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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts Here’s a little something for a true athleisure style enthusiast. Jump down and discover the stunning edit of hoodies and sweatshirts below. No longer confined to the gym or a running track, these pieces could walk the catwalk with a jawdropping effect.  Browse through bold printed designs, sumptuous velour pieces for lazy weekend hours or sport-luxe hits with lush embroideries and sequin embellishments. Time to give your off-duty wardrobe a real twist!

An oversized hoodie is a closet staple right now but how to wear it to look feminine?

Hoodies are not only for athleisure-inspired and gym outfits. A great idea to pull off an oversized hoodie is to wear it with a mini skirt for example. Opt for an edgy leather one or choose the evergreen denim. A look like this requires over-the-knee boots to be more put together – look for a pair with towering heels to elongate the silhouette. For a cool girl street look make sure the hoodie has an oversized logo running across the front – it’s a trendy feature.

How to make a plain sweatshirt look more professional and stylish?

Pairing a plain monochromatic sweatshirt with a body-wrapping pencil skirt or an ultra-feminine pleated style is an ingenious idea to break the somewhat sporty vibe of the garment. Make your outfit even more polished and put together with high-heeled leather pumps or cool flats and a chic crossbody bag on a gold chain. It’s a stylish take of a casual closet staple which never goes unnoticed.

I love cropped sweatshirts but don’t feel like flashing too much body. Any styling tips?

A cropped sweatshirt is a great garment for off-duty looks with a sporty twist. If you’re tempted to wear one, but don’t feel confident enough to show your body, keep things hidden by wearing the ultra-trendy high-waist jeans. Not only will they cover what you don’t want to show, but they’ll also accentuate the waist and the shapely lines of your hips. A pair of colorful sneakers is sure to complement such outfit with athleisure vibes.

How to style a plain cropped sweatshirt for a date? I’d like to create a look which blends the cool street style with some femininity.

Who says sweatshirts are only for the gym or laidback street outfits? Team yours with a super sexy leather pencil skirt that will highlight the shapely silhouette and don’t forget about towering heels to add a feminine touch to the ensemble. Spice the look up with a blingy detail – a statement necklace will stand out on the monochromatic front of the sweatshirt and introduce a luxurious vibe.

I need ideas for layered outfits with a sweatshirt. Any suggestions for fall?

Sweatshirts are perfect for layering when colder days arrive. They not only give the freedom of movement and warmth you need but also spice up the look with young vibes and a sporty feel. For cool city looks wear it with a worn-in denim jacket and a puffer vest or opt for a trendy look with a tight-fitted dress and an oversized woolen coat and a beanie. Cropped sweatshirts make a match made in heaven with longer tops peeking from below or even with elegant dress shirts.

A sweatshirt with a logo – yes or no these days?

Sweatshirts with a logo are all the rage nowadays and a nod to the 80s style. They’re eye-catching, they’re fun and a playful twist to casual outfits. They don’t like rivals, though, so if you want to let them shine, keep the rest of your look rather simple.  For an ultra-modern city look pair a logo sweatshirt with jogger pants and a worn-in denim jacket or go feminine and edgy with a leather skirt and wedge sneakers. Logomania rules – use it to your own advantage!

Is a sweatshirt suitable for work?

It all depends on the industry. An advertising agency will allow more freedom and creativity than a bank subsidiary. If there’s no strict dress code, you can get away with wearing a sweatshirt for work. A stylish idea is to pair it with a down-to-business blazer and cigarette pants or a sleek tailored skirt and elegant leather heels. Sweatshirts with subtle embroideries or a pattern will spice up your outfit with an intriguing detail. Give them a try!

I got a sweatshirt with a beautiful beaded embroidery and have no idea how to care for it. Is a machine wash OK for such garments?

It’s not difficult to spot that trendy clothes nowadays are very often embellished with beads, studs or sequins. The problem is that these tiny details are easily damaged or loosened from the fabric by machine washing. If the garment is clean but there’s a stain, try spot-cleaning with a cotton swab and a detergent. For oily stains, you might need to use a dry-cleaning solvent. If the garment is washable, choose a hand wash over a machine wash. Should you decide for the latter, make sure you wash the sweatshirt in a laundry bag as some of the embellishments might fall off. Don’t tumble dry. If it requires ironing, do it on the left side and use an extra cloth.

How to get creative with a hoodie for off-duty time?

Off-duty is the obvious occasion to style a hoodie for, but go beyond the typical sweatshirt and joggers aesthetic. It-girls layer hoodies under statement leather jackets or technical outerwear and complement the look with side strap wide pants and designer sneakers with dazzling embellishments. Get creative!

A hoodie and a suit – yes or no?

Not for everyone and not for every occasion but definitely yes. Such a combo is a head-turner for a self-confident woman with a strong sense of style. The clash of an elegantly tailored suit and a laidback sweatshirt proves anything is possible and it can look stunning. Complement your look with sneakers or go feminine with a pair of skyscraper heels. A brightly-colored clutch will add a playful spin to the outfit.