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Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Can the mother of the bride dress be of any color?
Keep the color palette of the wedding in mind. It would be great if the dress blended in smoothly with the overall theme and complemented the bride’s wedding gown in terms of colorways. They don’t have to match exactly, but they should coordinate.

I’m the mother of the bride and in my 50s. I don’t want to look conservative or matrony. What dress would flatter a woman at my age?
There are plenty of options for women in their 50s, which look chic and modern. To add some oomph to your look choose a dress with a fitted bodice and an A-shaped skirt – it’s universal and flattering for all body shapes. A glamorous design with embroidery or embellishments will look really stunning! If you’re tall and slim you can opt for more daring asymmetrical off-the-shoulder designs, too.

Is it OK for the mother of the bride to wear a sleeveless dress?
A wedding is definitely not a time to show lots of skin, but there’s nothing wrong in showing your body assets like toned arms. Just don’t go to extremes and keep it understated. An ideal choice would be an elegantly tailored sheath dress. It highlights the silhouette and makes a stylish choice for shapely, body-conscious women.

I’m rather busty and I don’t want to highlight this feature too much. What dress would do the trick?
There are a couple of tricks that will minimize a big bust. Make sure you wear a good-fitting bra and consider wearing shapewear, which can do the magic trick of flattening the body and making it slimmer. Stay away from dresses with draped or ruffled tops – they only add volume. Instead, go for V-necks and scoop necklines which make the bust look smaller and elongate the upper part of the body. Plain matte fabrics are your allies, too!

My daughter’s wedding is going to be a rustic one and the reception will be organized in a garden. Any advice about the dress I should wear?
Long voluminous dresses might not be a good idea for garden or vineyard weddings. The same applies to long gowns that may skim the dirt or wet grass when strolling along the paths for example. Choose a dress which is minimalist in form but maximalist in texture. You can opt for knee-long designs from jacquard, embroidered ones, or designs with a beautiful draping.

What fabric won’t crease? I shall be moving a lot during my daughter’s wedding and would like to look polished anyway. Any advice?
Looking polished at a wedding reception is a must, and although it’s your daughter who’s going to be in the limelight, the mother of the bride needs to look elegant, too. Opt for fabrics such as chiffon, organza or georgette. These fabrics are rather soft and delicate and have a fluid texture. Dresses made from them are usually draped, very feminine, and don’t crease quickly.

My daughter’s wedding is in the late fall, and it’s prrobably going to be chilly. Any tips?
A dress with sleeves can be very flattering – take it as an option! You can opt for a long-sleeved one or go for three-quarter sleeves. Both provide coverage but don’t compromise on style. You can also go sleeveless and complement your look with a chic cover-up in a matching or complementary color for more effect.

What dress should I choose for a ballroom resort wedding? I’m average height with a rather shapely silhouette.
The venue’s vibe dictates the style. This and the overall theme of the wedding reception should be taken into account, too. A ballroom calls for glamorous gowns with extra volume and embellishments – why not try? Go for a maxi sheath dress with capped sleeves adorned with sequin appliques or make a statement with a sheer blouson bodice that layers over a sleek dress.

Are there any recommendations concerning colors? Are any colors off limits?
There are no limits in colorways. Some shades are more popular like navy, maroon, and grey, but other can channel elegance just as well. Think jewel tones – ruby, emerald green or royal blue – for winter weddings, or go for subtle pastels in the summer. Be careful with white and ivory as these colors are reserved for the bride by custom.

My everyday style is rather simple and I wouldn’t feel confident in a dress which has a fancy silhouette and embellishments. Any tips?
A mother of the bride dress doesn’t have to be princessy. If you feel more confident in simple silhouettes, go for a chic, beautifully tailored sheath dress. It can be sleeveless, cap-sleeved or with a three-quarter sleeve depending on the season. A jacquard or brocade fabric will up your look with glamour, but if you want to keep it understated, choose an excellent quality fabric and accessorize with style.