? I like this style but I’m not sure whether it is appropriate for other activities.
Originally, board shorts were designed to meet the needs of surfers, but it is no longer the case. This comfortable, quick-drying and versatile piece can be found everywhere, from the beach to the park. No wonder! Board shorts come in various lengths, colors, and patterns and offer good coverage if you don’t like showing too much body. If you plan to wear them on the beach and enjoy water sports, make sure you choose shorts from nylon or polyester – they are durable, comfortable, ultralight and they dry in a second.

I’m an avid surfer. What should I take into account when shopping for board shorts?
When you’re on the board you don’t want to worry about the clothes you’re wearing, do you? They should be comfortable and make it easy for the surfer to balance on the board between the breaks. That said, look for board shorts made of durable, quick-drying fabrics that will do their job both on the board and when tanning. If comfort is your priority, go for shorts which stretch both crosswise and lengthwise to enjoy the freedom of movement. Another thing to take into account is the waistline and closure –  make sure the shorts sit snugly and are secured with a Velcro or drawstrings to ensure they don’t move when you hit the waves and wipe out.

Fixed waist or an elastic waist – which is better?
It depends on how you spend your time on the beach. If you’re an avid surfer or swimmer, you probably want to feel secure when riding waves or taking a plunge. The best type for active women is shorts with a fixed waist which provides a secure fit. They usually have a fly fastening with a Velcro tape, buttons or a drawstring for better adjustment. Board shorts with an elastic waist make the best choice for lounging by the pool or strolling along the shore. They come in a wide range of waist sizes and provide plenty of everyday comfort.

I’m a great fan of shorts. What type would let me showcase my abs?
The answer is pretty easy – go low and attract attention to your toned muscles! This can be achieved by choosing board shorts with a low rise that drop way below your belly button showcasing all your assets. The style is one thing, the pattern is another. To draw eyes opt for busy, eye-catching patterns like colorful florals or bold geometric designs. Colors can be your allies, too. Keep it classic and elegant with black and navy blue or go for vibrant hues of neon pink or bright yellow. Perfect for the sun-kissed glowy skin!

I need shorts which would somehow define my waist. Unfortunately, I have a boyish silhouette which lacks feminine curves. What type should I opt for?
There are lots of board shorts which can define and accentuate the waist, don’t worry. Although the style is pretty masculine, it can add roundness and curves to the athletic or „ruler” body shape. The best option would be a pair of board shorts with a contrasting belt around the top that would draw attention and define your waist. Another clever trick is to use the power of color-blocking. Look for pieces with a contrasting band around the waist, preferably black or darker shade than the rest to make it appear narrower.

Unfortunately, my stomach is often a bit bulgy. What shorts would camouflage it?
There are multiple ways to mask a muffin top or a tummy bulge. If you feel intimidated to don low-rise board shorts, opt for a piece with a wide elastic waistband and a stretch fly that will adjust to your body and any bulkiness in the stomach area. Take dark colors like black, navy blue or charcoal grey as an option as these colors slim down the silhouette. Last but not least, patterns can also trick the eye and make your tummy bulge appear smaller – think vertical stripes for that matter.

My skin is very sensitive and I burn easily. Are there any board shorts with UV protection?
Sun protection is a crucial thing when doing water sports. Thanks to sun protective fabrics used for swimwear you can protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Many producers use technologically advanced materials with novel weave structures and special UV-inhibiting ingredients which have high effectiveness, so give them a try. For even more protection opt for medium or knee-length boardshorts that will provide better coverage.

How to choose board shorts? What are the key areas to measure?
When shopping for the ideal pair of board shorts the key issue is to measure your body in the right areas. One of them is the waist, of course. Measure the circumference of your natural waist, just above the hipbone. Then, with your feet together, measure the fullest part of your hips. Don’t be tempted to buy shorts smaller than your size! They should be comfortable and stretchy – you don’t want to feel restricted when riding waves, do you?

My butt is really petite. Are there any board shorts which can make it appear fuller?
There’s a number of board shorts which can add some feminine curves to a tiny butt. One of them is boyshort trunks with a wide elastic band and adjustable ties at the sides. This style shows a little bit of cheek and makes the bottom look rounder and fuller. The side tie allows to crease the shorts and add some extra volume to a petite derriere. Give it a shot girl!

Busy patterns for a big butt – yes or no?
If you feel confident and don’t mind showing your big bottom, patterned board shorts will definitely highlight this part of your body and draw eyes. But if you're not like Kim Kardashian who showcases her derriere, go for patterns which slim out the silhouette (think vertical stripes for example) or prints which are not too punchy and dominating.