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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Pullover Sweaters Power up your cold-weather wardrobe with TrendHype collection of pullovers. From comfy V-neck styles in neutral colours and patterned crew neck finds for everyday looks to chunky cable knit sweaters perfect when it’s freezing out there – we have them all! Jump below to discover the extensive edit and find the pullover of your dreams. With a range like that the task is super easy! Scroll, browse, choose and make them your own.

How to pull off an oversized sweater in a sexy and trendy way? I’m a big fan of feminine outfits.

Oversized pullovers are all the rage, but they can also make the silhouette look a bit bulky. Still, there are plenty of styling tips! To create a really appealing outfit, wear it over a lightweight slip dress with a lace trim. Paired with over-the-knee suede boots on a towering heel, the oversized pullover will prevent you from looking gaudy. Instead, it’ll complement your outfit with a comfy warm layer and an original vibe.

I love chunky cable-knit pullovers. Any advice for a feminine outfit that would also incorprate a skirt?

For sleek, feminine looks try pairing a chunky knit pullover with an ultra feminine pleated skirt. You’ll be surprised how good they look together! The soft woolen layer and the lightweight bottom really make a match made in heaven. For more oomph and a shapely silhouette accessorize with a slinky belt in a matching color, which will add sophistication to the outfit and make it look more polished. A perfect off-duty ensemble!

A V-neck pullover and a dress shirt – yes or no?

A V-neck sweater is a perfect cold season layer. Its simple style makes it a timeless and understated piece which can be worn in a number of ways. Pairing it with a sleek dress shirt is a great idea, no matter if you decide to wear it tucked in or untucked. Try a muted color pullover like gray, beige or navy blue and a white button-down for your office outfits and opt for brighter color sweaters, untucked checked shirts and washed jeans for the off-duty time.

How should I care for a cashmere pullover?

The safest way to treat your beloved cashmere sweater is to give it a very gentle handwash in lukewarm water. Be sure to use mild detergents and preferably a small quantity of them. After washing press out the excess water, but don’t be tempted to wring the sweater as you might damage its delicate fibers. Lay it flat, reshape and let dry naturally which may take a long time but is safe for cashmere.

Is a V-neck pullover for any body shape?

A V-neck pullover is a closet staple, especially the simple, understated design in a neutral color palette. This type of sweaters is perfect for women with wide jawlines as well as short necks and a full bust as it elongates these areas and makes them look slimmer. Even the double chin appears smaller than usual! Generally, V-neck pullovers expose the decolletage and make the torso look longer – wear them if a slender (and taller) silhouette is your dream.

Any styling tips how to wear a pullover with an edgy twist?

If you want to add an edgy twist to your casual looks and keep warm, choose an oversized pullover and team it with a leather biker jacket for a refined look. Complement this no-fail outfit with a pair of distressed skinny jeans and studded ankle boots for even more tough girl vibes. Stick to colors like pitch black, charcoal and gray to create a stylish look that draws eyes.

How can I pull off a cropped pullover for work?

A cropped pullover in a neutral color like navy blue, charcoal gray or black can make a stylish layer in work outfits. A cropped version needs to be handled with care – you don’t want to flash naked body. Make sure you team it with elegant high-rise pants or a pencil skirt for a sleek, professional look which speaks competence and everyday elegance. If you choose a V-neck, you can also accessorize with a minimalist necklace to spice your outfit with a bit of bling.

I bought a warm and soft but a bit bulky pullover in the sales. How should I wear it to avoid looking heavy?

The key to success is a skillful play of proportions. An oversized or a chunky pullover makes a stylish pair with skinny, body-wrapping bottoms. Team it with a miniskirt and tuck the front effortlessly to tame its voluminous shape. Another option is a pair of skinny jeans or, even better, coated pants with a leather-like finish if you like outfits with an edgy twist. Towering heels will complement the look and elongate the silhouette – use the trick to look slimmer.

I’m thinking of buying a bold pullover with a logo across the front. Any styling tips?

A logo pullover is definitely the style to go for these days. A bold logo is an eye-catching detail and a much-desired feature on sweaters and sweatshirts. Pair the pullover with a pair of jeans and sneakers for an effortless city outfit which oozes comfort and fashionable urban vibes. When temperatures start to plummet, put on an minimalist oversized coat and a beanie to add a refreshing pop of color.

A turtleneck pullover – yes or no for busty women?

Don’t rule turtlenecks out just because you’re fuller in the upper part of your body. Avoid thin, skin-tight sweaters as they might show your undergarments. Instead, opt for darker shades and minimalist designs to slim down the silhouette. Teamed with a high-waisted skirt or pants which will balance out the bust, the pullover will be super sexy. Just think Marilyn Monroe and her voluptuous curves!