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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Casual Skirts Update your downtime wardrobe with casual skirts. There are hundreds of styles to choose from below which guarantee style and a trendy look. Dive in and explore the rundown TrendHype has prepared for you. This collection has a design for each silhouette, from lightweight boho maxi skirts and fancy skater styles to A-line military-inspired skirts with patch pockets and chic pleated designs in metallic fabrics. Browse and find the perfect design for your weekend and off-duty looks!

I’ve recently bought a patterned maxi skirt. What to pair it with to make the look appealing?

Maxi skirts are ultra flattering, but they can also be a bit overwhelming and bulky depending on the fit. Make sure you balance the silhouette with a fitted top – a plain tank top or a cotton t-shirt for a more relaxed casual look for example. A maxi skirt can also elongate the silhouette, but only if you keep your tops short or cropped. What’s more – patterned maxi skirts look stunning when teamed up with solid color tops which let the pattern shine.

I find mini skirts really appealing, but they seem to make the silhouette shorter. Any tips?

Midi skirts are classic pieces with a lot of femininity, but since the hem falls below the knee, they tend to shorten the silhouette. You can easily sort it out by wearing high heels that will elongate the leg and make you look taller. Opt for heels (or boots in the cold season) which are low-cut and have a pointed toe for a more elongating effect. And don’t give up on midi skirts as they’re ultra flattering!

How to wear a pleated skirt in a modern way? They look a bit old-fashioned.

Pleated skirts are ultra feminine and flattering and can be worn to the office or for a girls’ night out. You can keep it relaxed and casual by teaming it with a plain T-shirt and a jeans jacket or a leather biker one for example. Complemented with a pair of Converse trainers the look will be light and playful. Another option is to pair it with a sleek button-down for a more stylish outfit or a short, body-fitted cardigan for example. Give it a try as a pleated skirt is a really versatile piece!

How to wear a maxi skirt without looking dated?

A maxi skirt is a stylish wardrobe staple that can be worn and styled easily for numerous occasions. For an ultra modern look, pair it with a tucked button-down and chic leather sneakers or lighten up your outfit with a relaxed t-shirt for an effortless city look. You can also keep it very stylish. Just wear it with a V-neck and complement the ensemble with a chic slinky belt to accentuate the waist and add more definition. Shoes to opt for? Definitely sporty sneakers, block-heel sandals, and sleek ballerina flats.

How to care for a leather skirt?

Leather is a tricky material which needs proper care, but with a few tips, you can maintain your skirt in a perfect condition. To eliminate wrinkles iron it on low heat (put a piece of tissue paper on the skirt first) or hang it in the bathroom while showering. Keep your skirt out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and use leather conditioner or mink oil to keep the garment from cracking. For spot-cleaning use a damp cloth, but consult a professional dry cleaner for more serious stains and a regular polish. To store it professionally, use a garment bag and keep your skirt in a clean, dry and cool place.

How yo pull off a denim A-line skirt?

For a super cool city look, pair a denim A-line skirt with a plain T-shirt or a trendy polo shirt and complement the outfit with leather sneakers or patterned slip-on trainers.  Another option is to snug a relaxed sweatshirt and tuck it effortlessly or opt for a more polished look with a sleek button-down, a leather crossbody bag, and Chanel-style quilted ballerina flats. Top it off with stylish sunglasses for more oomph.

I have an apple-shaped body. What skirts would make me look good?

Ladies with an apple-shaped body, which means slim lower parts and slender legs, but a full midsection, look great in high-waisted flowy skirts. This fit makes the body look more proportionate thanks to the waistband, which hits the slimmest part of the body, and the flared bottom, which masks the mid-section. Make sure the skirt falls above your knees and shows off your slender legs. Also, skirts with embellished bottoms and hemlines will draw eyes to this particular part and away from the problematic stomach area.

A pencil skirt – what body shape looks best in this cut?

A pencil skirt and an hourglass body figure are a match made in heaven. This kind of skirt is by default body-fitting, it highlights the curves and smooths out the hips. The effect? A beautifully outlined silhouette with a defined waist, shapely bottom, and very feminine hips. Team it with high-heeled pumps and you have a head-turner! It’s also very versatile – wear it to the office with a sleek button-down or for a girls’ night out with a sequin top.

I’m rather busty. Would a circle skirt look good on me?

A circle skirt is an A-line full cut which flares out. Depending on the length and fabric, it can be quite voluminous, which makes it a perfect choice for women with a full bust. Why? The full bottom balances out the heavy upper part of the body and makes the silhouette look more proportionate.

What’s exactly a tulip skirt?

A tulip skirt is a variation of a pencil skirt. The shape resembles a tulip - it has a narrow waist and bottom hemline, but more volume around the hips (thanks to folds or plats). A tulip skirt is a closet staple for tall and lanky women with a boyish silhouette as it makes their figure look more feminine and shapely. Also, ladies with an hourglass body shape benefit from it – their body looks even more feminine with a defined waist and curvy hips.