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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Club Dresses Give an instant wow effect to your wardrobe with the TrendHype edit of club dresses. From sexy wrap styles with a plunging neckline, mesh panel minis to skin-flashing designs with luxe embellishment – we have the styles to rock the night! Browse through the spectacular array and get seduced by sexy cut-outs and streamlined bodycon beauties. With some towering heels and a bit of bling-bling you’re sure to make the show stop!

I need a sexy dress for a night out in the club, but I don’t want to look trampy. Any advice?
Looking sexy without overexposing is a challenge. If you want to show some body and draw attention to its assets, don’t go to extremes. Choose one part, for example, your cleavage (a dress with a plunging neckline will highlight its beauty) or your bum. If the second is your target, opt for a tight-fitted dress whose lines will accentuate your sexy curves. Showing just one feature won’t make you look slutty.

Is an LBD a good idea for the club?
A little black dress is always a good idea. It’s feminine and sexy and extremely easy to style with accessories and jewelry. Choose the mini length and make sure it’s comfortable enough for dancing. To raise your stakes and achive an edgy look, opt for a leather one and accessorize with a studded cross-body and chain jewelry. A dress which falls down to the knee won’t make you look vulgar.

I’d like to make a statement with the dress. What designs look really glamorous?
If you want to grab attention go for sequins, brocade fabrics, and embellishments. Dresses like this reflect light and look stunning while you move in dance. Make sure you don’t overdo with jewelry – sequin designs are dressy enough, you don’t need much more bling.

What’s a bodycon dress?
The name 'bodycon' stems from 'body conscious'. It’s a tight-fitted dress which is made from a stretch fabric. It traces your curves and highlights sexy hips, booty curves, and alluring bust lines. It doesn’t shape the body, though, and can be unforgiving for women whose shape is not ideal.

I don’t have a body of a catwalk model, but would like to try a bandage dress for a night out. Is it a good idea?
Bandage dresses are sewn from a heavy stretch fabric which supports the shapes and defines the curves beautifully. This design is tight and sturdy, so even though your body may not be perfect, the dress will shape it well and improve your posture, too. Anyone can pull it off!

I bought a latex club dress. How to take a good care of it?
It’s easy to damage latex clothing. You can easily scratch its surface or even tear it, so make sure to use baby powder on the inside to make putting it on and taking it off a breeze. Wash it after each use as it’s not a breathable fabric and sweating is common. A latex dress needs a wash in lukewarm water with soft soap. Don’t wring it!

What’s the best dress for a ladies’ night out?
A ladies’ night out is when you want to have fun, and the style rules are also much more relaxed. Are you going for a drink? Opt for a flattering mini dress in which you feel comfortable. You can go crazy with colors as well as hemlines and necklines. It’s all up to you as the occasion is informal. Sequins, metallic fabrics, tulle and bold patterns are also acceptable.

Are colors important when choosing a party dress?
A party is an informal occasion when you want to have fun. Black is always a good choice, but it doesn’t really have to be it. Bold colors are acceptable as well, so you can opt for a neon pink mini or an emerald green bondage dress. Just make sure the color flatters your complexion. Bold colors or pastels are perfect for spring and summer parties and jewel tones will be great for fall and winter.

What dress should I wear for the theater?
A theatre is where you want to look stylish and elegant. The best option is a minimalist LBD that you can style with chic jewelry. On a cold evening, you can throw on a tuxedo jacket or a shrug. Keep the look polished with high-heeled pumps and a clutch.

I’m pretty tall. What dress would make me look a bit shorter?
If you want to appear a bit shorter choose dresses with horizontal lines. This applies to patterns (horizontal stripes will do the job) and other details of the dress itself like draping or frills. A color-blocked dress will also make you look shorter as it divides the silhouette.