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Women's Knits & Tees Need a comfy knit to go with your off-duty look? Just dive in the collection below and discover the extensive range of knits and tees that are perfect for both work and play. Soft moher cardigans and chic timeless pieces like navy V-necks – you can never have enough of those evergreen staples. Find the best one for your wardrobe! Opt for tees with bold patterns and slogans if you want to make a fashion statement and browse through the upbeat designs to give your wardrobe some more oomph.

I’m rather petite on top. What tee would be flattering for my silhouette?
Not all t-shirts are made equal. A plain t-shirt with a V-neck is definitely not for you. Instead, go for higher necklines, crew, boat or cowl necks which make the upper part of the body look a bit fuller. Patterns and embellishments are also your allies – think frills, sequin appliques, and horizontal stripes. Another option is to choose a top which is nipped at the waist – it gives an hourglass shape and makes you appear larger on top.

What’s a scoop neck t-shirt?
A scoop neckline resembles the typical crew neck but is wider and deeper. It displays the collarbone beautifully and makes short and thick necks appear longer. It’s perfect for laid-back summer outfits, but it has downsides, too. Don’t wear it if your shoulders are rather broad and your face is round and full as it will highlight these features even more.

I often wear necklaces. Do they go well with t-shirts? What t-shirts should I choose?
A t-shirt is a very versatile garment which fits in perfectly on a number of occasions and styles. It’s a great idea to wear a white tee and adorn the decolletage with a statement necklace for more oomph. A V-neck t-shirt will make the necklace stand out in the outfit as it gives depth to show it, so make it your closet staple. You can also opt for a simple crew neck and let the necklaces cascade down its front part.

What t-shirt would be perfect for a sophisticated edgy look?
T-shirts are normally low-key garments, so don’t expect too much sophistication. Still, you can up your look with a tee in dark colors like black or navy. To introduce an edgy vibe into your outfit, opt for tees made of distressed fabrics – tears, rips, and washes add character like no other, so make sure such t-shirts are your closet staple. Don’t forget about styling the t-shirt – you can cuff the sleeves or tuck the tee effortlessly in the pants.

I love turtlenecks, but I’m not sure whether they are actually good for my body shape. I’m rather busty.
Turtlenecks are perfect when the cold season arrives. Unfortunately, you need to remember that any blouse or sweater with a high neckline makes the chest appear fuller and curvier. Thus, if you don’t want to highlight this part of your body, change turtlenecks for V-neck or scoop neck knits or tees, as they elongate the silhouette, open up the face and make the upper part appear much slimmer.

I’ve recently had a baby and my tum doesn’t look flat at all. Any tips about tops I should wear to balance this disproportioned middle section?
The key is to cover what you don’t want to be highlighted but without adding unnecessary bulk and volume. To do that, opt for blouses, tees, and knits with the right neckline which will draw attention to your decolletage and away from the abdomen area. Think V-necks, deeper scoops, necklines with drapings and subtle ruchings – all of them elongate the silhouette and grab attention. You should also take advantage of any kind of tops which flare out at the waist as they create a shapely silhouette.

I need a long sleeve t-shirt for workouts. What should I take into account?
The key points are comfort and moisture control. Choose a long sleeve t-shirt which is comfortable to wear when running, stretching or doing demanding cardio exercises. Although cotton is breathable and light, there are plenty of technologically advanced fabric blends with moisture wicking and temperature control properties to take into account. Think special stretch fibers, mesh inserts for more breathability and fast dry technologies for the maximum of sports performance.

Do dolman sleeves highlight broad shoulders?
A dolman sleeve is pretty wide on the top and tapers at the wrist. Surprisingly, it works well for both inverted triangle body shape (broad shoulders, narrow hips) and the pear-shaped silhouette. Its voluminous shape is its main asset, but if you’re a busty or broad-shouldered lady you might want to keep the volume more subtle. Choose light, drapey fabrics which fall nicely on the arms for more elegant outfits.

How can I pull off a plain t-shirt for work?
A plain white t-shirt makes a versatile fashion choice for numerous occasions – work included. At work you want to look professional, so keep your outfit sleek and polished. A white t-shirt will easily fit in, just pair it with chic cigarette pants and a structured blazer, preferably in solid colors or checked, and add elegant finishing touches like a leather belt and a minimalist watch. Keep your outfit muted but with an on-trend twist.

How to wear a mesh t-shirt? Any styling tips?
What’s great about mesh is that it not only looks great but also performs. Ideal on hot days, it lets the air pass and keeps your body cool and dry. Still, it’s rather demanding in styling as the transparent effect is not easy to handle. If you’re OK with flashing the body, wear it with a contrasting cropped top or a bandeau underneath or over a bathing bra in summer for more holiday fashion fun!