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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Jeans The most versatile trousers ever – jeans of course! Give your wardrobe a fashionable twist with one (or two or more) flattering designs below. Which one will you go for? A streamlined pair of skinnies that accentuate the silhouette, a timeless bootcut classic or jawdropping flares that echo the 70s flower-power hippie culture? Stunning washes, rip-and-repair finishes and hand-picked denim – there are countless designs waiting to be discovered. Jump in, slide up and love them forever!

How to make boyfriend jeans look more feminine?

Boyfriend jeans are a true chameleon among denim pants. They look great with frilly chiffon blouses and bold black leather jackets. If you want to make them look more feminine, you’ll definitely need to pair them with girly tops. Think ruffled blouses, flowery patterns or polka dots. Try a soft silk blouse with a lace-trimmed top underneath and a pair of skyscraper heels. Polish your look with a slinky belt. Some crimson lipstick on the lips will work, too!

Like many, I can’t imagine my closet without jeans, but would like to wear them in a more polished way. Any styling tips?

If you found yourself in a style rut and the most typical combo of a sweatshirt and a pair of boyfriends is no longer enough, try wearing your jeans in a more sophisticated way. There are plenty of ruffled, frilled and embellished blouses which elevate the outfit to a high level of style sophistication. Pair your favorite jeans with one of them and think big – statement sleeves are worth giving a try and so are bold asymmetrical designs. Towering pumps or strappy sandals and an embossed leather crossbody will add a touch of glamour to your outfit, too.

Jeans to office work – a style no-no or  an outfit which is worth considering?

Jeans are versatile and can be worn on a number of occasions. It’s the wash and finish which determine their use. All you want at work is to look credible and professional, so, sorry to say that, you need to rule out those cool ripped pants from bleached denim. Instead, opt for a navy blue slim fit or a tapered one and team it with a sleek tailored blazer and a dress shirt. To polish the look, use accessories which speak refined style – a slinky leather belt, pumps and a simple necklace to add an eye-catching feature to the decolletage.

Denim culottes for a petite woman – yes or no?

Culottes can be a tricky trend as they definitely don't help the proportional problems petite ladies have. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rule them out! Just make sure where the hemline hits, which in case of short women is just below the knee. Do everything to elongate the silhouette – this includes high heels, vertical stripes, and short tops or a tucked sleek shirt to balance the volume of culotte pants. Don’t forget to accentuate the waist with a stylish slinky belt.

I’m rather short. What rise should I choose to look taller?

The fail-safe jeans for petite women are high-rise waists. This fit really works miracles for their body proportions as it elongates legs and makes the silhouette appear taller. Wear them with heels to add a few more inches! Steer away from low-rise jeans, no matter how trendy they might be. This fit makes hips look much wider and legs shorter – definitely not your style ally!

I wish my bum looked flattering in jeans, but it often doesn’t. What should I take into account?

When choosing jeans, it’s not only the fit and length that matter. The key issue which determines why some jeans look attractive from behind is the position and proportion of back pockets. Some denim brands use special algorithms to place them in strategical positions to make the bottom look more flattering. Avoid pockets which sit below the bottom curve of your butt.

Are hemlines and the inseam important when choosing jeans?

Hemlines are essential and paying attention to them is important if you want your jeans to look flattering. It’s not only the fit that matters, the length of the trouser leg plays a role, too, as it can make the silhouette appear shorter or taller. In general, skinny jeans should be cropped to the top of the ankle, while straight cuts should fall to the mid-point of the ankle. Bootcuts and flares are the longest – when choosing the ideal pair, make sure they almost graze the floor. Half-inch off the ground is the length to go for.

What are boyfriend jeans really?

Boyfriend jeans are usually fitted at the hips but more slouchy through the leg. This doesn’t mean they’re shapeless and baggy. There are numerous varieties with tapered or cropped legs to choose from. All of them are loose enough to be worn with comfort.

What’s the perfect jean fit for the hourglass silhouette?

The much-desired hourglass silhouette looks best in jeans which accentuate the smallest part of the figure, which is the waist. For the ultra-flattering look choose a high-waisted fit which is sure to sit snugly on your hips and highlight the shapely body. Opt for darker washes to slim out the shape of your body and avoid jeans with fade or bleach effects on hips and the bottom.

How to wash jeans to prevent them from fading?

Want to keep your favorite denim pants last long? Don’t wash them too often. It may sound unhygienic, but it’s not necessary to wash jeans every time you wear them. Remember to wash them in cold water and preferably with other denim pants. You should also flip each pair inside out and use a delicate cycle to minimize fading.