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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Swimwear Bodysuits Swim faster and further in the bodysuits below. If water and water sports are your domain, a proper swim kit is a must. TrendHype collection of bodysuits below will navigate you towards the best posible choices. Browse the options, check out the details and choose the bodysuit which best suits your needs. With a collection like this, the task is not a challenge. The new dimension of swimming is right in front of your eyes. Take the plunge!

What’s the purpose of a bodysuit? Isn’t it like wearing a one-piece swimsuit under your clothes?
Well, there is a number of reasons why you should wear a bodysuit. First, they’re very practical as far as tucking in a top is concerned. With a bodysuit on you don’t have to worry about it riding up whenever you raise your hands, sit or reach out for something. No bunching up, no shifting, all in the right place. Bodysuits give you a sleek, seamless look – think a pencil skirt or a pair of cigarette pants and an elegant bodysuit which wraps your body snuggly with no bulging here and there. Other factors might be personal preference and a sexy look simply, especially if you opt for lace styles or plunging necklines.

I love the bodysuit look but find this garment pretty intimidating. Where do I start and how to pull it off stylishly?
Bodysuits are all the rage right now with Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner giving us great examples of how to pull them off almost anywhere and for all kinds of occasions. If you find them intimidating, start with a plain solid color bodysuit and wear it with a pair of distressed denim shorts or your favorite jeans. Complemented with strappy sandals on towering heels and a necklace adorning your sun-kissed neckline a bodysuit will look stunning, sleek and very stylish. Give it a shot girl!

How to wear a bodysuit stylishly?
Although bodysuits are quite casual, it is still possible to wear them in a stylish way. Just opt for a monochromatic style in pitch black or navy blue, and pair it with a chic tailored blazer for example. This will definitely give you a few extra points on the style scale! Add a pair of ankle-skimming cigarette pants with a crease or a body-fitting pencil skirt, and you’re ready to conquer any party. Accessorize with minimalist necklaces, skyscraper heels and a quilted clutch for more fashion oomph.

I need an idea for a celebrity look for a girls’ night out. Would a bodysuit do?
Definitely yes. Bodysuits, especially lace ones, make a great option for after-hours looks. Go for a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit with high-waisted jeans (no other accentuate feminine curves like these), a sheer lacy bodysuit and an ankle-skimming duster coat for a fabulous ensemble. If you’re not intimidated by showing too much body, go for something even sexier and put on a bodysuit with cutouts on the sides or a backless style and a pair of showstopping latex pants. Sizzling hot!

How important is the fit for the bodysuit to look good? I’m not a great fan of body-fitting clothes.
A bodysuit is meant to be body-fitting as a rule, but it doesn’t mean it should be tight or too clingy. It just needs to sit snuggly on your bust and bottom. Bodysuits which are too tight on your crotch or bum are simply uncomfortable to wear, and the constant need to shift and adjust is no fun. Before you settle on one, make sure it doesn’t pinch here and there, and the leg cut is not too high. Should the latter be the case, it’ll show when you wear low-rise jeans for example.

How to pull off a bodysuit in a sport-inspired outfit?
A bodysuit is a versatile piece of clothing which can be worn in multiple ways. It makes a great choice for sport-inspired looks, too, if you pair it with appropriate accessories and clothes. For morning runs, team it with a pair of ultra trendy side-strap joggers and a zipped hoodie. On hot days wear it with shorts with mesh inserts that are all the rage nowadays and ultra trendy fabric sneakers. Rock this look outside the track or gym, too. For more pulled-together ensembles go for a spaghetti bodysuit, tracksuit pants, and skyscraper heels and accessorize with a chain crossbody bag.

Strappy backless bodysuits – yes or no?
It all depends on when and where you intend to wear it. Strappy backless bodysuits are ultra flattering and very sexy, so they make a great choice for pool parties or a beach shindig. They would be perfect for sunny days if not the tan lines they leave. To be on the safe side, protect your skin with SPFs or stay away from direct sun. A bodysuit like that really rocks when worn with skimpy shorts or even a pair of boyfriend jeans and high-heeled sandals.

I love lace-up bodysuits. Any advice on how to pull them off?
Lace-up bodysuits are great fashion choices for women who don’t mind showing their luscious curves. Are you one of them? If yes, opt for the iconic duo – the lace-up bodysuit and the skinny jean. Complemented with high-heeled sandals, cool drop earrings, and a stylish chain crossbody, it’ll look fabulous. The lace-up detail doesn’t necessarily have to be on the front. Choose a bodysuit with an ultra-sensual lace-up accent on the back to showcase your body from behind.

I would wear bodysuits, but I hate panty lines and all that. Any tips?
The answer is super easy – wear a bodysuit with a thong and you’ll never have to worry about visible lines whatsoever. This fit is perfect for wearing under any kind of garment, especially those made of thin fabrics which reveal undergarments. Team it with the ultra trendy high-waist jeans or a gauzy maxi skirt and enjoy a great look from all sides. No more VPL problems.

I’m not a fan of clingy bodysuits, but I love the idea of them – very practical! What other fits would you recommend for a busty woman?
If body-fitting styles are not what you feel good in, go for loose blouse styles which sit snuggly thanks to the bodysuit cut, but provide more comfort. Your best bet will be a V-neck from drapey fabrics as it will elongate the neck and slim out a busty chest. Pair it with a leather mini skirt and high-heels for a truly feminine look.