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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Tanks & Camis Make sure your summer wardrobe is ready before the heatwave hits your door. With an extensive edit of tanks and camis TrendHype has for you, finding the right top is super easy. Check out the refreshing floral styles for romantic holiday looks and take plain spaghetti tank tops as a summer staple to go perfectly with jeans shorts and fluid gauze maxi skirts. Drape neck styles will add a dramatic effect to your looks and lace trimming might be the thing to choose for summer dates. Dive in and explore.

Are spaghetti tops good for any body shape?
Spaghetti tops are everybody's favorite when temperatures go up. It’s a closet staple, but it doesn’t look flattering on all women, unfortunately. If you happen to have broad shoulders or a lot in the chest department, a spaghetti top might unnecessarily highlight these features. Remember that the more material there’s between your shoulders and the neck, the narrower this part appears to be.

What top would be good for a girls’ night out?
A girls’ night out is when you want to look feminine and trendy, isn’t it? If it’s going to be a club thing, go for a light-catching sequined top or something with trendy embellishments like metallic logos, studs or rhinestone appliques. With a tank top like that, you don’t need much more to look fab. Just put on a mini skirt or leather pants and you’re ready to party girl! If you want to keep it a bit more understated, opt for a plain tank top in black or anthracite and a tailored, three-quarter sleeve blazer. Add some statement necklaces to up your look with glamour!

Do sports mesh tops need any special care?
Most polyester garments can be easily machine washed at low temperatures with added softener to minimize static cling. Hang it directly after washing to avoid wrinkles or tumble dry at a low temperature. Unfortunately, synthetic fabrics tend to lock stains. If this happens, put a stain remover or dishwashing soap directly onto the stain and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before washing.

I love the romantic style. What tops would make a nice complement to it?
The romantic style is all about pastel colors, sheer and delicate fabrics as well as flowery patterns and lace. For a feminine and very romantic outfit, you might want to choose a simple tank top with a lace trim, both at the neckline and at the hemline. Go for nude pieces or spice your look with nostalgic flowery prints. A romantic ensemble will benefit from fluid draped pieces, but a regular cotton tank top with a lace detail will chime in beautifully, too.

I’ve recently had a baby. Are there any tanks for breastfeeding moms? What should I take into account?
The perfect tank top for a breastfeeding mother needs to be comfortable and discreet. With a hungry baby in the arms, there’s not much time for unnecessary activities like unbuttoning. Look for styles with an easy access up top and anti-roll up bottoms to avoid disrobing or revealing your tummy. There are also tank tops with pre-formed molded foam drop-down cups for even more comfy breastfeeding.

How can you dress up an average summer tank top?
Do you want to make your tank top look more stylish and cool? There are easy ways and accessories to do it in just a second, and you won’t have to put too much effort and money to do it. Accessorizing is key! Try adding a vividly patterned scarf, wearing a statement vest on top, belting it up with a stylish piece, or throwing on a tailored jacquard blazer that will allow your tank top to peek out here and there. And don’t forget about jewelry – a cascade of dangling necklaces will add a glamorous touch to your outfit.

What to wear under a loose tank top?
A loose tank top is a summer closet staple. As cool as it is, the piece is sometimes uncomfortable to wear for it exposes too much of the naked body. Plunging necklines and low backs can be easily handled with a sexy cage bra, a casual sport-inspired bralette or a stunning bra with a beautiful strappy back. Lingerie peeking out from tops or blouses in no longer a style no-no, so make use of it when scorching days arrive.

Is it OK to wear a camisole for work?
If there’s no strict dress code in your company, an elegant silk camisole might be a stylish option for work. Keep your look polished with a tailored blazer or a chic cardigan and a minimalist necklace for a hint of feminine charm. Also, stick to elegant, understated colors like white, gray, navy or black to look more professional and avoid grabbing too much attention, which is often considered unprofessional.

Can I machine wash a silk camisole?
Delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon or crepe should be dry cleaned to preserve the shape and fit of the garment. Always remember to check the care instructions, as sometimes a cold water handwash is allowed for silk blends. Don’t tumble dry the camisole, it’s better to let it dry flat.

A fitted camisole with skinny jeans – yes or no?
Opposites attract not only in life but also in fashion. For that reason, opt for a loose, more fluid camisole for your fitted jeans. It’ll look much more flattering and feminine! Spare tight, body-wrapping camisoles for outfits with more relaxed bottoms like an A-line skirt, loose boyfriend jeans or palazzo pants.