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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Denim Shorts If you’re a fan of denim and fancy a laidback look, opt for trendy denim shorts and make the most of your leisure time. From sexy rip & repair styles and studded grunge fits to comfy denim chino shorts and cargo-inspired finds – we have them all under one roof. Browse the rundown below and power up your wardrobe with denim shorts made especially for weekend play and summertime fun outdoors.

How to wear loved-in denim shorts and not look rugged? I’m a great fan of the bohemian style.

Denim shorts are an off-duty closet staple and a perfect piece for summer outfits. Rips and tears add character, but sometimes they can make you look shabby, unfortunately. To balance it, wear jeans shorts with light, flowy pieces. This hot season pair them up with ethereal tops adorned with lace, eyelets or stunning embroidery. Such textured tops and layers will introduce bohemian vibes to the ensemble and make it ideal for hot summer days. Stick to a light color palette of whites, ecru or pastels and flowery patterns – boho girls love them!

How to boost the holiday vibe in an outfit with denim shorts?

To channel the vacation spirit in your summer looks, team up denim shorts with light gauzy tunics. They’re light and flowy which makes them ideal for high temps. The best option to boost the beachy vibe is to wear pieces with colorful exotic prints, fringe hemlines, and lace inserts. A bandeau or the bikini top under the tunic will accentuate the laidback holiday style of your ensemble and so will bohemian jewelry with colorful gems on it.

Is it a good idea to wear denim shorts and a denim shirt in one look? Isn’t it a bit overloaded?

Double denim is a tricky beast, but it’s also a hot trend with a long history. Before you start your adventure with it, kick off with looks which incorporate two different shades, like white denim shorts and a chambray shirt for example, or black rugged shorts, a stylish trucker jacket and a plain cotton tee. To avoid being matchy-matchy, opt for pieces of denim with different wash and weight, and remember that lighter shades draw attention, while darker hues make the body look slimmer. Take it into account when planning a flattering outfit.

How can I dress up a summer denim look?

An easy way to elevate a denim outfit is to accessorize with luxurious pieces like killer statement heels, eye-catching jewelry and a stylish clutch for example. Pairing denim shorts with a flowy top with glitzy details and a sleek tailored tuxedo blazer can also bring the ensemble to a higher level of sophistication. Play around with textures and fabrics – brocade materials, sequins, metallic embroidery are sure ways to change a casual denim look into something much more elegant or party-ready.

How to pull off ripped denim shorts to look trendy?

Denim shorts are a closet staple when temperatures start to rocket. Your legs deserve some sunlight, so make sure you have jeans shorts in the closet. The easiest way is to wear them with the hottest pieces of the season, be it a logo t-shirt or a statement bomber jacket. Accessories also bring a big style change – for cool urban outfits go for colorful sneakers with metallic details and spice up your pool-party looks with ultra-feminine cage sandals with killer heels.

How to choose denim shorts which flatter the booty?

Not all denim shorts are created equal. Some look great and accentuate the bottom, others make it appear too big or sloppy. The key aspect to take into account is the proportion and position of the back pockets and the shape of the yoke. Opt for the upward arc, inverted yoke or soft V-shape which bring out the natural shape of the butt and accentuate its curves. Big pockets which fall below the bottom line of the butt will make it look heavier and less pert.

What’s a snow wash?

Snow wash, also known by the name of marble or acid wash, is a denim finish with definite, sharp contrasts. It uses pumice stones soaked in chlorine which create sharp contrasting colors when in contact with the fabric during the washing process. Invented and patented in Italy, the snow wash effect was very popular back in the 80s.

I’d like to wear denim shorts to work. What style would be a good idea?

The secret to wearing denim shorts to work is to choose the ideal pair that corresponds to the environment and looks professional. If you tender a bar on the beach, loved-in ripped shorts will look the part, but opt for plain, dark-colored knee-length cuts for more formal environmnts. The smartest shorts sit right above or below your kneecap, so don’t be tempted to go shorter or you might look unprofessional. To make the ensemble more pulled together and smart, pair the shorts with a button-down, a tailored blazer and a leather belt.

I’m pear-shaped. What cut shorts would make me look flattering?

Pear-shaped ladies, those with a narrow waist and more shape around the butt and hips, should avoid loose shapeless shorts with too much fabric. Much better options are tailored chino-type shorts which keep the shape and have clean lines. Also, make good use of colors and remember that dark-colored bottoms will make you appear smaller in the butt department and draw eyes upwards, especially when you pair them with bright tops.

I love the rocker style. How to incorporate denim shorts into it?

There’s nothing easier than that! Just pair the denim shorts with a flannel shirt and tuck it effortlessly into them. Complete the look with combat boots for more character and accessorize with a bandana – either as a headband or a stylish bracelet. Details count, add some spice to the outfit with them. When temps go up, trade the flannel shirt for a loose fit tee with a rock-style print and you’re ready to go!