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Women's Tunics Find a new way to enjoy summer looks and opt for light tunics. Comfy, with enough room for movement and figure-friendly, tunics are versatile options you’ll enjoy wearing. Boldly patterned jersey styles, lace yoke and fancy tie-dye designs will add character to your wardrobe so make sure you have one or two! Browse the extensive rundown of tunics below and power up your summer attire.

I have wide hips and I’m rather big on the bottom. What tunic would be best for my body type?
The best type for your silhouette would be an A-lined tunic with side vents which prevent the garment from rolling up and clinging to the body. To balance the disproportioned bottom part, choose tunics which draw eyes to the chest and shoulders – wide scoop and boat necklines would do the job and so would statement necklaces! Also, make sure that the tunic either falls above your widest part or goes below it. You can also use the power of color to your own advantage just by choosing lighter tones on the top.

What’s a tunic exactly?
A tunic is a very comfortable addition to women’s closets. As a rule, it is meant to be loose and comfortable, more fitted in its upper part and with more fabric in the hip area. For that reason, tunics are very popular with women who feel rather big on the bottom. The shapes and necklines vary, but the length usually falls down to mid-thigh.

I have the ‘apple’ body shape. What tunic would be flattering for me?
Women with an apple body shape should avoid tunics which cling to the body and highlight its round shape in the abdomen area. Instead, accentuate your beautiful neckline and slender legs. To do that, opt for tunics with V-necks and embellishments along the neckline as well as shorter necklaces which draw eyes up and away from your stomach. Also, make use of darker hues on top to make this part seem smaller.

I find tunics really comfortable and would like to wear them for work, too.  Any tips how to style them to look professional?
If there’s no strict dress code, you can wear a tunic for work and look the part. Opt for simple styles in chic colors like white, beige, navy, anthracite or black and steer away from vibrant colors which would bring too much attention to you. Pair it with sleek cigarette pants and a structured blazer for a professional polished look and don’t forget about jewelry – simple stud earrings or a minimalist necklace would up the look with a touch of elegance.

Is it OK to pair up a loose tunic with wide-leg pants?
By default, tunics are loose and often billowy. This said, as fashion likes opposites, it’s a better idea to wear slender bottoms instead of palazzo pants, boyfriend jeans or 70s-style flares. They will only make you look bulky and heavy. Opt for slim or skinny jeans or even leggings to balance the loose top and create an outfit that doesn’t look disproportioned.

I love tunics but very often they make me look shapeless and heavy. How can I polish the look and make it more appealing?
Tunics are often made of light fluid fabrics which don’t give the garment a defined form. The style is also relaxed, loose and it often falls straight, which somehow emphasizes the lack of shape. Still, there are tricks that will help you accentuate the hourglass figure. The simplest one is, of course, a belt, which you can wear right where your waist is or where your belly button is. Try different widths – the narrow ones are more sophisticated and subtle, the wider ones give more definition and oomph.

How to wear a tunic in a bold, contemporary fashion?
Contemporary style is all about the skillful play with lengths, colors, and materials. To create a head-turning outfit which looks modern, go for a sheer stand-up collar tunic and a pair of slim cropped pants or culottes. Color blocking has been a big thing recently, so if you’re bold enough play with contrasting colors and vibrant hues for more oomph, give it a try! Depending on the season, a pair of chic mules or block-heel boots will add a hint of glamour to your look.

Is tunic a good choice for summer?
Summer and beaches are probably the best destinations for loose and comfortable tunics, so don’t forget to pack one or two in your suitcase. There’s no doubt you’ll want to wear it every day. Light, gauzy fabrics and beautiful prints will make an ideal complement to your summer outfits. If you choose a tunic which falls down to the middle of your thigh, you can use it as a cover and wear it over your bikini or pair it with denim shorts for a sightseeing tour around the city.

How to wear a chambray tunic in summer?
A chambray tunic is a versatile piece of clothing for summer and holidays. Depending on the length, you can wear it with a pair of shorts and strappy flat sandals or even as a summer dress! Just style it with a braided belt, a beaded necklace and stylish sunglasses and you’re ready to explore historic nooks and crannies on your next holiday trip.

I love tunics but would like to wear something eye-catching and ethnic style. Any tips?
A perfect summer choice for women who love the ethnic style is a light, brightly-colored tunic with intricate embroideries along the neckline or the hemline. If it's long enough, you can wear it as a dress, if not, pair it with shorts or a mini skirt. Choose a style with bell sleeves for more summer comfort, and if you want your outfit to look glamorous, opt for a tunic with blingy details. For even more sophisticated look, make silk your choice.