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Women's Shrug Sweaters Throw on a shrug and look great! If you’re looking for something to complete your look and keep you warm, a shrug is the thing to go for. From elaborate lace designs perfect for proms and parties to casual jersey ones which guarantee comfort – the collection of shrugs below will provide you with multiple options to choose from and boost up your wardrobe. Browse and find out how versatile this piece can be!

What’s exactly a shrug?

The garment which goes under the name of a shrug is usually a cropped, cardigan-like piece with short or long sleeves. It usually has an open front or can be tied together below the bustline. Shrugs are typically knitted, but there are other options made of lightweight or stretchy fabrics available, too. They make a perfect cover and can be worn with sleeveless tops or dresses.

How to wear a stretch fringed shrug? I got it as a present and have no idea how to pull it off.

Shrugs with elastic fibers make a comfortable option for the everyday closet. A fringed piece is definitely not a minimalist one, but it can be worn stylishly, especially in boho-inspired outfits. If you’re not a great enthusiast of the latter, team it with a plain tank top and a pair of your favorite ripped jeans for an effortless look, and let the fringe detail draw eyes.

What shrug for music festival outfits?

Festival fashion is all about feeling comfortable and stylish. There are certain styles which dominate and one of them is the bohemian aesthetic. Shrugs, especially those with hypnotizing patterns, lace and fringe detailing are the most desired for festival ensembles. Choose a comfy design and team it with a floaty maxi dress with a flowery all-over pattern or with a tank top and a pair of embroidered denim shorts for the ultimate festival look.

How should I care for a silk shrug?

Silk needs professional cleaning if you want to maintain it in a good condition. Its delicate fibers require proper treatment that should be as mild as the one you would apply to your own hair, in fact. The best idea is to have your silk shrug dry cleaned, but if you prefer to do it at home, wash it using soft detergents, preferably for silk products, and rinse it in cold water to extend the softness of the fabric. Don’t wring the garment; instead, roll it in a towel. When it’s dry, steam it to smoothen out the wrinkles or iron it at low heat and inside out.

What shrug would be best for summer?

A shrug can complement summer outfits in a stylish way. Not only will it give an extra layer to protect you from the breeze, but it can also introduce a bold pop of color and pattern. Think the ultralight gauzy shrugs you can throw on a tank top while strolling along the beach or an asymmetric design to pair up with a sundress. Opt for bright colors, pastel hues and hypnotizing patterns to add a playful spin to your summer outfits.

I need a shrug to go with my wedding gown. Any tips?

Depending on the season and the wedding gown itself, the variety of shrugs you can take into account is immense. If your choice is a gown with an opulently embellished bodice, the best shrug would be a simple and sleek one. Think the ultralight gauzy designs from sheer fabrics that add a very feminine layer to the wedding look. A minimalist dress, on the other hand, will look even better if you put on a shrug made of exquisite quality embroidered fabric or one with intricate beadwork for example.

I need a shrug which would add an rock twist to my outfits. Any suggestions?

If your personal style leans toward rock chic, all you need is a shrug that will make a statement and add a bold detail to your outfit. Consider a bolero-style piece embellished with metal studs or other eye-catching hardware, rocker style fringes and chains for example. Punk-inspired appliqués, safety pins, and dark hues are definitely your allies when creating a defined look with an edgy twist.

I’m rather flat-chested and would like to add a bit of volume in this department. What shrug would do the trick?

There are varied ways and tricks you can use to make you look more shapely in the upper part of the body. Opt for shrugs in light colors as such hues by default make the body look bigger. Not less important is the form – shrugs with a frilled or ruched front part are sure to add volume and so are shrugs with embellishments like appliqués, light-catching sequin patterns or beadwork.

I’m fed up with my routine styling but love the everyday look with a plain t-shirt and jeans. Any tips how to spice it up with a shrug perhaps?

A t-shirt and a pair of jeans is everybody’s favorite, but sometimes it screams for more definition. Try colorful shrugs which add a bold pop of color to every outfit and make a patterned one your closet staple. For more drama, choose shrugs which are elaborately embellished – think tassels, appliqués, metal studs and intricate embroideries. It’s an easy way to break closet routine and spice up a casual look with an eye-catching feature.

How to wear a sheer shrug with a metallic thread embroidery?

An embellished short shrug can be a really good substitute for a necklace and a great option for ‘going out’ outfits. Just pair it with a simple slip dress or a monochromatic spaghetti top and skinny jeans. Complemented with towering heels and a clutch the outfit is a perfect look for a girls’ night out.