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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Swimwear Cover Ups Looking for the perfect beach look? Work a colourful cover-up and bring a stylish twist to your holiday-by-the-sea look. Spun from lightweight cotton and silk, embellished with luxe details and made to bring comfort when on the beach – the designs below make a covetable summer staple. Choose lace styles if boho chic is what you love or see-through chiffon cover-ups for showstopping beach style. Find the piece of your dreams below.

I’m a great fan of boho chic, even on the beach. What cover-up would make my bohemian look stand out?
The perfect cover-up for you would be a crochet one, preferably with a fringe trim along the hem. Such pieces bring a note of bohemian and beachy charm to any outfit, and the decorative fringing, that’s all the rage right now, adds a stylish detail. Crochet cover-ups beautifully channel the summer festival vibe, so you can also incorporate them into your Coachella looks. Give them a shot, girl! Complement the beach ensemble with stylish aviators, a wide-brimmed summer hat, and ethnic necklaces for more offbeat charm.

Is a cover-up a good idea? Isn’t it to hot on the beach to wear it?
If there’s anything you’re vulnerable of like a post-partum belly, a flabby stomach, stretch marks or a flat chest, a cover-up can be a real lifesaver. For many women taking off clothes and donning a swimsuit is an intimidating experience, so why not keep a few stylish cover-ups handy? They come in various styles, think a kimono, a shirt dress or a gauzy pareo, and are ultralight. What’s more, if your skin is too sensitive or you feel like extra protection would be good, a cover-up will give you all that.

I’m pear-shaped. What cover-up should I opt for?
Ladies with a pear-shaped body usually have a big bottom and wide hips. Although this shape is all the rage nowadays, think J Lo and Kim Kardashian, most women feel intimidated to show their body. Should you belong to this group, opt for beach sarongs and ultralight pareos which provide good coverage. A side tie, hypnotizing patterns and embellishments like sparkling sequins, appliques and tassels will definitely up the glamour factor, so give them a shot.

What fabrics are best for beach cover-ups?
Beach is where you want to feel relaxed and not too hot. That said, look for cover-ups made of light and breathable fabrics which you can barely feel on the skin. When on holiday you don’t to be bothered ironing, either, so the best idea is to opt for lightweight dresses, kimonos and kaftans from cotton, linen or viscose.

I don’t like being too expose on the beach and would like to buy a cover-up that provides good coverage. Any tips?
Your best bet will be a kaftan. It’s a variant of a tunic, usually ankle-skimming, but you’ll also find shorter pieces. A kaftan is a great option if you need more coverage from the sun and, what’s more, it can be quite luxurious. Embroidered, trimmed with pop-poms, adorned with sparkling beads or lace inserts, kaftans can make an ideal piece of clothing not only on the beach but also at pool parties. Look for stylish pieces from flowy, breathable materials and up your beach look.

What should I take into account when choosing the perfect cover-up?
There are a couple of things you might want to consider. Think what you’re going to wear the cover-up over as this will determine the pattern and the color of it. A good idea is to choose a cover-up in a color that matches a wide range of your swimwear so that you can wear it in multiple ways and times. Another thing to consider is the style – ideally, it should match your personality and how you usually spend time on the beach. Are you intimidated to show naked body? Opt for a kaftan. Do you like spending time playing beach games and moving? A loose-fitting shirt or a tank will be your best bet. Not least important is the fabric itself. If you feel confident in your body, go for a transparent cover-up. If not, choose materials with good coverage.

What’s a sarong?
A sarong is a loose-fitting skirtlike garment that is formed on the body by wrapping a long piece of cloth and tying it in the center or on the side. Originally worn in the Pacific area, it is nowadays a very popular piece of clothing for beach looks that can be worn in multiple ways. Give it a try next time you head for sandy beaches and wear it as a skirt, a top or a shawl.

Is it possible to wear a sarong as a dress?
A sarong is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in numerous ways, and yes, it is possible to wear it as a dress, too. All you need to do is to tie two ends on your shoulder and belt the sarong with a sash, a piece of grossgrain ribbon or simply a belt. You can also try to tie it on the side in the waist. Light and sophisticated, this dress style showcases sun-kissed skin but remains stylish.

I have stretch marks on my hips but I don’t want to wear a sarong or a pareo. What other cover-ups can you suggest?
Why don’t you go for the ultra feminine and playful skirtlike wraps? Many of them come in lightweight fabrics like chiffon and look like a mini sarong. Adorned with ruffles, flowy flounces and pom-pom trims they make an ideal cover-up for ladies who don’t need or want full coverage and want to enjoy their femininity. Ideal for all summer season whether you plan to tan on the beach, lounge by the pool or take long walks along the shore.

Linen cover-ups – yes or no?
It’s definitely a big yes! Although they might be pricey, linen clothes are perfect for summer and scorching days. They have a cooling effect on the skin, are breathable and very stylish. Even though linen creases easily it is considered to be very elegant. Consider a linen tunic or an oversized shirt as an ideal cover-up for your beach ensembles.