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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's One-Piece Swimsuits Looking for the perfect beach styles to match your exotic holiday plans? Browse the extensive range of one-piece swimsuits and start packing your suitcase. TrendHype has all the one-pieces you could possibly ask for! Monochromatic and minimalist swimsuits are on your mind? Or maybe your an enthusiast of upbeat colours and exotic palm prints? Whatever style comes to your mind, chances are you’re going to find it below. Take a close look and bring a wow-effect to your beach attire.

Why should I choose a one-piece? What are its advantages that are good to take into account?
There are a couple of reasons for which you should take a one-piece into consideration when choosing the best swimsuit. Not only is it a safe option when riding waves and taking serious plunges, but it can also provide the best coverage and security for women who feel insecure about their body. Post-partum tummies, muffin tops, love handles and stretch marks pale into insignificance once you put on a flattering one-piece. Place it on your shopping list before summer arrives.

I have a small chest. What one-piece would be perfect for me?
Are your girls small? Go for a more daring cut and show some skin. What about a deep V style with a plunging neckline? Small busts don’t need any special support or underwire, so go for body-baring designs which accentuate your natural curves and showcase some sun-kissed skin. Also, if you have a short torso, a V-neck one-piece will elongate this part of your body and make you look taller and slimmer. Give it a shot girl!

Looking for swimsuits gets on my nerves as I never find anything that looks good on me. What one-piece would be flattering for a woman with a big bosom?
Big busts need support, that’s a no-brainer, in fact. What you should look for when shopping for swimsuits are definitely pieces with underwire and structure which will keep your girls well-supported and in the right place no matter what beach activity you will go at. Opt for solid color styles in navy blue, elegant black or jewel tones with eye-catching cut-outs on the sides that create a slimmer and cleaner shape. It’s a win-win option for busty ladies who don’t want to sacrifice style for functionality.

I’m usually between sizes and normally choose the smaller one as I want the suit to sit snugly on my body. Is it a good idea?
Most women who are between sizes tend to choose the smaller one. This is actually not a good direction to go as sizes may vary depending on the brand, particular style or the fabric for example. Instead of sizes, you should rather focus on the best fit and not the tag. Otherwise, your girls might pop out while playing intensive beach sports. You wouldn't want that, would you? Another thing is that suits which sit too tightly on the body tend to lose elasticity as delicate nylon fibers stretch out far too often.

My body shape is like a ruler, straight lines from the top to the bottom. What one-piece would make my silhouette more flattering?
Ladies with a ruler body shape usually have a boyish frame with no roundness and feminine lines. There’s no big difference, if any, between their shoulders, waist, and hips. The ideal one-piece should create an optical illusion of curves, so look for suits with flattering cut-outs on the sides in the waist which will shape the silhouette and add feminine lines to it. Another option is color-blocking – why not use the magical power of colors to achieve the much-desired hourglass shape? Just opt for one-pieces with contrasting color inserts on the sides.

I’m apple-shaped and in need of a flattering one-piece that would look good on me. Any advice?
Women with an apple shape have waists which are wider than their hips and bust. A silhouette like this needs a one-piece which camouflages the problematic area and draws eyes to a more appealing part of the body, for example, the bust. Why don’t you opt for a suit with a ruching along the center and a plunging V-neck with clean lines that will draw attention up to the decolletage, neck, and shoulders? Another option is embellishment along the neckline like sequin trims, Swarovski crystals and colorful beading that will add spice to your beach look.

My body shape resembles a triangle. I have wide shoulders and rather narrow hips. What swimsuit would balance such proportions?
Ladies with a carrot body shape tend to have wide shoulders that taper down to a really slim waist and hips. The best swimsuit for such figure should make the body look more proportionate. This can be done by either creating an illusion of narrower shoulders or wider hips. For the first choose one-pieces with wide straps or a peek-a-boo apron style that will draw the eye away from angular shoulders. To make the hips appear wider and more voluptuous try a  one-piece with horizontal stripes or a style with a spectacular flounce around the waist.

How to pick a bathing suit that flatters the figure?
The key issue before you hit the shops is to know your body shape well. Are you bottom-heavy or top-heavy? Or perhaps you have the much-desired hourglass shape? Are your girls big or are you a flat-chested girl? Bear in mind, that it’s not necessarily the trends that matter but rather a fit which accentuates your pluses, be it toned-down arms or a tiny waist, and minimizes your minuses. In a nutshell, bottom-heavy ladies should opt for solid colors and clean cuts to slim down the silhouette, whereas women blessed with a great cleavage need a structured one-piece with a gorgeous neckline.

What one-piece would you recommend for a pear-shaped body figure?
Pear shapes are bottom-heavy, with the hips and butt being the most prominent parts of their body. They need swimsuits which slim out the silhouette and create the illusion of a slender, taller frame. That said, go for one-pieces in neutral timeless colors like black, navy blue or charcoal grey and use the magical power of color to your own advantage. You’ll also look great in high-cut bathing suits which elongate the legs and uber feminine halter necks which draw the eye to the decolletage like no other.

Can I dry my swimsuits in a tumble dryer?
Unfortunately, no. You must be patient when drying your swimsuits as stretch materials need to dry naturally and away from any artificial sources of heat or direct sunlight. Always remember to wash them or at least rinse them after use to get rid of any chlorine or salt residue. Drying bathing suits in a tumble dryer can cause fading and the breakdown of elastic fibers which results in the suit losing its elasticity and shape.