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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Prom & Homecoming Dresses Check out the queen status prom dresses in TrendHype collection below and be prepared to turn heads. From sequin embellished chiffon minis and one-shoulder seductive lace styles to oh-so-flirty candy sweet bow designs – our edit has it all for you. Browse through the best of prom and homecoming dresses, choose the design of your dreams and rule the dancefloor. There are memories to be made girl!

What fabrics should I take into account when choosing a prom dress?
The prom is definitely an occasion you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so make sure you look fabulous. It also requires more precious and luxurious fabrics such as lace, chiffon, satin, silk or velvet. You can also go for tulle which makes the dress look princessy, but also spectacular.

My prom is coming. When is the best time to start looking for the dress?
Start looking for the dress at least 4-6 weeks before the event. Most dresses require some alterations to fil like a glove, so make sure you have enough time to do that. Also, start collecting inspirations a few months before. Go online, visit blogger sites, browse magazines and check red carpet looks to see what you like.

There are so many options, and I don’t know what dress to choose. Any advice?
There are zillions of prom dresses, but not all of them are made for you. There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the ideal dress for the event which will narrow down the number. Consider the following: the shape of your body, your budget and the right color for your complexion and hair. Analyze it, decide and start looking.

I saw a great dress. My prom is in 4 months, should I buy it now?
This might be too early. Don’t jump to conclusions that this is the right dress for you. It’s possible that you’ll see a better one or find the same dress, but at a better price somewhere else. What’s more important though, is that your silhouette might change during such a long period of time. You might lose or gain weight as a result of stress or changing seasons.

I’ve got a triangle figure. What style would be best for me?
Women with a triangle silhouette (small on top and heavier in the bottom part) need to choose dresses which make their figure look more balanced. To achieve this goal, go for styles with a longer, embellished bodice and a full skirt. The volume of the skirt will camouflage your heavy bottom, while the bodice will grab attention.

Is there a style that looks good on any figure?
Yes, it’s a sleeveless sheath dress. This style is universal and looks flattering on every silhouette. If you opt for this one as your prom dress, look for embellished fabrics, glitter prints or tiered skirts to up your look with a touch of glamour.

I’m a curvy girl. Is there any way to minimize bumps and bulges? I’d like to look polished in my homecoming dress.
There are multiple ways to make the silhouette look better. Some of them really work miracles. Look for shapewear made of sturdy stretch materials such as thigh slimmers or waist cinchers. It’ll support the body well, shape it and prevent any bumps or bulges.

Does my prom dress need to be a floor-skimming gown?
No. Fortunately, the days when a floor-skimming dress was a must are gone. Choose a hemline that suits you best and makes you feel confident and special. A knee-length will look elegant, whereas a mini dress will be more playful and fun. To make the look special, don’t forget about details – it’s advisable for the dress to be made from precious fabrics, have bows, frills or sequins. You want the look to be unforgettable, don’t you?

I have a fair skin. What color dress should I choose?
The best color palette for fair-skinned women includes light pink, bright pastels as well as subtle shades of silver and violet. You should also try sapphire and ruby as these jewel colors look graceful and very stylish on women with fair skin tones.

I’m rather lanky and my body shape is boyish. How to make it more flattering with a dress?
Your aim is to make the look feminine. To do that, opt for volume and eye-catching details. Rich draping (think cowl necklines), ruffles and frills make the silhouette look fuller and curvier. Another option is to make your look sparkle – choose embellishments, sequins and metallic threads to add light and a bit of glamour to your outfit.