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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Night Out Pants Pants can be a great option for a night out. Just check out the designs TrendHype has prepared for you and get ready for unforgettable time. Go for sleek cigarette pants and complete the look with an eye-catching sequin top or consider a fluid silk palazzo style for hot summer pool parties. There are hundreds of choices below which lure with luxe embellishments and figure-flattering lines. Browse, make up your mind and party till it dawns!

I often go out with my girls and need ideas for cool outfits with a luxe touch. Any styling tips?

A great outfit idea for a night out is leather pants. The perfect ones are, of course, black and slim as they sit snugly on the hips and along the leg while accentuating the feminine curves. Pair them with a chic flowy top and add a necklace to make the decolletage look even more flattering. A night-out outfit needs proper shoes and this doesn’t mean a comfy pair of sneakers. Opt for high-heeled ankle boots (peep-toe styles add oomph like no other) or towering stilettos to bring the look to a higher level, not only literally.

How to make sequin pants look cool?

Sequin pants have a lousy reputation but in fact, the shiny cut can look extremely chic when styled in a modern way. They make a great outfit option for all kind of parties and night-outs, so it’s good to know how to wear them. The secret is to balance and keep the rest of the outfit simple or even understated. Try pairing them with a tailored white shirt with a contrasting black ribbon around the neck or go city cool with a plain black t-shirt and a leather jacket. For a date or a night out with the girls, you can also wear it with a spaghetti top and a sleek tailored blazer. Also, make sure you’re wearing the right shoe style – stilettos and high-heeled sandals will add a few inches and a luxe vibe to the look.

I bought silver metallic pants. How to wear them stylishly?

You don’t need to be fashion brave to pull off metallic pants with style. Don’t shy away from them as this style makes any outfit look glamorous. To wear them with sophistication, some balance will be needed, though, and that includes wearing muted tops. There are lots of outfits which benefit from a blingy pair of pants – think a cool rocker look with a t-shirt and a leather biker jacket or a refined night-out ensemble with silver metallic pants and a tuxedo blazer on top. Perfect!

I need advice on how to wear metallic jeans. The pants are rather shiny and I’d prefer a sophisticeted look.

The answer is to go the minimalist neutral route and pair your metallic jeans with simple tops in muted yet elegant colors like white, gray or beige. Shiny fabrics need a classy understated company if you want them to look sophisticated. By choosing neutrals the shiny effect of metallic jeans will get subdued. Why not try pairing them with a gray marl top, a tailored white blazer and delicate strappy sandals for a fresh look?

I’m looking for pants which are both classy, elegant and yet have a party vibe to them. Any sugesstions?

If elegance and a sophisticated look with a party twist is your aim, opt for classic cigarette pants made of shiny jacquard fabric. It’s a classy option with a luxe touch to it which can be worn to parties, dates or night-outs. It’s easy to dress them up or down depending on what you pair them with. A white dress shirt and patent high-heel pumps will create a classy outfit while a satin spaghetti top and an oversized tuxedo blazer will turn the look into a perfect ensemble for a date.

What shoes should I wear with palazzo pants?

Finding the right shoe gives palazzo pants the finishing touch they need. For elegant outfits choose high heels which will accentuate the length and shapeliness of your legs. Towering heels always give a couple of inches, so if you’re petite or would like to elongate the silhouette for some reason, use this magical trick. Wearing palazzos to a pool party?  Pair them with metallic strappy sandals or chic mules with gold hardware which will spice up the ensemble with a luxe touch. A pair of colorful sneakers though will bring some laidback chic to your look.

I bought a pair of black lace flares and now I’m afraid to wear them in public. Any advice?

Lace pants are definitely not an easy closet staple to wear. No doubt, they’re provocative and utterly sexy, so to avoid an overly seductive look, pair them with understated garments. Lace pants can be a great idea for parties and a girls’ night out, so consider building an all-black ensemble with a matte flowy top and a chic blazer. If you're body-confident enough, you can opt for a cropped top or an off-the-shoulder sexy one, of course. A clever styling trick, which tames the provocative vibe of lace pants, is wearing a monochromatic sleeveless tunic or a tailored dress shirt.

Vinyl pants – yes or no and for whom?

Vinyl pants are bold and provocative, so be prepared to draw eyes. Like all shiny materials vinyl is unforgiving for curvy silhouettes. Consider it if you happen to be full in the bum and thigh department, or else you might get disheartened by what you’ll see in the mirror. If your legs and a shapely bottom are your strong suits, don’t shy away from vinyl pants – they’ll accentuate your assets and elevate the outfit to a higher level. For stylish looks choose muted and simple tops as it’s easy to go off the limit wearing vinyl pants.

How to wear velvet pants for parties?

Velvet pants are not only extremely comfortable, but they’re also versatile, and you’ll be surprised at how many occasions they can be worn. For a great party look pair them with towering strappy high heels, a sleek spaghetti top and necklaces cascading down the neckline for a truly glamorous look. A relaxed blazer will complement the ensemble with an elegant vibe, too, and so will cuff bracelets stacked on the wrist.

What pants would be approporiate for an evening party? My priority is to feel comfortable.

Evening wear doesn’t have to be formal and crisp. If your aim is to feel comfortable, opt for a relaxed fit like palazzo pants or even a slouchy cut. The thing is to make sure they’re made of exquisite quality fabric, though. Pair them with an embellished blouse or top (some light-catching appliqués or a bead embroidery will make it look really luxurious) and skyscraper heels to elongate the silhouette.