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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Casual Shorts There is no summer wardrobe without a pair of shorts. Show some skin and find a style which best suits your figure. What is it going to be? A sexy pair of pin-up jeans or smart tailored shorts in a pastel colour? Whatever you choose, there are multiple ways to style pants like these. Wear them with belts or a patterned scarf in the belt loops. Explore the edit and infuse some fresh air into your summer wardrobe. You’ll easily find styles which are simply indispensable the summer wardrobe.

What are Bermuda shorts?

Bermuda shorts are a particular type of short trousers with a cuffed or uncuffed hem which falls down almost to the knee. The name is connected with their popularity in Bermuda during World War II. Popularized by the British Army, Bermuda shorts entered the world of fashion successfully and make an ideal choice on hot days when you don’t want or can’t show too much of your legs.

How to wear shorts stylishly? I like the cut, but don’t want to look too casual or beachy.

Shorts can make a really nice choice on hot summer days. The key to not looking beachy is definitely the length of the trouser leg, the fabric and the cut itself. For stylish summer looks go for chic Bermuda shorts from solid color materials in subdued tones of navy blue, black, gray or white. Paired with a loose fit V-neck top and a tailored blazer, the pants will look ultra chic. Complement your outfit with a chain crossbody bag and stylish heeled pumps, and you’re definitely far from looking casual or laidback.

I bought a pair of cuffed red shorts with a crease. Any tips for trendy outfits?

There are multiple outfits you can build on red shorts, but if you want something perennially chic, go for the nautical theme and the evergreen color palette of navy blue, white and red. For summer cool, pair the shorts with a boat neck white and navy striped top and you’re almost ready to enjoy the vacation time. White canvas trainers or wedge sandals and statement sunglasses will spice up the look with summer vibes and plenty of timeless chic.

Printed shorts for a pool party – yes or no for a tall lanky woman?

Printed shorts are a great idea for pool parties as they introduce plenty of color and pattern to the outfit. Tall slim women with a boyish silhouette can play around with a number of cuts which make their figure a bit more feminine. Try high-waisted shorts with folds as they create a nipped-in silhouette and much-desired curves. Paired with a spaghetti top or a knot tied blouse, strappy flat sandals and gold jewelry they’ll look super stylish.

What are cargo shorts?

Cargo shorts are a kind of loose pants characterized by big cargo pockets. Originally, they were designed for tough outdoor activities and became very popular in everyday fashion. Their hemline usually falls down to the knee, the cut is comfortable and enables freedom of movement. Available in varied colors, khaki and beige being the most popular, cargo pants add a rough army vibe to city outfits.

How to wear metallic shorts?

Gold and silver always give a little extra something to the outfit, but metallic shorts are not the easiest garment to wear, though. There are a couple of things to bear in mind if you want to look stylish. First, do not overdo with the metallic finish – one garment is enough unless you head for the outer space. Go for simple matte tops like a loose cotton tee for example or other tops, but in a neutral color palette to play down the bold metallic finish of the shorts. To let them shine, not only literally, avoid intricate prints and avant-garde cuts.

How to care for suede shorts?

Throwing them into a washing machine is definitely not the way to go. Suede is a high maintenance material which needs special care and attention…and tools. Start with brushing the stain off with a special rubber brush in the same direction as the suede. If the stain doesn’t come off, use cornstarch or diluted vinegar directly on the spot, wait and brush again when dry. If it doesn’t help or the garment needs a general cleaning, see a professional dry cleaner.

Is it acceptable to wear shorts to work?

There are industries in which it is unacceptable, but generally, shorts can make nice office wear. Not all of them, of course. When choosing the perfect pair, there are a few tips to remember. First of all, have a minimalist approach to them as far as embellishments, patterns and vibrant colors are concerned. Opt for mid-thigh shorts from fabrics you’d find blazers in. Subdued, neutral colors are much more suitable for the office than others. Also, consider getting a matching blazer or top to make the outfit more polished.

How to pull off lace shorts without looking provocative?

Lace shorts are super feminine and make a great option for summer outfits. The fabric is by nature provocative and might be transparent, so take a balanced approach to avoid looking tacky. For really cool summer outfits, pair up lace shorts with a laidback chambray shirt or add a garment with a masculine vibe to it like an army shirt or a loose tee with a punchy print. Accessorize with slinky leather belts and flat shoes for plenty of comfort and a laidback vibe.

I’m tempted to buy leather shorts, but have no idea how to wear them in a cool way. Any suggestions?

Leather shorts are a great idea to add a cool factor to summer outfits. For a pulled-together look wear them with a sleek button-down and a tailored blazer. Complemented with stylish leather heels they’ll look very chic and sensual. You’ll create a cool edgy look if you team your shorts with a cropped top and ankle boots. Why not give it a try? They are very versatile and can be worn in a number of ways - from a grungy rocker style to cool city looks.