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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Leggings Explore TrendHype collection of comfortable leggings. There are a couple of good reasons for which they’ve earned their place in the closet. Comfort, versatility and the ease with which you can style them can’t be understated. Which ones will go for – boldly-patterned, faux leather, mesh or maybe panelled? Some are made for lazy weekends, others can give your look a playful twist or help you channel the athleisure trend in the right direction. And if your inner sports spirit is calling, opt for lightweight designs made from technologically advanced fabrics.

Can I wear leggings as pants?
Don’t be tempted to wear leggings as pants, unless they’re from a non-transparent material. Very often they’re made of thin stretchy fabrics which often reveal undergarments. The best idea is to wear them with a top which is long enough to cover your derriere and women parts, actually. There is a number of clothes you can wear your leggings with like oversized t-shirts, long cardigans, your boyfriend’s blazer or a chunky sweater. You’ll feel more comfortable and sure that your bottom doesn’t attract too much attention.

How to wear leggings for a night out?
It’s not impossible. Just choose leggings from faux leather or eye-catching textured fabrics which will add plenty of character to the overall look. Try cropped black leather leggings and team them up with a flowy spaghetti top and a tailored blazer. Stick to all-black for a sleek look and accessorize with some light-catching bling-bling. A pair of skyscraper heels in metallic leather will up the glamour factor and finish the ensemble on an alluring note.

I’m rather short. What length leggings should I wear? Does it matter at all?
Yes, the length does matter and it can make the silhouette appear thinner or taller for example. Short women look best in ankle length leggings which make legs appear elongated and slimmer. Wearing high-heels will make the effect even more conspicuous, so make good use of towering pumps or sandals to get you a couple of centimeters more.

How to wear printed or patterned leggings in a trendy modern way? Any suggestions?
The best idea for patterned leggings is to pair them with a solid color top like a loose fit tee or an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. Such combos chime beautifully with effortless urban style, especially when complemented with trendy sneakers, baseball caps and bomber jackets for example. The advantage of printed leggings is definitely their bright, eye-catching aspect. They add color, hypnotizing patterns and quite often texture to any ensemble. Make sure you have a pair or two for cool city looks.

I’ve bought leggings with mesh inserts. Can I wash them in the washing machine?
Leggings with mesh panels have been all the rage recently and they make a really nice choice for sports outfits. Their main assets are definitely breathability and trendy design, but they’re also more susceptible to damage while washing. Mesh is a delicate fabric which rips, tears and snags easily, so take precautions before you put your leggings into the washing machine. The best idea is to place them in a mesh bag to minimize the contact with other clothes which might damage the thin fibers.

Is it OK to tumble dry sports leggings?
If you want to preserve the shape and functionality of sports leggings, keep the garment away from the tumble dryer. This is because the heat from the machine can permanently warp the fibers and weaken the fabric in general. This might later lead to rips, tears, and holes. To be on the safe side, hang-dry the garment or, even better, let it dry lying flat.

How to pull off metallic leggings?
Metallic leggings make a great choice for party outfits and casual ones with a touch of sparkle. No doubt, they’re bold and eye-catching, so be sure to draw eyes! For trendy looks, team them up with a cropped loose top adorned with a punchy logo or go futuristic with a glitzy tunic. To play down the metallics in everyday ensembles, opt for monochromatic tops in a subdued color palette of black, gray or navy blue. Complement with towering heels for party outfits and colorful sneakers when you head for the city.