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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Henley Shirts Discover options for off-duty lounging time at home and around it. Just stock up on comfy henleys and enjoy the laidback feel they give. There are plenty of styles to choose from – loose jersey fits with a polo neck and soft styles with breast pockets you can work with your favourite pair of denims. Check out the TrendHype edit – among hundreds of monochromatic, cotton marl fabrics and stonewashed styles for even more fashion twist, you are sure to find the perfect henley for you.

Are there any henleys which are a good investment? What should I take into account?
Without a doubt, a simple henley in a natural color is a closet staple, especially for off-duty outfits. A cotton blend with stretch fibers will guarantee everyday comfort, so make sure you have a couple of shirts like that for casual outfits. A classic white henley shirt from light floaty fabrics can make a great option for spring and summer looks, as it makes a stylish match with cropped patterned pants, jeans, and mini skirts. Give it a try!

I bought a synthetic fabric henley. How do I care for it?
Shirts made from polyester, nylon or other synthetic blends can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle and tumble dried on low. If you think your shirt needs a bit of ironing, use low temperature or just steam it to remove wrinkles. Unfortunately, synthetic blends hold onto oily stains, so the best idea to remove it is to take it to a professional cleaner.

What’s a henley exactly?
Essentially, a henley looks like a polo shirt, but it comes without the characteristic collar. It’s a pullover shirt with a round neckline and a placket which usually has from 2 to 5 buttons. The sleeves may be short or long, and it’s normally made of cotton, cotton blends or synthetic materials with thermal or moisture-wicking properties.

How to style a henley shirt in everyday outfits?
A henley is a perfect choice for low profile outfits, and don’t expect to build a formal or very stylish look with it. Still, the shirt can be worn with style! Pair a white, navy or black henley with dark blue skinny jeans, tuck it effortlessly in the pants and throw a beige sports blazer on the top. Complete your look with white sneakers or brown suede loafers, and you’re ready to go! Minimalist, comfy and perfect for running everyday errands.

I love henelys, but also the bohemian look. How can I pull it off together with style?
Henleys are usually low-key, but if you opt for a shirt made of a sheer fabric and pair it up with a fluid maxi skirt adorned with flowery patterns, you’re heading in the good direction. Another option is to choose an embroidered cotton henley – think ultra feminine English embroidery and the skin-flashing eyelet stitch. With a bunch of bead necklaces and subtle chains on your neck, the henley shirt will chime in beautifully.

How to style a henley for work? I want to look professional but also feel comfortable.
At work you want to look professional, so the best choices include simple yet chic styles and a muted color palette. A henley is thus a good idea as its low-key design blends in with the work environment. Choose a long-sleeved, white or blue shirt, and pair it up with elegant cigarette pants. Polish your look with a leather belt and a tailored blazer. A stylish watch or a minimalist necklace will complement your professional look with a touch of elegance. Perfect for the office!

Is a henley a good style for the hourglass silhouette?
A henley can emphasize the beautiful body shape of the hourglass silhouette. To highlight the waist, opt for a tight fitting shirt which makes natural curves really flattering. The V-neck will make the bust area look slimmer and it will also elongate the neckline. Fuller ladies benefit from solid colors and should steer away from horizontal stripes which are notorious for making the body wider.

Is a henley shirt good for cold season layering?
Henley shirts have a smart casual look and they are perfect for layering when cold months arrive. To create a cozy and comfortable outfit, pair your henley with a tank top and a warm cable-knit cardigan. Such layers will keep you snug and ward off the chill. You can also wear it over a dress and keep the placket unbuttoned to show the underlying layer. Throw a blazer on top and off you go!

How can I incorporate a striped henley into a stylish outfit?
There’s an easy way to create a stylish outfit with a striped henley. Go for horizontal stripes in navy and white, and draw inspiration from the evergreen nautical style. Think boyfriend jeans, a striped shirt, classy suede espadrilles and a comfy hobo bag to pack all your bits and pieces. Choose from henleys with long, short or three-quarter sleeves – they all make a perfect fashion choice in spring and summer.

I have the apple body shape. Can I wear a henley shirt?
The „apple” silhouette is characterized by slender arms and legs and a fuller middle part. Fortunately, henley shirts are available in hundreds of styles, so if you choose a loose fit that flares out a bit, you can camouflage this area easily. Opt for light cotton or linen shirts in darker colors and avoid oversized patterns or horizontal stripes which add unnecessary weight and volume.