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Women's Fashion Vests Show some sun-kissed skin and enjoy summertime with all its sunshine and temperature. With a vest on it’s super easy. Comfy cotton styles make a wardrobe staple you simply can’t do without so don’t miss the opportunity to find the perfect one below. Discover luxe options with light-catching sequin embellishments and chic appliques for summer parties by the pool and check out styles with designer prints to stand out from the crowd.

How to wear a long tailored vest stylishly?
A long tailored vest is an ultra chic piece of garment which, when worn in the right way, can make you look very stylish. The key to pulling it off with style is to wear it with a sleeveless top underneath. Think an elegant top made of exquisite fluid fabric, slim cropped pants and a pair of towering heels. Accessorized with minimalist jewelry (choose either a statement necklace or an eye-catching cuff bracelet), this look is a sure head-turner.

I bought a fur vest but don’t know how to pull it off with style. Any tips?
Fur vests are perfect for chilly weather and they’re easy to style, too. What you want in the cold season is warm layers, and a fur vest is an ideal piece to layer with warm flannel or denim shirts, sweater dresses, cozy cardigans and any kind of knit tops. Try wearing a long fur vest with a chic woolen turtleneck, a mini skirt and a pair of over-the-knee suede boots for a killer fall look that oozes femininity. Be critical of the fabric, though. If you choose faux fur, make sure it is of good quality. You don’t want to look like an old teddy bear, do you?

I love layering and would like to wear a dress with a vest. Any suggestions?
A dress and a vest worn together is a stylish combo for both work and play. It all depends what dress and what vest you choose, of course! Generally, a vest adds a fashionable twist to any outfit, so make sure you give it a try. In the summer go for a bohemian maxi dress and add a denim vest on top. In the fall, opt for a cool checked flannel shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and a cargo vest.

Is it OK to wear a vest for work? If yes, what vest would be best and look professional?
A vest can make a really nice addition to your workwear, especially when you pair it with an elegant shirt and cigarette pants or a body-hugging pencil skirt. Shopping for the perfect vest, go for tailored pieces in black, navy or charcoal gray made of good quality fabrics. Choose from long vests which are very figure-loving, stylish midlength options (but skip this length if you’re rather heavy on the bottom) and short vests which are probably the most versatile. Stick to muted colors and plain fabrics and make sure you accessorize with stylish leather belts and minimalist jewelry.

How to wash down vests?
To increase the lifespan of your down vest, you need to bear a few things in mind. Natural filling like duck or geese down feathers doesn’t stand up harsh detergents, so make sure you use delicate ones. If there are any stains on the surface, you can apply extra soap on the spot and let it sit before washing. Wash your vest at low temperature, preferably not higher than 30°C, and rinse thoroughly. Spin-dry the garment and tumble-dry it or let it dry flat. The down filling will need up to 48 hours to dry and regain its insulating properties.

How to style a vest to make it more flattering?
Vests are quite easy to style and with a little effort, you can make them look really appealing. The best three accessories are a belt, a scarf, and a necklace, but don’t be tempted to wear all of them at once. Opt for a belt if you want to create an hourglass figure, give a boxy vest more shape or simply look thinner. A statement necklace will add more definition to your look and spice it up with glamour – just wear a solid top to let it shine. Another idea is to use a scarf as a sash. This works miracles, especially with long floaty vests. Of course, you can also wear a scarf wrapped loosely around your neck and up your look with a bit of color and pattern. Give it a try!

How to wear a quilted vest in the fall and not look dull?
A great option for chilly days, a quilted vest can be part of a really stylish outfit. You can wear it for example with a checked flannel shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and ankle-grazing boots. The trick is to add eye-catching accessories that will bring the outfit to a higher level like a statement necklace or a stylish belt with an embellished buckle. Trade the shirt for a cashmere turtleneck and the boots for sleek riding ones and there you have it – a stylish and timeless equestrian look that never goes out of fashion.

Can I wear a denim vest for work?
A denim vest is a timeless classic, but it’s better to save it for off-duty outfits. At work you want to look professional, so if you like wearing vests, go for a tailored vest, either short or a mid-cut one in a professional-looking color like dark navy blue, charcoal gray or black. You can accessorize the latter with a slim belt to give your outfit more polish.

I love the athleisure looks. What vest would fit in?
Sport quilted vests are an obvious option for athleisure outfits, but if you want to create a more stylish look, go for a long knit style in a solid color like gray, beige, navy or black and pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt. For maximum comfort and a polished look, complement your athleisure outfit with patterned slip-on trainers or white sneakers.

How to wear a vest in summer?
Vests are not only for the cold season. Depending on the style and fabric, they can also make a great layer in summer outfits. Think a flowery maxi dress and a short denim vest on top or an LBD and a long light asymmetrical vest in a chic combo for a girls’ night out. Fringe vests are all the rage at music festivals (worn on a crop top and with sexy jeans shorts) and a long gauzy one can complement your summer outfit including a simple top, cropped slim jeans and towering stilettos.