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TrendHype TrendHype
Women's Wedding Party On some occasions you simply want to look fabulous and enjoy the time. In this collection of wedding party dresses you’ll find designs to suit every silhouette. Which one will you go for? A belted chiffon gown, a brightly-coloured tulip dress with a plunging neckline or a floor-skimming style spun from delicate silk? Check out the most flattering choices of TrendHype editors and get your wardrobe ready before the special day arrives.

How should I start looking for bridesmaid dresses for my girls?
Research is vital. Go online, visit online shops, download lookbooks, look for inspiration on wedding sites, browse paper magazines and designers' websites for ideas. Save all information to your mood board and ideas for the perfect outfit will come. Remember that the braidsmaids’ dresses should flatter the overall bridal look.

I want my bridesmaids to wear dresses with a flowery pattern. Is it a good idea?
Flowery patterns are very feminine and romantic and shall make a perfect choice for the wedding. Choose a minimalist design (a sheath dress would be ideal) and let the pattern come to the forefront. It should also align with the overall theme of the wedding, so if you opt for nostalgic decorations or a rustic feel, flowery bridesmaid dresses will fit in perfectly.

Is it a good idea to choose dresses which are brightly-colored and embellished?
Even though you might be tempted to choose dresses which are ornate and brightly-colored, bear in mind that it’s the brides who pay for the dresses. That’s why a better option is to find a dress which is simple, sleek and universal (in terms of style and color) and can be reused on other occasions. If it’s you who pays – anything goes.

What dress would be perfect for petite bridesmaids?
When choosing dresses for petite bridesmaids avoid styles which are heavy in volume, and shape or too long.The dress must be in proportion to their small frame. Consider the empire design, the A-line or a short knee-long dress with a fitted bodice. All of them elongate the figure and look really flattering.

Is there a universal bridesmaid dress which will suit all body shapes?
The most universal and flattering is the A-line dress. It’s likely to look really good on different body shapes. Its line is simple and Works well with the feminine body – it adds some volume and makes thin women look curvier, but also hides any parts of the body that a woman might not be happy with like heavy hips for example.

My wedding is in the fall. What colors would be good for bridesmaid dresses?
Colors are just as important as the dresses. In general, they should align with the overall wedding theme and harmonize with the bride’s gown. For spring and summer choose lighter or pastel colors and soft patterns, and for fall wedding dresses in jewel tones like emerald green or royal blue would be perfect.

I was given the choice to choose the bridesmaid dress for myself. Can I wear a sequin dress?
Nobody says your outfit needs to be understated. You shouldn’t overshadow the bride, though, so it’s advisable to talk it over with her. If you decide on a sequin dress, make it simple. A strapless sheath design that falls down to the knee would be perfect. Keep your jewelry to the minimum.

I have an apple-shaped body. What dress would make my silhouette look flattering?
The apple-shaped body type usually has slim legs and thighs, but the upper part is fuller and rounder. Choose a dress which will shape your body in the mid-section and make the upper part appear slimmer. Any dress with a defined waist and a V-neckline will make you look great. A gown with plenty of skirt is also an option!

Is a lace bridesmaid dress a suitable one?
Traditionally, lace has been reserved for the bride, but the rules are much more relaxed now. It brings a very feminine and romantic touch to the outfit, so why not? Remember not to make it too bridal, and choose a lace dress in a color other than white.

Which dress fabrics work best for a summer wedding?
For summer weddings, when the temperatures become unbearable sometimes, choose lightweight fabrics like organza or chiffon or tulle. They are much more comfortable on scorching days. Stay away from satin and taffeta, let alone velvet.