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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Cardigans Stock up on cardigans for you simply can’t have enough of them! Classic and timeless as they are, cardigans also make a great option for modern city style if you pair them with trendy sneakers or skater skirts. Go for soft cashmere for classic looks with pencil skirts or brightly-coloured ones to create a preppy look. Check out the extensive rundown TrendHype has prepared for you and explore the styles made for you!

I love cardigans but very often they look a bit bulky and shapeless. Any tips how to make them look more stylish?
There’s a simple and effective way to make any cardigan look more stylish – a belt. It gives the sweater an instant shape and creates the much-desired hourglass silhouette. Belts suit every body type, but there are a few tips to remember, though. Broader waists benefit from thin slinky belts which create the illusion of looking slimmer. Petite women should opt for belts which match the color of their dresses, while apple-shaped ladies look more flattering wearing wider belts right below their bust. It’s a clever trick which creates an illusion of a thinner waist.

I’d like to create an easy fluid look with a cardigan. What type should I go for?
The best option would be a soft open cardigan without any fasteners. Such pieces give an easy floaty look and add a lot of femininity to any ensemble. Try them out with bow blouses, layer with a cowl neck or sheer tops for more dimension and style. Cardigans with an open front elongate the silhouette as they create a strong vertical line which makes the figure appear longer and more slender.

How to wear a short boxy cardigan?

A short boxy cardigan can be a nice addition to everyday closets, but if you want it to look trendy, pair it with a long top, blouse or tunic underneath. This trick will create a nice play of lengths and proportion! You can also enhance this effect with varied length necklaces – give them a try and add a stylish spin to your ensemble.

I bought a brightly-colored fitted cardigan. Any styling tips to create a feminine look?

A brightly-colored cardigan is a wonderful piece of clothing which adds an eye-catching pop of color to any outfit. The best styling ideas to create a flattering look include pairing it up with very feminine pieces like skirts and dresses. Just wear it with a voluminous A-line skirt or a body-wrapping pencil skirt and accentuate the curvy lines. Another option is to wear it over a skater dress and create a playful outfit with a touch of a hypnotizing color.

How to wear a chunky patterned cardigan without looking bulky and overloaded?

A chunky patterned cardigan is a strong feature that draws eyes and often dominates the outfit. Let it shine by keeping the rest of your look in a monochromatic palette. To avoid looking bulky, choose fitted clothes like cigarette pants or a body-wrapping pencil skirt, which will balance the volume of the chunky cardigan. High-heeled shoes will get you a few centimeters higher – use this trick to elongate the silhouette and look slimmer.

Any styling tips for a short red cardigan? I don’t know how to pull it off with style.

A red cardigan is a nice pop of color in any outfit. Use its positive energy to create a look inspired by the popular preppy style. All you need to look sharp is a tailored checked shirt (go for white and baby blue), navy blue cigarette pants and a pair of suede loafers. A  red cardigan will spice up the outfit with positive vibes and add a playful twist.

What cardigan would be flattering for a pregnant woman? I love the comfort such sweater gives, but I don’t want to look bulky and shapeless.

A cardigan makes a perfect piece in the closet of a pregnant woman, especially the lightweight stretchy option which provides a lot of comfort. It can also work beautifully for the curvy figure if you choose a long style with an open front. The strong vertical line elongates the silhouette and makes it look slimmer. For a flattering effect, wear it with a fitted top and slim pants and don't forget to accessorize with a long necklace which will accentuate the decolletage.

How can I make a plain gray cardigan look more stylish?

Cardigans are versatile sweaters which can be worn in multiple ways and a gray one is a perfect piece for styling. You can make it look more interesting by pairing it with a patterned top underneath – go for horizontal stripes and the evergreen nautical style for example. Another idea is to belt it. An accessory like a statement belt, think a studded or an embroidered one, will spice up the look with an eye-catching detail. Do you like sashes? Use a shawl or a grosgrain ribbon to accentuate the waist and create the much-desired hourglass figure.

How to style a maxi cardigan?

A long cardigan is a closet staple and its eye-catching design can completely change the outfit. How to master this length? The floor-grazing style has a lot of potential and adds plenty of drama. To pull it off with style, wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and short hemlines like tank or cowl neck tops. Avoid bulky designs which will add unnecessary volume and might make you look heavier. Try belting the cardigan to create a feminine silhouette and an appealing visual effect.

Wearing a cardi solo – yes or no?

Treating a cardigan as a top is a great idea in fact. Especially, if you choose one in a neutral color palette like navy, black or charcoal. Pair it with elegant cigarette pants or go for a striped design to create a sophisticated look which oozes effortless chic. Complemented with towering pumps and a minimalist gold necklace plunging down the neckline it’ll look stunning.