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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Formal Dresses In need of a well-tailored formal dress? Browse below and discover the vast range of smart designs in a palette of muted colours. Whether it’s a 9 to 5 look you’re after or a dress which will make you look professional – there are plenty of perfect-fitting dresses to boost your wardrobe with style. And if you want to look polished and neat, go for monochromatic timeless classics with a great form which accentuate the silhouette in a refined way. Check out TrendType top choices!

I need to buy a formal dress but have no idea what to start with. Any help?
There are multiple options to choose from and that makes shopping quite tiresome, especially when you don’t know what you want. There are two factors which will narrow down the possibilities – know your color and your body shape before you hit the shops. You should also consider the event – will you have to dance and move freely? Is it very formal? This knowledge will help you choose the best dress and look appropriate.

I have a pear-shaped body. What dress should I choose to look flattering?
A pear-shaped silhouette has the lower part wider than the upper one. This body shape looks best in designs which draw attention away from the hips and bring more oomph to the bust. Opt for plunging necklines or sweetheart ones and make sure the dress downplays the lower part of your body like the tulip style for example.

Does formal mean I have to wear a strapless floor-skimming dress?
No, a formal event does not oblige you to wear a trailing maxi dress. The choice is not limited, but make sure the dress is appropriate for the event. You can choose from sleeveless designs or go for long-sleeved ones, opt for a halter neck or a sweetheart neckline. It doesn't matter if you choose ruffles or a tight dress. Just find a style which complements your body shape and makes you feel confident.

I have large breasts. What style is best for this kind of silhouette?
It’s difficult to find a flattering design which would highlight your curvy figure without overexposing. Opt for V-necks or scoops which create a beautiful neckline. Also, any dress which accentuates the waist is your true ally. Try to draw attention to the bottom part by choosing a lighter color or an embellished skirt.

What dress would be perfect for a black tie event?
There is a wide choice and no limits as far as styles or lengths are concerned. Evaluate your silhouette and choose a dress which best highlights your body assets. It can be slim or structured, plain or patterned. All you have to remember is that it should look smart and shouldn’t be too short – the most elegant and glamorous fall lower than the knee.

Can I wear a pink formal dress?
The color is of secondary importance. A formal dress doesn’t need to be black and plain. If you like colors and wear them with confidence, don’t fear to don them. The perfect dress should look smart and stylish, but whether it’s in bright yellow or royal blue is not really a big thing.

Is there a rule of thumb when choosing a formal dress?
It may sound trivial, but you should always ensure that the dress fits you. There’s nothing less flattering than a dress which is not suited for your body shape or one which is too big or too small. Try it on before the event and don’t be tempted to go a size down, unless you plan to stand still and hold your breath for the whole event.

I’ve been invited to a black tie wedding. Any suggestions what to wear?
Black tie events, weddings included, oblige you to wear a formal dress. It’s customary for women to don floor-skimming gowns. The dress needs to be elegant, but it doesn’t have to be dark-colored. Floor-length gowns are by default dressy, so it’s acceptable to wear lighter colors.

I’m seven months pregnant and about to attend an elegant party. What dress would suit the curvy silhouette I have now?
There are a couple of options and it all depends on whether you want to expose the bum or hide it. Consider an empire dress which has a fitted bodice and a loose skirt. Not only does it hide the bum, but is also comfortable to wear. If you feel confident in your pregnant body, opt for a slim floor-skimming gown with elastic fibers which will wrap the body stylishly. Choose a sweetheart neckline to highlight the neck and your beautiful décolletage.

I have an hourglass silhouette. What dress is flattering for such body shape?
Women with an hourglass silhouette look best in 50s-inspired dresses, which highlight the bust, flatten the abdomen area and make the waist and hips look very flattering. Generally, opt for designs which have a defined waistline as well as a balanced top and bottom. Your feminine shapes will benefit from V-necklines and designs which flow gracefully in the bottom part.