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Women's Casual Dresses There is no spring or summer without comfortable and chic dresses in the wardrobe. Check out the amazing edit of casual designs for off-duty time. From loose jersey styles for lazy weekend lounging and frilly boho dresses luring with lace and flowery patterns to ultra feminine midi wrap finds which accentuate the silhouette like no other. No matter whether you’re on a budget or willing to spend it all, there are options below you’ll find hard to resist.

Can I wear a casual dress for work?
Yes, unless there’s a dress code you need to follow. If not, a casual dress can make a comfortable and stylish option for busy days at work. For the office, choose a toned-down color palette and professional-looking styles like a wrap dress. Avoid vibrant colors and patterns as well as too decorative or glittery finishes and showing too much body. And don’t forget to pair it with a professional shoe and belt that will give the dress more polish.

What to take into account when buying a casual dress?
A casual dress is a closet staple every woman should have. You can wear it for work and play, so make sure you buy a comfortable style made from quality fabrics. This will make the dress last longer in good shape. Also, pay attention to the style – the more classic it is, the easier it is to accessorize with on-trend details and adapt to different occasions.

I’m a woman on the go with little time to change during the day. What casual dress should I choose?
A simple minimalist casual dress is the simplest to accessorize and adapt to occasions, whether formal or not. You can quickly polish it with an elegant belt or a tailored blazer or dress down by putting on a jeans jacket. Apart from the style, also the length is an important factor to consider. Opt for the midi as it is the most universal and will work for many situations. Understated, toned-down colors like grey, beige or navy will be suitable for day and night.

I’m a great fan of slip dresses. How to pull it off in winter time?
Just throw a cozy sweater on top and pair it with a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots. It’s a stylish winter outfit that will make you look chic.

How to wear a sweater dress stylishly?
A sweater dress is an easy-to-wear option for chilly days when you want to keep snug and warm. Choose a midi or mini length and pair it with a pair of tights, over-the-knee boots (go for elegant suede if you want to look stylish) and a wrap coat or a faux-fur vest for a bohemian look. Sweater dresses with stretch last longer in good shape, so make sure your dress has some.

I’m a pear-shaped woman. What style would flatter my silhouette?
Women with fuller hips and thighs look best in simple, A-shaped styles which somehow balance the shape in lower parts of their body. Opt for midi dresses and avoid ruffles and pleats at all costs. Bi-colored dresses in which the top part is lighter and the bottom darker work well for this body shape.

My closet is full of shift dresses. How to wear them when temperatures drop?
An easy way to incorporate a shift dress into the winter closet is to wear it with a turtle-neck underneath. This will give you extra warmth on chilly days. Pair it with crisp accessories and chic leather boots.

How to style a dress in winter?
Depending on the dress type you can style it in various ways.  First, think layers. Putting a soft layer, like a top with a lace trim or a jersey, underneath might give your dress a spin it needs. Try wearing a cozy sweater or a blazer over it and add a scarf or an elegant belt to polish the look.

I’m rather plump and short. Should I go for plain or patterned dresses?
Patterns might elongate the silhouette, but you need to choose carefully. Opt for vertical stripes for maximum effect. Avoid big bold patterns in contrasting colors. Instead, pick small prints in tonal versions.

What dress would be perfect for most silhouettes?
A wrap dress is an ideal choice which suits various silhouettes. Made of stretch fabrics, this style is very flattering and easy to wear. Choose one with a belt – this will help you to highlight your waist and look slimmer.