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Women's Lingerie Accessories

Women’s Lingerie Accessories – Tips and Tricks

I need a bra that could go under a backless dress with a plunging neckline. Something light and fuss-free. Any tips?

Why don’t you opt for an invisible push-up bra with adhesive silicone? It’s an easy way to lift and collect the girls, and if you choose a design with a front drawstring closure, you’ll create a stunning cleavage, too. Most of such stick-on bras are made of breathable and skin-friendly materials with a perforated surface which enhances permeability. They’re perfect for low-cut dresses, transparent tops with plunging necklines and all kinds of backless gowns. Just put it on and enjoy a shapely figure with an accentuated bust and a seamless look.

Are there any clever tricks to hide straps under cut-out tops for example?
Sure, the easiest way is to use bra strap clip holders. They can discretely transform any bra into so-called miracle bra whose straps are invisible and don’t peek from any kind of top. If you enjoy wearing racer tops, for example, they’ll be ideal. Just fit them on the bra straps and adjust the length to keep the bra straps hidden under blouses or sleeveless dresses. It’s a quick and fuss-free way to solve the problem, and the clip holders are available in the most popular lingerie colors which are white, nude and black.

What exactly are nipple covers and how to use them?
Nipple covers are little patches that can be stuck to the breasts to cover and smooth out nipples. They are made of dermatologically-tested medical silicone and can be worn comfortably even on the most sensitive skin. The advantage is that they stay in place really well even during intense workouts and swimming. The non-sticky, cushioned center protects sensitive skin on the nipples, so expect no pain and a lot of comfort while wearing. Soft, light-weight and realistic, nipple covers are your best bet if you want a natural and sexy look under plunging necklines or backless dresses.

I put on weight easily and my bra size changes. Are there any accessories which help to adapt bras to the changing body?
Definitely yes. One of them is a bra extender. It resembles the hook-and-eye closure which you normally find on bras. Bra extenders are an easy way to lengthen the underbust band and make the bra last longer during pregnancy, maternity, weight gain or bra shrinkage. Most of them come with three rows of eyes and hooks, but there are also longer extenders available. Just hook one easily on your regular bra and enjoy more room.
5. Are there any accessories to make breasts look more perky and full?
If you want a really natural effect, go for satin covered bra inserts which are filled with natural mineral oils. Their fluid content will give your bust a fuller and perkier look. Just slip into your bra for a comfortable fit and enjoy up to one full cup size more. Extra benefits include a gentle lift and an ultra-flattering cleavage. It all depends on how you position them in the bra – slide them down and you’ll enjoy a visible bust lift or to the side for cleavage. Perfect choice for asymmetrical breasts, too.

How to convert a bra quickly and easily to fit under different kinds of tops?
The easiest way is a small and clever accessory called a strap clip. It’s usually made of plastic and can be quickly fitted on the straps to pull them closer to each other. Strap clips let you conceal bra straps under racer-back tops, sleeveless shirts, halters, and cold shoulder tops. Small and handy, they’re a life-savior if you want a flawless and elegant look. Plus, it’s a much cheaper solution than buying a number of different bra styles to fit seamlessly under tops.

My breasts sag. Can anything help (other than a bra), especially in summer when you want to feel comfortable and light?
One of the clever tricks for a perkier look is a breast lift tape. It’s available in a number of shaped patches which can be stuck onto each breast. They’re easy to apply, usually with an adhesive-free area for painless removal. The result? Up to 2’’ up without a bra, which is great especially in summer under all kinds of light-weight tops and plunging neckline dresses. These stick-on tapes are usually sweat- and water-proof so you can wear them even under bathing suits or during workouts.

Is it OK to wash lace lingerie in the washing machine?
The best treatment you can give to your flimsy lace lingerie is definitely a handwash in cold water. If this seems like a tedious task to do, you can throw it into a washing machine, but remember to use a laundry bag. They are usually made of mesh and they protect delicate garments from snags and tangles. You’ll find them in a number of sizes, usually fitted with a zip. Perfect to wash lingerie, thighs and delicate stockings.

What are pasties?
A pastie is a decorative cover for nipples. They come in hundreds of designs, some of them just practical, other sexy and creative. They can be used to conceal nipples under transparent or thin fabric clothes but also for fun if you want to pep up your bedroom look. Depending on personal preference, you can choose from elaborate glitzy designs covered with sequins to sophisticated lace pieces with dangling tassels for even more style and fun.

How to transform a regular bra to fit under a dress with a plunging back?
There’s nothing easier than that. All you need are adjustable low back converter straps which transform any regular V-shaped bra into a bra that fits under backless clothing. Most of them work with any back closure. It’s a handy accessory which can really save you some money.

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