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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Casual Pants Give your wardrobe an immediate update with the collection of pants curated by TrendHype. Discover casual designs perfect for downtime and weekend – from comfy chinos and straight-leg relaxed styles to patterned palazzos and high-waist retro fits for the amateurs of vintage looks and accentuated feminine curves. Check out bold patterns, useful patch pockets and trendy lengths that flash some skin. Browse below to find the perfect fit for your silhouette and occasion.

What are palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants are wide-leg and loose pants that were all the rage back in the 60s and 70s. They are typically made of ultralight fluid fabrics and make a great option for summer outfits. They’re a real head-turner for their voluminous shape, so if you like to draw eyes, it’s the style to go. Because of the slouchy silhouette, it’s a good idea to pair them with body-fitting tops to balance the excessive amount of fabric. Opt for hypnotizing patterns and bright colors to spice up your summer looks with positive vibes and energy.

I have a pear-shaped body. Can I wear palazzo pants?

Don’t rule out palazzo pants just because your silhouette is a bit heavy in the hip and thigh area. Actually, palazzo pants are perfect for your body shape, as their flowy design helps to hide the problematic body parts. To make the figure look more proportional choose pants which sit snugly in the waist and flare out from the thigh down. The wide trouser leg from soft georgette or chiffon has a fluid drape and will balance out the proportions. Complement your look with tops with horizontal stripes to make the upper part of the body appear a bit wider.

I’m rather tall and lanky. Are culottes appropriate for such a body shape?

Tall women don’t need to fear that the somewhat problematic cut will make their body look disproportionate. Welcome them in your closet without any second thoughts as these pants are à la mode these days. The swinging design with a flared trouser leg has enough volume to make a lanky silhouette fuller, while a defined waistline will make it more feminine and a bit shorter. If you also have less in the breast department, experiment with frilled and ruffled tops or tuck shirts effortlessly to create more volume.

How to wear joggers without looking sloppy?

Joggers go far beyond the certified loungewear and it-girls’ outfits prove that this cut can easily go to the streets. All you need to do is to choose your tops and shoes carefully! Ditch your favorite sweatshirt and sneakers in the closet and instead opt for a trendy top (think a structured or embellished one) and high-heeled pumps or strappy sandals. Also, stylish accessories will add a bit of glamour to the look and erase the sporty, gym-like feel jogger pants have.

Joggers for a girls’ night out – yes or no?

It all depends what style you choose. A great idea and a real head-turner is a pair of sequin pants. Will anybody notice you’re wearing joggers? Probably not. Will they think they’re fab? Definitely yes. The light-catching design is bold enough, so keep the rest of your outfit simple and sleek to avoid an overloaded and tacky look. Pair the pants with a spaghetti top and a tailored blazer to introduce a sophisticated touch.

How to wear harem pants and not look bulky?

The roomy fit is a great option whenever comfort is key. Harem pants have attitude, too, but they can make the silhouette look heavy and disproportionate. Try balancing the voluminous bottom part of your outfit with body-fitting tops and vests as well as cropped tailored blazers. Adding a few inches to the silhouette is yet another wily trick – use the power of high heels, but also necklines and patterns which elongate the body like V-necks and vertical stripes.

What are jeggings?

Jeggings is a combined term for jeans and leggings. These are leggings which look like jeans pants and include a high percentage of spandex fibers for more comfort. Usually, they have no zipper or button, as the stretchable fabric serves the purpose. They're super comfortable and make a great option as loungewear or for traveling. If you choose a cut without back pockets, make sure you wear them with longer tops as the thin stretchy fabric might reveal your undergarments.

I love capri pants but sometimes feel they make me look shorter. Any advice?

There are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing the ideal pair of capris for your figure. In general, the safest and most flattering length ends where the muscular part of your calf ends. It’s a good idea to choose cuts with the tapered or straight leg as they slim out the silhouette and make it look taller. The same effect can be achieved with high-waist capri pants and of course shoes – high-heeled sandals and wedges are your allies and so are shoes in nude hues.

Cargo pants – are they for every body type?

Cargo pants are an interesting alternative to jeans. Perfect for the off-duty time, cargo pants offer plenty of comfort and versatility. You can also be surprised how well they incorporate into everyday outfits. However, there are a few tips short women with broad hips should take into account. Pear-shaped women who tend to have a rather big (compared to the waist) bottom and full hips should steer away from cargo pants with patch pockets at the back and on the sides as these add unnecessary volume to the already full silhouette. Instead, choose pants with regular pockets.

How to wear white pants with style?

White pants, no matter what cut you choose, are a big favorite in the summertime. They look fresh and pretty, and although they don’t seem to be very practical, they make a great closet staple. A fail-safe outfit is the nautical one with a white and navy blue striped top, stylish suede loafers, and a sleek beige or red blazer. Try it! Another chic outfit idea teams white pants, jeans for example, with a relaxed chambray shirt. Just add a pair of wedge sandals and an ethnic-inspired raffia bag and you’re ready for weekend sightseeing.