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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Sweater Vests Feel like sleeveless is the way to go? Here we go! Discover the extensive collection of vests curated by TrendHype. From warm down designs made for the chillest of days to soft and fluid fits with asymmetric hems to wear over a top and cigarette trousers. Refresh your wardrobe with trendy pieces and style them with everything from summer dresses to warm cable-knit sweaters. Browse below to find the vests of your wildest fashion dreams!

How to wear a vest in summer?

In summer months opt for light cotton vests, either buttoned up or with an open front, and team them up with a plain tank top or a simple t-shirt. Worn with your favorite pair of jeans, summer vests will spice the look a chic feature. Don’t forget to accessorize bare arms – a cuff bracelet or boho-inspired charm bracelets are a must-have accessory for stylish summer looks.

An elegant tailored vest – is it only for smart outfits?

A tailored vest is an ultra stylish piece with a masculine vibe to it. Nothing sexier in a woman’s closet than this! If you want to dress it down a little, team it with a plain t-shirt,  a pair of denim pants (a distressed style with rips and whiskers will be perfect), and skyscraper heels in a bold color or pattern. You’ve just created a minimalist yet stylish outfit no it-girl would refuse to wear.

Is it OK to wear a vest for the office? If yes, what vest would be appropriate for a managerial post?

A sleek tailored vest in black, navy blue or charcoal grey can be part of an elegant and professional-looking business outfit for a confident woman. Just keep it understated and avoid colors and patterns which might attract too much attention. Try wearing the vest with a white dress shirt and a pair of cigarette pants. Accessories like a textured leather belt, high-heeled pumps, and a classic wristwatch will finish your outfit in a polished way.

I bought a lovely bohemian vest in suede. How to care for it properly?

Suede vests are a boho girl's closet staple and a stylish piece for any Western-inspired look.  A good idea is to protect it with a purpose-made suede protecting spray. Especially in all the places which come into contact with the skin, the neckline for example. Don’t be tempted to put the vest into a washing machine. Suede should be spruced up and cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. When getting rid of small stains, use a special brush which should loosen up the dirt and remove it.

Is a high-low vest a good idea and for what body shape?

Rocking the high-low trend is a perfect way to showcase a fashion-forward style. An asymmetrical vest with a shorter front and a longer back hemline is a great piece with a dynamic silhouette which can spice up every look. If you’re heavier in the bottom, find a vest which sits below the buttocks.  Shorter or longer vests might make your bottom look even bigger. Note that a cropped front will show your tummy. If it’s a prominent feature, you might consider a different style.

How to wear a long puffer vest with style?

If you want to create a head-turning outfit, go tonal. A puffer vest can be counted on for coziness and warmth, so team it with a sleek woolen turtleneck and a pair of wide-leg pants for more drama. A monochromatic outfit with tonal changes is a stylish trick for a fashion-forward woman. Accessorize with big sunglasses and a statement crossbody.

Any tips for wearing a utility vest?

A khaki or olive green utility vest is a great piece for off-duty and weekend outfits. Choose a cut with a few pockets to avoid a bulky look, though. Apart from that, a utility vest can complement everyday looks with dresses, checked flannel shirts, fine wool turtlenecks, favorite slim jeans, hardwearing Timberland boots or Hunter wellingtons. The sky is the limit!

A white oversized vest – yes or no for hot season looks?

White is perfect for summer, so don’t think twice. It’ll tune with summer outfits seamlessly and accentuate your sun-kissed skin. For daring looks pair it with a chambray shirt and denim shorts or go nautical with a white and navy striped top and wide pants. Another idea is to throw it on a body-wrapping black dress and towering sandals for a pool-party look.

A denim vest sometimes looks dull. Especially, when worn on a plain grey t-shirt. How to style it?

For instant oomph use accessories like a brightly colored bandana or a scarf with a punchy pattern. Another option is a statement necklace that will spice up the look with a blingy detail and an eye-catching form.

I need styling advice how to wear a long shearling vest. Any useful tips?

A shearling vest is a perfect layering piece when tempertures start to go down. On chilly days try wearing it with a sweater dress in a neutral color and a pair of knee-high boots. If possible, belt the vest to create a nipped-in silhouette.