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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Polo Shirts Polo shirt is a classic and a wardrobe staple. Make sure you have at least one for weekend and off-duty looks whenever you want to work a sporty vibe. Check out the TrendHype edit below to choose the best colour and style which suits your needs. Pair it with comfy chinos or favourite denims and colourful sneakers and off you go – time to get a move on! Polo shirts are a must when the preppy style is on your mind, too!

How to wear a polo shirt with style and avoid the stereotypical sport look?
A polo t-shirt is a classic with a long history, and it retains plenty of its sports origin. It doesn’t mean it looks good only in athleisure outfits. If you want a more sophisticated look, pair a white polo shirt with wide leg navy pants and finish your look with suede loafers. Another chic idea is to wear it with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants and towering heels. The informal character of the shirt gets upgraded when worn with classic garments in understated colors like white, nude, navy or black. Give it a try!

Polo t-shirts look very masculine. How to wear them in a more feminine way?
A polo t-shirt is a classic example of a sport-inspired garment and in fact, it’s perfect for both men’s and women’s closets. If you desire to wear it in a chic, more feminine way, pair it with a skirt, for example, a denim one. A white polo shirt and a classic navy blue denim skirt make a timeless match which works perfectly for summer days. Polish your look with a woven leather belt and a pair of wedge sandals and you’re ready to go!

Polo shirts are made of a fabric which looks different from regular cotton. What is it and what properties does it have?
The most traditional fabrics for polo shirts are jersey and piqué. Both are knitted fabrics which fit perfectly for physical activities. The one which is most often associated with polo t-shirts is piqué, introduced by Rene Lacoste. This knit has a geometrical pattern which looks like a waffle or honeycomb. It’s durable, flexible and breathable, which accounts for its popularity in sportswear.   

Are polo shirts usually worn tucked or untucked?
A polo shirt is generally shorter and, as a rule, is made to be worn untucked. But potentially, especially if you are a great fan of the preppy style, you can wear it tucked in, too. Try a polished look with a pastel polo t-shirt and navy blue cigarette pants. Completed with a pair of loafers and stylish sunglasses, the look will ooze understated elegance and timeless chic.

Can I wear a polo t-shirt with a flared skirt?
Polo shirts have a unisex style and make a stylish option for both sports outfits and casual ones. If you want to up the feminine factor, wear your favorite polo t-shirt with whatever style skirt you want. A flared knee-long design retains plenty of femininity, so it’s a perfect starting point to build a stylish and very feminine outfit with a sporty touch to it. Opt for pastel colors and chic accessories like cat’s eye sunglasses and a stylish cross-body bag in a contrasting color for more fashion statement.

I bought a spotted polo t-shirt. How to wear it with style?
Dotted patterns are playful and very feminine, and that’s why a spotted polo shirt is much more girly than a plain, solid color one. You can either go for an all-over patterned outfit and pair the t-shirt with a dotted skirt (a flared style or a pencil one would really look great), or choose cigarette pants, and complement your summer look with quilted ballerina flats and a chic crossbody bag. For more laid-back looks opt for distressed boyfriend jeans and a pair of brightly-colored slip-on trainers.

A polo t-shirt looks rather casual. How can I dress it up?
Polo t-shirts are casual and chime in beautifully with off-duty, sport-inspired outfits. If you want to dress up a polo t-shirt, pair it with tailored blazers, sleek cigarette pants or 70s-style flares, monochromatic structured skirts and exquisite quality accessories like belts, sunglasses, and watches.

I’m dark-haired and have a warm skin tone. What color polo shirt would be best?
Women with warm skin tones look best in colors which reflect the colors of nature. Think fall sceneries and the charming warm palette of golden hues. Choosing the best polo shirt for your closet, opt for peach, coral, amber, yellow or red. You’ll also look stunning in cream, mushroom grays, olive green or even orchid. Steer away from cold hues like blue or violet as they can make your skin look pale and unhealthy.

Are polo t-shirts good for layering?
You might think that a polo t-shirt looks good only when worn alone, but actually, it makes a good layering piece. Try it out in spring or fall outfits with a windbreaker or a patterned bomber jacket, or go for the nautical-inspired look with a striped polo shirt, a chic navy blazer and a pair of sleek pants or a classic denim skirt. Polo t-shirts also combine with cardigans, so why not give it a try with a college sweater in a cool preppy look?

I love mixing styles, especially sexy feminine clothes with men’s garments. Any tips for a look with my boyfriend’s boxy polo t-shirt?
Mixing styles and closets is an ingenious idea for stylish looks which ooze individuality and sophistication. The masculine vibe of a boxy men’s polo t-shirt can be balanced and spiced up by a sexy skirt for example. Wear it with a body-highlighting pencil skirt and a pair of towering heels for the maximum sultry effect.