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Mastectomy Bras

How are mastectomy bras different from regular ones?
A mastectomy bra is specially designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy. These bras have special discreet built-in pockets for breast prostheses and are available with one or two slots. Expertly crafted from soft materials to minimize discomfort on the scar, mastectomy bras are available in a choice of colors and finishes for demanding women who don’t want to sacrifice style for function.

What should I take into account when shopping for a mastectomy bra?
The first issue with bras after mastectomy is tightness. On one hand, you need a bra which sits snugly on the chest and supports the prostheses, on the other the post-surgery scars can be painful, in which case a tight bra is not the best bet. To avoid the unpleasant pressure on the scar go a band size up and stay away from underwired bras, which can be quite uncomfortable, especially soon after the surgery.

Is a sports bra a good idea to wear after mastectomy?
Actually, you’ll probably be advised by your doctor to opt for a sports bra right after the surgery. Your best bet is a compression sports bra which is soft and gentle for the sore spot on your body. Not only are they comfortable and provide support for the healing body, but they also have built-in pockets for symmetry shapers, enhancers or prostheses. Look for ultralight pieces made from quick-drying fabrics that are easy to care – you’ll love them when you get back to your sports routines, too!

I had bilateral mastectomy a few years ago and wear prostheses.What bra can you suggest that will look smooth under blouses and t-shirts?
Why don’t you choose a contour bra? They are usually constructed with a thin pad in the cup and cotton pockets for prostheses. This type provides good shaping and structure as well as a seamless look under T-shirts, blouses and all fine garments. What’s more, they don’t have to be dull! Check out styles with lace on the back to amp your femininity.

I’m under breast cancer treatment right now and I’ve already had a mastectomy. What bra can you suggest that would be comfortable to wear?
Your best bet will be a bra with front fastening. These pieces are specially designed to be worn by ladies who are undergoing radiotherapy or other cancer treatments. Perfect after mastectomy, too, bras with front fastenings provide an easy access to treatment areas without the necessity to undress fully. They usually feature hook-and-loop fasteners or Velcro straps for ultra quick and convenient undoing.

What are X-Static bras?
Not only support but also healing properties – this is exactly what bras with X-Static fibers do. Designed especially for post-surgery patients, these innovative bras contain innovative silver fiber threads that show anti-bacterial, anti-odor and thermo-regulating properties, which is vital during the healing process. This powerful technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps apparel smelling fresher for longer.

I’m after unilateral mastectomy, the other breast is rather big. What bra would be best for me?
Big breasts need good support. Go for a full coverage mastectomy bra with a side pocket for a prosthesis. Full coverage bras give the best support, but this doesn’t really mean you need to skimp on sexy, especially if you choose soft lace. Look for wide straps that will hold the weight and underwire, unless you have painful scars. Should that be the case, opt for softer but well-structured styles.

Are lace bras OK for mastectomy patients?
Bras are in general designed for comfort and great looks, and there’s no doubt that lace excels in this respect. Unfortunately, it takes some time after mastectomy before the wound heals and stops to be too sensitive. That said, look for bras made from the softest fabric possible like microfibre to prevent irritation or unpleasant rubbing against the skin. Plenty of microfibre blend materials are breathable and dry-feeling on the skin which makes them even more pleasant to wear. It’s also a good idea to check the inside of the bra for seams and stitches which can scratch and irritate the skin.

Why do I need a mastectomy bra? Can’t I just slip my prosthetic into a regular bra?
Although it might seem like an easy and effortless idea, it isn’t, in fact. It’s only a mastectomy bra that will give you comfort, the support you need and a flawless look. First of all, mastectomy bras are designed to care for the sensitive scars and wounds you might have after mastectomy. Ultra soft fabrics, a non-wire style, excellent lift, and shape – mastectomy bras give you all that and more thanks to special side pockets for the prosthesis. You can be sure that it’s going to stay in place while you move or do any daily activities. Moreover, it lets eliminate sagging in the front when bendig over.

Are straps important when choosing the perfect mastectomy bra?
Yes, straps are important. Your best and most comfortable bet is a bra with wide straps. Broader straps allow for better distribution of weight which helps to reduce the risk of lymphedema, that is fluid retention and swelling, which might occur in patients who have their lymph nodes removed. Wide straps are also more comfortable to wear and they don’t dig into the skin.