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Women's Minimizer Bras If you feel there’s a bit too much in the chest department, the perfect idea for you might be a minimizer bra. Go through the styles and discover their potential.  Special designs and fabrics redistribute the curves and make your bust look less opulent. For full figure shaping, there’s no better option to go than a  minimizer bra.

What’s a minimizer?
A minimizer is a type of bra which reduces the projection and the circumference of the chest. Don’t be mislead – it doesn’t make the breasts smaller! It just redistributes the breast tissue by moving it more to the front center, up and to the sides of the chest. In this way, your bosom gets flattened and reshaped to fit into clothes better and more comfortably. To put it in a visual way, a minimizer bra takes the very top of your breast and simply moves it up.

Why do I need a minimizer?
There is a number of reasons for which you might want to wear a minimizer. If you have a large chest, your button-down shirts and blouses probably gap. Instead of going for a bigger size to solve the problem, wear a minimizer that will flatten this part of your body. You might also need it if you feel that your bosom is too big and disproportionate – a minimizer will deal with it. It’s definitely a better option than going for a breast surgery! Women with large and wide-set breasts also benefit from it as this kind of bra gives breasts a better shape and an amazing cleavage. Do you need more arguments to get convinced?

Are minimizer bras only for women with really big breasts?
No, minimizer bras have a much wider use than that. They are recommended for women who have an average to large chest. You don’t wear them only when you want your bust to appear smaller. Minimizer bras work well whenever you desire a sleek streamlined look – think finely knit turtlenecks or delicate fabric blouses. You can choose from seamless styles which are the best choice under T-shirts, or seamed pieces which create a curvier and more feminine shape.

How do I choose the size? Should I buy a minimizer which is smaller than my regular bra?
No, don’t do that. A common misconception is that you should go down a size when buying a minimizer bra. In fact, such bra would only squeeze your breasts and cause too much compression. The result? Definitely an unflattering appearance and plenty of discomfort. As a rule, you are supposed to wear exactly the same size for a minimizer as you do for your other bras. A minimizer doesn’t make your breasts smaller in any magical ways, it just redistributes the tissue more evenly and creates a smaller circumference. With the bra on you should feel supported and comfy.

How much smaller will my breast appear to be if I wear a minimizer bra?
Normally, the reduction of the projection depends on what size cup you wear. The bigger your cup, the bigger the difference you can observe. A minimizer will reduce the circumference of your chest as follows – if you wear a C size cup you can expect a reduction of ¾ inch, a D cup by 1 inch, whereas a DD or larger cups can expect their chests to appear smaller by 1 1/2 inches or even more. Although voluptuous silhouettes have their perks, finding clothes which fit perfectly is a huge problem. With a minimizer on gaping shirts are no longer a problem.

My breasts are really big and bra straps often dig in my shoulders and cause pain. Any tips?
For really large chests minimizer bras with pads are recommended. Padded straps turn out to be very useful and comfortable for ladies with big and heavy breasts, so give them a shot next time you buy a bra. They help to reduce the pain and provide much more comfort in everyday use. Also, make sure you choose bras with wide straps as they provide much better support.

I need a minimizer bra which can be worn under sleeveless dresses. Are such styles available and do they actually work without the support of straps?
Minimizer bras are available in a number of styles, not only with straps. For sleeveless dresses, you can go for a strapless minimizer bra which does its job beautifully. Go for a seamless style made of smooth but elastic fabrics which will separate your boobs and compress the chest. The effect? A slimmer, streamlined silhouette with no bulk attached to the chest. For more support opt for an underwired style with a strong back clasp which will give you more confidence and keep your ladies under control.

I want a smoothed out silhouette and that is some kind of a challenge for a lady with a big chest. I’m full-figured and 'back rolls' are often an irritating issue, too. Help!
Your best bet is a supportive, comfortable to wear and smooth minimizer bra. Look for bras with molded and smooth cups which shape the bustline like no other, and can be worn under any type of clothing, even the finest of knits, T-shirts, or delicate blouses. There’s one more vital thing – a wide back band. It’s necessary if you want to eliminate the much dreaded 'back rolls'. A broad piece of an elastic band is sure to smooth out the problematic area and will be almost invisible.

Do minimizer bras have any disadvantages I should know about before buying?
There are a couple of things you might want to take into account before you settle on a minimizer bra. If you want to avoid cleavage or enhance the projection of your bosom, a minimizer is definitely not the bra to go for. Another thing is perspiration – minimizer bras move the breast tissue towards the underarm, so if you perspire heavily, it might be a bit problematic. A minimizer bra is also not the best option for women with a short torso as they might find their breasts too high up on the chest.

Polyester or cotton – which fabric should I go for?
It all depends on the activities you do and occasions. Preferably, you should have a few bras to suit every situation. Polyester bras are perfect for active women as they provide good support, don’t restrict the freedom of movement and, most importantly, have moisture-wicking properties. Cotton also comes with a few advantages. First of all, it has a very soft feel against the skin and absorbs moisture well, but is prone to shrink and lack elasticity. A good idea will be to look for minimizer bras from cotton and polyester blends for maximum comfort and performance.