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Women's Swimwear Bottoms

Shopping for the right bikini bottom is a nightmare for me. My butt is rather wide and I can hardly find a bikini which makes me look flattering from behind.
Kim Kardashian and J Lo prove that wide hips are all the rage these days, so there’s nothing to feel bad about! When looking for the ideal bottom for your figure, stay away from high curved hemlines and tiny Brazilian pants which only add volume to the already shapely butt. Instead, opt for tie side styles which you can adjust as you wish, showing more or less of that curvy posterior of yours. Also, flat fabrics, seamless finishes and color blocking with a dominating pop of color in the center of the bottoms are your allies. Big punchy patterns and horizontal stripes should be avoided if your aim is a butt that appears smaller.

Brazilian bottoms look so sexy and cool, but I’m not sure whether it’s the right style for me. My bottom is rather full.
First things first,  you need to have enough confidence to wear Brazilian bottoms as they’re not for the weak-hearted. In general, they’re perfect for ladies with smaller or athletic bums as they give the impression of a larger and curvier butt. If you still want to rock this cut, stay away from embellished styles or bottoms with ruching or frills of any kind. Instead, opt for a solid color style, preferably black or navy blue, and make sure they have side ties. They can be easily adjusted and dark colors work best if you want to look slimmer..

Unfortunately, my butt is a bit droopy and I have no idea what bikini pants I should choose to make it look better. Any tips?
There are certain bikini styles which you should avoid for example a high-waisted one which will only elongate your bottom. Instead, opt for short cool pants like the hipster. They’ll balance the droopy effect and lift your butt a bit, at least visually. Also, any kind of a bikini bottom that looks like a reversed triangle will do the trick, try it out! It would be a good idea to stay away from styles with full or medium coverage even though you might be tempted to cover the part of the body you’re not happy with. In fact, a bottom which shows a bit of the cheek is what you should go for.

What bikini bottom would make a flat butt look fuller and more flattering?
All you need is a butt-booster and that means a bottom which will create the illusion of a more feminine and sexier shape. There is a number of ways you can achieve it, and one of them is light and bright colors as well as busy patterns. Remember that light colors add more shape which in your case is an advantage. Make use of a nude or white bikini – it looks superb on a golden, sun-kissed skin. You can also round out your derriere by choosing bikini bottoms with frills, ruffles, and ruchings as well as different kinds of embellishments which will not only spice up the bikini but also add more curve to it.

High-waisted styles are all the rage now both in fashion and swimsuits. What body shape do they look best on?
High-waisted bikini bottoms are ideal for ladies with the hourglass body shape as well as women with normal and even small butts. What they do is to emphasize the natural curves of the body and create a flattering, natural-looking effect of a shapely figure. They’re also recommended for women who would like to have more tummy control, girls who desire to have a perkier booty and fans of the ultra-flattering retro style. Stay away from high-waisted bottoms if you happen to be pear-shaped as this cut will only add volume to your derriere.

I don’t feel very confident with my muffin top and love handles. Any tips what bikini bottom would flatter my body?
If you find it difficult to love your love handles, go for bottoms which will easily cover and fight the bulge. All you need is a high-waisted style which really works wonders as far as a jiggly tummy is concerned. Make sure the bottom extends above the belly button and provides enough coverage. You can also look for swimsuits with built-in Spanx technology that will keep things in the right place. Stay away from large distracting patterns and light colors, but try bottoms with ruchings which mask wrinkles and bulges you feel uncomfortable with.

My bootie is really flat and petite. I have no idea what bikini bottom would work for me. Help!
All you need to make your butt look fuller and more flattering is a bottom with ruching details or a flounce around the waistline. Styles like that add fullness to the bootie and make it look much more feminine. You can also use visual tricks like curved rounded hemlines that will reveal the cheek or densely patterned bottoms which will instantly add more dimension. Rule of thumb – the smaller the bikini bottom, the bigger the butt. If you only feel confident wearing a skimpy bikini, give it a try and enjoy a more flattering look from behind.

My butt is average, but my legs are rather short. What bikini bottom would add me a few inches?
Ladies with short pins should go for suits with high cuts. Think the red Baywatch bathing suits and use them as inspiration. Their secret lies in the steep arch which reveals more skin and as a result makes legs appear longer. What’s more, such bottoms make the hips appear narrower, too, so if you happen to have wide hips you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Give them a try or go even further and choose a thong for the maximum of elongating potential.

Shopping for a bikini is a nightmare for me. Finding the right bottom that would flatter my full thighs is almost impossible. Tips needed!
The best bottoms to flatter ladies with a full thigh are styles with more coverage. Forget string bikinis and high-cut waists and instead go for solid color boy shorts and a printed top. Mix and match! Busy patterns on the top will draw eyes away from your wide hips and up to the chest. Another option to take into account is a bottom with a skirt that will mask the upper part of the leg. They’re playful and feminine, why not go up on the femininity scale? Go get’em, girl!

A Brazilian bikini bottom with a skirt-like flounce – what body shape is it for?
Brazilian bottoms with a flounce along the waistline are perfect to add femininity and volume to the silhouette. They look awesome on athletic bodies which usually have narrow hips or so-called reversed triangles with a full bosom and a petite derriere. Flounces balance their body and make it more proportionate by adding more volume and dimension to the hips.