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TrendHype TrendHype
Everyday Bras Need a comfy everyday bra? TrendHype has plenty of styles for you to discover. Browse below and find the best design for your body shape and size. From versatile seamless and wire-free styles in nude colours and ultra comfortable bras made of stretch fabrics to brightly coloured and patterned pieces which are perfect for summer. Whatever size you are, there options for every silhouette.

Is it really necessary to have a number of bras? Won’t two or three pieces from durable materials do?
You should definitively have a couple of bras, and it’s not only for hygiene reasons. Just as your daily outfits change, so should your bras. Think about all the activities you do. Do you run laps in the park? Go to parties wearing a plunging neckline top? Wear transparent blouses in summer? There are bras for every occasion, and they can only add to your performance, comfort and a stylish look. Aside from the fact that not all bras can go with all your tops, it is also vital to rotate them for other reasons. Each time you wear a bra it stretches, so if you want it to last longer, rotate it. Otherwise, it might stretch out fast and lose shape.

Is it a good idea to subscribe to one size? I hate trying on and my body shape hardly ever changes.
Unfortunately, it is not a good idea as cup sizes differ depending on the bra style and the brand. You need to remember that brands have their own fit standards and methods of measurement, so sticking to one size might not work at all. Bear in mind that a push-up bra requires you to go a size up, whereas a soft lace style might mean you need a smaller size. Although it can be tiresome and time-consuming, trying on bra after bra is the only way to go if the best fit is your aim.

There are thousands of options and I just need a good everyday bra. What should I focus on?
The key thing when choosing an everyday bra is of course comfort. It ’s a piece of lingerie which you’re going to wear on a daily basis, and you don’t want it to ride up, dig into your shoulders or restrict movement. In the fitting room make sure the bra gives you all the support you need, and that the size is right. The straps and the underband should sit snugly on your skin, but they shouldn’t dig in. If you’re able to fit two fingers between them and your body, it’s the right bra for you. Smooth bras will be most universal – you’ll wear them under fine blouses and chunky knit sweaters as well.

I find looking for bras very unsettling. Most of my bras give me a sideboob and I don’t know what style I should go for. Help!
It’s probably not because of the style and changing styles might not help here. If your breasts happen to peek out the sides of your bra, it’s because the cups are simply too small or your bra has too much padding. Next time you shop for a bra make sure it encircles and contains your breasts and the underwire extends to the side near your underarm. If you have a hard time finding a bra that provides good coverage, opt for styles with a wide band and a high-cut side which should help to keep your girls in the right place.

What’s a bralette?
Bralettes are all the rage right now and most retailers have some in their offer. Although it’s definitely not a new idea, this style was dominated by the ubiquitous, heavily padded and underwired bras for a long time. In a nutshell, a bralette is an unstructured bra with no lining or padding. It’s also wire-free which means less support but much more comfort. Light, often revealing and sexy bralettes make a great choice when you want to feel liberated and happy with what nature has given you.

I often wear plunging necklines and bras are a problem. What style is the best for such outfits?
Revealing clothing like tops or dresses with necklines which go below the bra line can be a challenge, but there are numerous bra styles which will suit you. Next time you shop for bras focus on deep ‘V’ styles or low cut bras. They can provide from full to minimal coverage and are also available as super deep U-plunge. Wide-centered bras are yet another option which is an essential addition to your lingerie drawer. They can be worn under a number of tops with deep plunging necklines, so give them a shot.

My breasts have different size. How to minimize this discrepancy? What bras will make it less visible?
Most women have breasts that vary in size and in certain cases this difference is substantial. While it’s normal, it can be a bit problematic when looking for a bra that fits both girls well. When choosing a bra, always fit it to the larger side to avoid discomfort and putting too much pressure on the cups. To minimize the discrepancy use „cookies” which are foam or silicone pads that can be inserted into any bra style. There are also other ways to solve the problem like stretch bras made of lace which conform to each breast and make them appear the same.

Why don’t strapless bras ever work on me? I have a medium-sized bust.
There is a number of reasons why your strapless bra turns out to be a joke. First of all, remember that all the support you get from such a bra is the band, so it needs to sit really snugly on your chest. Go at least a size down. Another issue is that the band can’t be too narrow if you have middle-sized breasts. The bigger and heavier your girls, the wider the band must be. The clothes you’re wearing might also be the causa. With the bra on, check if your dress or top isn’t putting too much weight on the bra itself – it should not be too tight in the upper part but well-fitted in the waist rather then loose.

What’s a bandeau bra and is it comfortable?
A bandeau bra works similarly to a tube top. It has no straps, fastenings or hooks. It’s one of the easiest pull-on styles which provides plenty of comfort. A bandeau is easy to wear, but it doesn’t give too much support, so take it into account if you have big girls. The only support you get depends on how tight the bandeau fits. Before you settle on one, try it on and check if it works for you. Bandeau bras are available in plain smooth fabrics, but they also come in more luxurious finishes like fancy lace or satin.

I’m rather busty. What’s the best and most reliable kind of bra for large breasts?
Full-figured ladies with large breasts need a lot of support to feel comfortable. To have it you need to look for bras with wider straps and bands as well as full coverage cups which will hold all the goods in the right place. Underwire styles are your allies, too, as they give shape and extra support. It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice great looks and style for function and support only. There are plenty of bras which provide both!