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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Sports Bras Are you an active sports fan? Can’t imagine your life without a good stretch and run? If yes, your wardrobe needs a sports bra. Is not a fancy, it’s a must. Extra support for the bust, comfy straps and fabrics which wick moisture away from the body – you’ll appreciate the advantages of a sports bra right after the first training. Jump down to discover the extensive collection TrendHype prepared for you and complete your sports kit.

Does the kind of sport I do determine what bra I should choose?
It definitely does. A sports bra is supposed to be comfortable, supportive and it should also facilitate your performance. It’s vital to match a sports bra with the type of activity you do. Remember that sports bras are designed to provide three different levels of support, and these include low (walking, yoga, strength training), medium (cycling, skiing, hiking) and high support (running, aerobics, mountain biking) for low, medium and high-impact sports respectively. If you do mixed sports, the best idea would be to equip with a few different bras.

What are encapsulation sports bras?
Encapsulation bras are designed to offer breast support during sports activities of high intensity. These bras have individual cups which encapsulate and support each breast separately, and usually, there’s no compression involved in them. Unlike compression bras, this kind of a sports bra limit crossover movement and help to protect the Cooper’s ligaments, which are responsible for the firm perky shape. They are recommended for all breast sizes, including small breasts, especially during high-impact sports like running, dancing, jumping and all kinds of activities which cause a lot of bouncing for the breasts.

Are pull-on sports bras OK?
Actually, a sports bra should be fitted with a proper closure. If you can pull the garment over your head and shoulders, it means it's not firm enough to give good support for your bust during exercises, especially high-impact activities. Look for bras with a back closure as it usually has a few hooks and eyes, so you’ll be able to adjust the bra as it stretches. Front closure sports bras usually have only one set which means they won't last long.

Why should I go for a sports bra? Isn’t a regular bra enough?
There’s no doubt that a supportive bra is an indispensable piece of lingerie for any physically active woman. What it does is protecting the breasts and providing more comfort for the exercising person while it keeps the girls secure and in the right place. During vigorous exercise, breasts are exposed to a wide range of movement which can put a strain on the Cooper’s ligaments which are responsible for breast tissue integrity. Keeping breasts contained in a specialized bra to limit that movement should be a key issue for every woman.

What’s a compression bra?
As the name suggests, a compression bra essentially compresses the breast tissue and holds it tight and close to the torso. The idea behind it is to reduce the movement of breasts during exercise which can be uncomfortable, painful or even harmful in case of long-lasting high-impact workouts. Compression bras don’t separate the breasts and minimize the projection movement, that is the movement in and out from the chest.

I exercise a lot and my sports bras hardly ever lie in the lingerie drawer. How should I care for them to make them last?
There are a few instructions which can lengthen the lifespan of your sports bras. First of all, remember to wash them in cold water and use mild detergents. Fabric softeners and all kinds of bleaches are not recommended as they can only damage the elastic fibers and cause the garment to lose shape and hold. After washing, dry them flat or line-dry them but don’t ever use warm tumble cycles for they will only break down spandex fibers. An average lifespan for sports bras is approximately 18 months if cared for properly. Once the elastic fibers start to show or the garment doesn’t snap back into shape, it’s time to hit the shops.

Will a racerback bra provide good breast support while running? My breasts are rather large.
Sports bras with a racerback have shoulder straps which cinch in the back between the shoulder blades. The straps anchor the bra close to the body and provide good support for medium- to high-impact activities like dancing, aerobics or running. Ladies with big breasts should opt for encapsulation bras rather that compression ones as they hold each breast separately and provide better support. Make sure the bra has a wide band as it provides about 70% of the overall breast support.

Are fabrics and finishes important when choosing a sports bra?
Fabrics are vital when choosing the ideal bra for your daily dose of physical activity. You want the bra to wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly as it increases personal comfort and also inhibits the growth of bacteria. Also, make sure you pick seamless designs or the ones with covered seams to avoid chafing and skin irritations.

Underwire – yes or no in sports bras?
It all depends on how much support you need. Generally speaking, underwired bras encapsulate each breast better and provide a firmer hold and shape than wireless bras. Ladies with big boobs might need more support and structure and therefore should opt for underwired designs. Should you prioritize comfort over support, a soft compression bra is your best bet.

What’s a sternum check?
Let’s start with what a sternum actually is. It’s a long flat bone located in the center of the chest. It can serve as a reference point to check whether the bra you’re wearing is the right size. Next time in the fitting room check if the front part of the bra sits flat on the sternum. Always. If it stays in the air or rides up, it indicates that the band is too big or the cup size is too small for your girls.