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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Cocktail Dresses A cocktail party on the agenda? In one of the dresses below you’re sure to turn heads. Check out the flattering designs spun from silk with light-catching embellishments and browse through classic styles in timeless black. What you need more is towering heels and a touch of make-up and you’re ready to go. Jawdropping effect included! Shop the cocktail dress choices of TrendHype fashion editors below and look stunning.

What should I take into consideration when choosing a cocktail dress?
Apart from the occasion and its character which determines the type of the dress to wear, always remember to choose a style which goes best with your body type and emphasizes your best features. Make sure it highlights only one asset – your beautiful neck or shapely legs – this will make your look elegant but not exaggerated.  

In my cocktail look I’d like to highlight my waist. What dress would be the best?
By highlighting the waist, the silhouette becomes more feminine and shapely. To achieve that effect, opt for dresses with a decorative sash, go for a peplum design which works miracles for anyone who wants a curvier figure, or consider a color-blocked dress which draws attention to the waist by a skilfull color play.

I’m a petite woman. What cocktail dress should I go for?
Monochrome looks will definitely make the silhouette appear longer and thinner. The dress should be tight rather than bulky and excessively ruffled, as the latter adds unwanted weight to the figure. Not less important is the length of the dress. Ideally, it shouldn’t fall below your knee. Paired with towering high heels, the dress will elongate your body.

How not to overdress for a cocktail party?
To avoid overdressing opt for an LBD (which is always a good idea) or a simple slip dress, and polish your look with some statement jewelry and chic accessories. A smart black tuxedo blazer will add a chic touch to your outfit and up the whole look with understated elegance.

What’s the appropriate length of a cocktail dress?
If you want to avoid looking inappropriate, go for the safest length which is between mid-thigh and mid-calf. It looks elegant and doesn’t show too much body. Moreover, this length is also quite universal and will suit you on a number of occasions.

I have a boyish silhouette, but would like to look more feminine and sexy. What cocktail dress would make me look so?
Boyish figures benefit from dresses with feminine details – think peplums, draping, and pleats. All of these add volume and are characteristic for female closets. To highlight the upper part of your body, wear a dress with a plunging neckline and accessorize with an eye-catching necklace that will draw attention to your neck and décolletage.

What cocktail dress would look best on a busty woman?
Busty women benefit from dresses with open necklines. Opt for a V-neck sheath dress which will elongate the neck and also make your décolletage look attractive. Balancing the heavy upper part with a full skirt is also adviseable – think a dress with a ruffled bottom. You should avoid ruffles in the upper part though, as they'll add unnecessary weight.

What cocktail dress will not only look elegant but also glamorous?
If you want your cocktail ensemble look glamorous, choose dresses made of textured fabrics, such as sumptuous lace, intricately patterned brocade or jacquard, or fabrics with a metallic detail or sequins. A dress like this doesn’t need much accessorizing as these materials are usually quite attention-grabbing and ornate.

What’s the best sleeve lenght for a cocktail dress?
There are no guidelines as for the best sleeve length for a cocktail dress. Just adjust to the season or type of event you are to attend. If you have toned arms you might want to show them – wear a dress with a cap sleeve or a fitted one which will show the slender shape of them.

Can I wear a cocktail dress for a wedding reception?
Cocktail dresses can be worn on a number of occasions. They are perfect for wedding receptions, too. Choose an elegant tailored one or opt for a lace design which will up your femininity. There’s one condition, though. If it’s white, leave it in the closet. It’s the bride who gets to wear this color!