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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Tankini Swimsuits Need more comfort and ease when on the beach? Here’s our suggestion! Opt for a stylish tankini and make the most out of summertime. Colours, patterns and eye-catching embellishments paired with a comfortable fit are sure to win your heart. Jump below to discover the extensive collection of trendy tankinis and book your holiday straight away. Here are TrendHype top choices – browse the rundown as it brims with multiple options for beach fun!

What’s a tankini?
The tankini is a kind of a bathing suit that combines a tank top and a bikini bottom. It’s mostly made of spandex, lycra, and nylon for the maximum beach time comfort. This type of swimwear is something just between a regular bikini and a one-piece and is preferred by women who feel unconfident with their stomach, love handles, and a muffin top. It’s also much more convenient than a monokini as you don’t have to take the entire suit off to go to the toilet. Perfect for beach games and whenever you want to move freely without the fear of embarrassing slips.

There are so many beautiful tankinis I’d like to have but I have no idea what color I should choose. Any help?
The best idea is to choose a tankini which matches our natural pigment. A good match will not only accentuate your natural strengths but also draw eyes and make you feel confident in your own body. Start with identifying your natural body coloring. The easiest way to do it is by checking the color of your veins. If they’re blueish, it means that you may have „cool” undertones. In this case, opt for tankinis in turquoises, greens, purples or blues. Ladies with warm undertones, whose veins are green, look amazing in pink, orange, bronze, olive green or maroon swimsuits.

Solid or patterned? Does it matter when choosing a swimsuit like a tankini?
By default patterns are attention-grabbing and they draw eyes to a particular part of the body. In contrast, solid colors blend easily and are not so noticeable unless you choose punchy fluorescent pinks or yellows, of course. This said, choose between patterned and solid tankinis to accentuate and showcase your flattering features. Do you have long and shapely legs but feel a bit unhappy about your muffin top? Opt for a bottom with a busy pattern and a dark solid top that will smooth out your mid-section. To show off your toned, sun-kissed arms go for vibrant pattern tops and play down your butt with a solid bikini bottom.

I’m a great fan of tankinis and would like to buy one which accentuates the bust. What tops would do that?
Your choice should be a tankini with a halter top. This kind of top enhances bust lines but also provides comfort and excellent support for those who like beach sports. Full-figured women who would like to showcase their assets in the chest department will likely benefit from this tankini style. For more oomph, go for a halter top with embellishments along the neckline or with a front tie for an ultra appealing cleavage.

I’ve recently had a baby and I don’t feel comfortable with my belly bulge and stretch marks. What tankini would be flattering?
The great thing about tankinis is that you can mix and match them to achieve the best effect, showcase your assets and camouflage problematic parts of the body. They are forgiving and comfy swim pieces for women who are not comfortable showing too much body or skin due to childbirth. If a belly bulge and stretch marks are your main concern you may choose either a high-waisted bottom that will give you good tummy support combined with a cropped top, or opt for a loose top with some extra fabric to mask the post-baby belly. Stick to solid dark colors which have a slimming effect.

My ladies are rather full. What tankini would be good in my case?
Selecting the right tankini top for a big bust is a must if you want to feel comfortable and avoid any embarrassing moments while lying flat or playing beach sports. For extra comfort and support go for tankini tops with a halter neck, underwire or with a thick band right below the bust. Tankinis with a built-in underwire and padded bras can be a lifesaver for full busts as they give more stability and hold everything in the right place.

I have wide shoulders and no idea what tankini top I should choose to flatter my body shape. Is a halter neck a good one for me?
If you want to downplay prominent, wide shoulders choose wisely to flatter your form without sacrificing the fit. Tops with low V-necks and asymmetrical styles with linear motifs will work wonders to make your body look more proportionate. The last thing you want is to make your shoulders look even wider, so find pieces which balance the width and draw attention away from this part of your body. Consider tops with wide straps, one-shoulder styles that break the neckline as well as alluring cut-outs and patterns to trick the eye.

My torso is short. How can I play with the proportions wearing an appropriate tankini top?
Don’t ruin your day on the beach because you’re unconfident about your body. There are multiple ways how to elongate a short torso, and by choosing the right tankini top you can make your body look more proportionate. You can trick the eye by playing with patterns for example. A top with prominent vertical stripes will elongate the torso, and when paired up with a solid color bottom the effect will be even more visible. Also, choose bottoms which ride low like skimpy Brazilians with ties on the side to complement the look.

A tankini for a pregnant woman – yes or no?
In fact, a tankini is a wonderful choice for pregnant women. Not only does it grow with you during pregnancy, but it is far more comfortable than a one-piece, especially in the toilet. It also provides more coverage which is often an issue with expecting mothers whose changing body makes them unconfident. Depending on the top and bottom style you choose, a tankini provides a secure fit, modesty and can camouflage the growing belly.

I’m looking for a flattering tankini which would look very feminine but without exposing too much body. Any advice?
There are thousands of options for women who want to accentuate their feminity without overexposing their assets. One of them is a tankini with a super-flattering flyaway overlay that drops from the bra. This flowy and very feminine style provides good coverage without sacrificing the beauty of female curves. Go for a piece with ruched details on the bra and high-waisted bottom to highlight the silhouette. Colors and patterns are your allies, too! Look for pin-up style dots and passionate reds for a feminine, stylish look with a playful twist.