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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Swimsuits & Cover Ups Flash some sun-kissed skin in one of the swimsuits below. The inspiring edit by TrendHype includes boldly-patterned bikinis and seductive one-shoulder designs with eye-catching embellishments. If you’re an enthusiast of monokinis, why not choose one with a gorgeous plunging neckline? And when your lazy sunbathing is over, wrap up in one of the stunning cover-ups. Which style will you go for? A gauzy tunic with exotic prints or a classy pareo stylishly tied up in the waist? There are hundreds of inspiring options to choose from.

I have rather wide hips and would like to make them look more proportionate. What type of bikini would do that?
Wide hips are all the rage, so don’t think less of them just because you don’t look like a runway model. To make the best of your body shape, stay away from any kind of elastic bands around the waistline and avoid horizontal patterns that add unnecessary width. You should also avoid all kinds of side embellishments as they draw eyes to the hips and that is probably the least desired thing you want. The most flattering bikinis for wide hips are seamless and simple with vertical patterns, high-cut legs, and color-blocking, where the dominant color occupies the middle of the panties.

My body shape is rather athletic with narrow hips and a pretty flat chest. What bikini type would make it more feminine and shapely?
To make the silhouette appear curvier, play on volume and embellishments. A good idea to enhance the bust area would be to choose a bandeau top or go for ruffles and all kinds of embellishments like sequins or appliques, as they draw eyes and make the bust look fuller. The same applies to the bottom part – try panties adorned with ruffles around the waistline. Also, breaking up the torso with densely printed tops and solid colors on the bottom will do the trick and create more curves. A great advantage of tiny chests is that you can actually wear skimpy tops which will accentuate your great body shape. Not to forget – the easiest way to make the bust look a bit bigger is to go for padded cups!

I have a bit of a tummy trouble but would still like to wear a bikini. Any tips?
Tankinis offer much better coverage, but if you want a two-piece suit, make sure you choose the right one, which will give the problematic area good support or will cover it in a stylish way. What you might consider is a high-waisted bottom with a ruffle around the waistline and with higher cut leg openings to elongate the silhouette and draw eyes to your legs. Patterns can also help you, so use them to your own advantage, and go for a vertically striped bottom or consider a tummy control suit. Another trick is also to use the magical appeal of all sorts of embellishments and simply keep the attention up.

My bust is rather big and I often have problems with finding a good bikini for my body shape. Any advice?
Finding a suit which provides good support for your girls can be a challenge, but there are thousands of options available, so don’t panic. The key thing is to find a top that would keep the bust in place in the first place. This excludes skimpy string bikinis and other bathing suits which barely cover the nipple as well as suits on thin spaghetti straps. Make sure you choose the right cup size! Opt for thicker fabrics, double-stitched bands, molded cups, and underwires for more support. Say ‘no’ to embellished tops if you're well-endowed in the upper part of your body and would like to minimize the attention it can get.

I’m pear-shaped with a body like Jennifer Lopez. What bathing suit (bikini) would make me look more flattering and proportionate?
Ladies with pear-shaped bodies are fuller in the hips and thighs and smaller on the top. The ideal bikini you want to look for is the one which will balance the proportions, but also provide some extra coverage in the problematic bottom area. What to look for? Go for tops which attract attention and make the bust appear fuller. Think sequins, lots of ruffles, ruchings, appliqués and busy patterns. The bottom part should stay simple and solid, though. Opt for high-cut bottoms which will elongate the legs and make the silhouette slimmer. Steer away from boy shorts and banded bottoms which can add unnecessary volume to your hips and thighs.

What are mix-and-match bathing suits?
Mix-and-match bathing suits are separate pieces which you can choose as you wish. In fact, there are zillions of reasons why you should mix and match your bathing suits. For example, your top and bottom might be different sizes, or you might want to emphasize a given aspect of your body or wear a particular bottom with different tops. Mix-and-match swimsuits give a lot of fun and variety, so go creative and take advantage of the numerous possibilities they give.

My booty is flat. What bikini should I choose to make it look a bit curvier and fuller?
When choosing the ideal bikini, focus on the bottom part for this is where you want to add volume and shapely curves. There are a couple of features which are your allies. If you want to look bigger behind, consider a bikini with a ruched or frilled bottom, and don’t forget about the magical charm of colors and prints. Opt for bright or light colors and punchy prints, as they somehow distract from a flat booty. The ways to cheat your way to a fuller-looking bum also include scalloped edges and bottoms which reveal a little cheek. Try them out!

I’m pregnant but I feel confident in my new body and would like to enjoy some beachtime. What bathing suit would you recommend?
If you feel confident in your pregnant body and comfortable enough to show it, go for a bikini and don’t let the suit restrict you in any way. The best option will be a string bikini as it is adjustable and can be fitted to the changing body easily. Consider for example a bottom with side straps or one which can be folded under or over the growing bum as you wish. A pregnant body is nothing to be ashamed of, so go and enjoy relaxing moments in the sun.

Is it OK to mix prints within one bikini?
Print mixing has become extremely popular both in the street and on the beach. The key point is to do it in such a way that it will work for the overall beach look and your body shape. Be creative with mixing, but keep a few tips in mind. First of all, mix loud, punchy prints with more traditional and calmer ones, like hypnotizing Hawaiian flowers with a more conservative strip print on the bottom. Size matters, too. For a large, attention-grabbing print on one part of the swimsuit, pair it up with a microprint on the other.

What should I look for when choosing a bikini?
A swimsuit is a personal matter in fact, and the most important things to consider are probably your personal preferences and fit. The right fit is crucial because you want your body to look good an sometimes certain parts need extra coverage or support, take it into account. Choose a bathing suit which accentuates your pluses and minimizes your minuses. Swimsuits can make you appear taller, can elongate your legs and make the bum more prominent for example. Start by examining your body shape and take action. Beautiful beaches await!