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Wedding Dresses

I want to buy a wedding dress online. Should I choose exactly my size?
Lots of brides-to-be plan to lose weight before the wedding and very often opt for a smaller size dress. Don’t do that. It’s a safer option to buy a dress in your current size and perhaps have it taken it in than getting married in a dress which is too snug and not comfortable to wear.

Are there any factors I should take into account other than my body shape, style and color preference when choosing the wedding dress?
Before your wedding dress hunt starts, decide on the overall theme of the wedding. Is it going to be a rustic garden reception or a ballroom-themed wedding? The venue determines the style and you probably wouldn’t like your gown to clash with the entourage.

There are millions of options – how do I narrow down the choice?
Apart from your body shape, style preference and the overall wedding theme, it’s sometimes a good idea to think about your dream vibe for your dress. Are you a fan of the nostalgic vintage? Do you want to look romantic and innocent? Or perhaps a glamorous diva look is your thing? Whatever the vibe, by specifying it you’ll make the shopping much easier.

I’d like the wedding dress to show my curvy silhouette. What style would do it best?
If you want your shapely body and feminine assets get into the limelight, opt for the mermaid style – the snug bodice will highlight the beauty of your decolletage and the flared skirt will accentuate the ultra feminine line of your hips and bottom. Add lace and you have an ideal wedding look which blends the romantic with the sexy.

We’re planning a beach wedding. The ceremony is going to be more relaxed and so will be the overall vibe of the wedding. Is it OK to wear a mini wedding dress?
Untraditional lengths are perfect for casual weddings in a vineyard, garden or beach. They let the bride bring her personality to the event and play with her own look, so don’t think twice. It’s your moment!

I’d like my wedding dress to be structured and shape the silhouette a bit. What fabrics should I take into account?
Stay away from soft fine fabrics like chiffon or georgette as they are perfect for fluid romantic dresses with lots of draping. Instead, go for heavier materials like guipure lace, taffeta or silk shantung – they’re thick enough to be used for dresses which shape the body and smooth out the figure well.

I suppose the dress will need some alterations - is it better to order a bigger or a smaller size?
Before you’ll say „Yes” your weight can change and alterations will be necessary. It’s what usually happens. Most gowns can be taken in one or to sizes depending on the seam allowance, but it is usually only one size up. Take it into account – it’s better to order a bigger dress than being forced to wear a wedding gown which is too snug to be comfortable.

How will I know this is really „the one”?
If you’ve narrowed down the options to the dresses which align with the wedding theme, match your budget as well as your style and color preferences, and still feel nothing for the gown you’re wearing – move on. If you have to be reassured it looks good on you - ditch it, it’s not your dress. Trust your gut feeling. If you can envision yourself walking down the isle wearing it, that’s the one for you!

I’ve ordered a few gowns already and they don’t fit. Is the sizing of wedding dresses different?
Don’t focus on the size, focus on the fit. Wedding gown sizes usually run one or two sizes smaller than ready-to-wear clothes. Don’t fixate on the size tag. Instead, compare your measurements to the designer’s size chart.

What does a fit-and-flare dress look like and what figure is it for?
A fit-and-flare or a trumpet dress is a fitted gown which flares out at the knee. It outlines the silhouette beautifully, so if you feel confident in your body and you want to show some of your assets – take this style into account.