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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Night Out Skirts Stash away you LBDs and check out the outstanding collection of night-out skirts. From sexy minis embellished with sequins and eye-catching appliques to figure-flattering pencil skirts and floor-skimming maxis made from fluid gauze-like fabrics – there’s plenty to choose from and take the dancefloor by storm! Have a look round and create an inspiring look you’ll feel comortable and beautiful in.

What skirt would really make a statement at a girls’ night out?

Are you for a little razzle-dazzle? If yes, then go bold and metallic. A skirt from a shiny metallic fabric is a great option for parties and nights out, and it can be styled with ease. It draws eyes like no other, so expect to make a statement right from the doorstep. Style it with a solid color top in a complementing color palette and add some more bling-bling with eye-catching earrings or a cuff bracelet. Note, that you can also wear the skirt in casual looks. By pairing it with a sweatshirt, you’ll play down its bold aspect.

Pleated skirts look great, especially the metallic ones. How to style them for a night-out?

You don’t need much to look gorgeous when wearing a pleated metallic skirt. It’s a head-turner in its own right! For a party, team it up with a fluid spaghetti top in a solid color and towering heels. A sleek tailored blazer will make the look more polished and sophisticated – a perfect idea for a date. To go ultra-glam, pair it with a glitter top and loads of jewelry like cuff bracelets stacked on your wrist or blingy necklaces cascading down the neckline. A pleated metallic skirt is a closet staple for a party girl, make sure you have one.

I have wide hips. Is a shiny faux leather pencil skirt a good idea in my case?

There are girls like Nicky Minaj or Kim Kardashian who have shown that pencil skirts can look great on wide hips. The question is if you have just enough self-confidence to accentuate a part of the body that doesn’t need to be highlighted in your case. Pencil skirts hug the silhouette beautifully and make it super sensual by accentuating the curves. To be on the safe side, you might consider wearing a seamless body shaper. Also, bear in mind that shiny materials make the figure appear fuller and heavier.

How to wear a leather miniskirt in a modern way?

To achieve a stylish modern look play with clothing proportions. A leather miniskirt will make a perfect pair for a sleek oversized blazer which falls below the hemline of the skirt. This will create a contemporary look for a confident woman and accentuate the beauty of your legs. Complement the party outfit with towering heels in metallic leather and a fluid top – both will bring the outfit higher on the femininity scale. Accessorize with statement hoop earrings and a tiny crossbody bag to keep all your essentials handy.

I’m a great fan of maxi skirts. What fit would make me look glamorous? I need something spectacular.

A maxi skirt is a closet staple and a great choice for parties, too. If you want to look spectacular, opt for a long fitted skirt. Why? It does a great job when it comes to accentuating female curves, especially the waist, hips, and bottom. If they’re your assets, why not highlight them? A fitted maxi also makes you look taller and slimmer! For a night out choose a monochromatic skirt and team it up with a metallic crop top for more party vibes. Complemented with skyscraper heels and some blingy jewelry details, the outfit is sure to draw style-hungry eyes.

What skirt should I wear for an elegant cocktail party?

It’s always good to clarify the appropriate level of dress with the host or hostess, but when in doubt, play safe. The most important thing is the length and that is somewhere between mid-thigh and mid-calf. You can't go wrong with that! The most versatile is the pencil skirt which can be easily incorporated and styled according to the nature of the party or theme. Team it up with a metallic top and a sleek tailored blazer or a structured blouse which speaks volume, and accessorize with a handheld clutch as well as towering heels.

I’m about to attend a Christmas party at work. What skirt would make a stylish choice?

For work evening events you might want to wear something glamorous but also something which reflects your role in the company. Consider a pencil skirt or an A-line one as these cuts are the most flattering for most body shapes. A Christmas party has a festive vibe, so opt for lush fabrics like jacquard or velvet. Pairing the skirt with a flowy top and a cropped blazer will make the ensemble both stylish and appropriate. Accessorize with a handheld clutch and light-catching jewelry for more fashion oomph.

What skirt would be OK for a dinner party? I have no idea what to wear to suit the situation.

A dinner party is not as elegant as a cocktail party or a ceremony, but still, it requires proper dress. Stick to elegant clothes, but try to remain casual, too. When in doubt, opt for versatile skirt cuts like the pencil skirt or the A-line design, which are easily adaptable and suit every body shape. Subdued colors will do great and so will pastels for summer, for example. A button-down, an embellished top or a casual blouse will play the outfit down and introduce a relaxed, everyday vibe. Don’t forget about accessories which add character to every ensemble and let them say something about your individual style. Are you into the Parisian chic? Choose quilted Chanel-inspired ballerinas and a chain crossbody bag. The romantic style is your favorite? Introduce a bit of lace or flowery patterns into the look.

Any tips for the perfect skirt for a pool party? I have a regular body shape.

Women with a proportionate body shape can play around with a number of skirts. A pool party is when you want to feel relaxed but glamorous, too. If you’re into the boho style, opt for a flowy maxi skirt and a cropped top, which will expose sun-kissed skin and accentuate slender arms. For more sensual looks, you might want to don a white miniskirt, a super sexy tank top and towering strappy sandals in metallic leather. Think about comfort, too. Planning to dance, swim or lounge? Make sure your clothes will make it possible and fun.

How to care for a tulle tutu skirt? Can I machine wash it?

Don’t put it into the washing machine or a tumble dryer. Tulle is a delicate fabric which can be easily destroyed and ripped if machine-washed. The best idea is to spot-clean it with soap and cold water. If the entire garment needs cleaning, give it a delicate hand wash with cold water and soap and rinse thoroughly. Don’t wring it, instead finger comb to remove wrinkles and lie flat to dry. To straighten the surface more, hang the tutu skirt in the bathroom while showering or use a clothing steamer.